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Forum Announcements / Isle of Wight - Vacation
« on: January 07, 2007, 05:22:06 AM »
Does anyone know of an affordable Summerhouse/Cottage  on the Isle of Wight, we'd like to go there for our summer vacation. But everything is soooooooooo expensive, converting into Euro. We would be 2 adults and two children.

Greetings from Darmstadt


Irenes birthdate - year:

1866 a very important war when you look at germanys History - Preußen gegen Österreich- as we all know, Preußen won the war and the King of Preußen became Emperor of an unified Germany. Alexander von Hessen und bei Rhein, VMH Father in Law (Julie von Battenbergs Husband) fought as the  General of the
8. Armeekorps, for Austria, Preußen ran over the Austrian Army (they didn't really have a clear line, which was not Alexanders fault!!), Alexander came back and had aged extremly after this "short" war, left the Austrian Army afterward, was very dissappointed.

Now refering to Ilanas book (books???) The four Graces, is it "the" book on VMH or is it a seperate one on Victoria coming out later??

Balkan Royal Families / Re: Books on the Balkan Royals
« on: October 10, 2006, 07:47:10 AM »
There are Knjaz' Aleksandr I. B¤ulgarskij <1879 - 1886> by Golovin published in 1897, Knjaz Aleksand¤ur I Batenberg glavnokomanduva¤st by Petko Peev published in 1939 and some more with even longer titles.

Danke Linnea. Where could I find the other books with 'even longer titles'? I know the one from Golowine, it is also published in german. Petko Beev I don't know.

Balkan Royal Families / Re: Books on the Balkan Royals
« on: October 09, 2006, 12:00:02 PM »
Does anybody know about a bio of Alexander von Battenberg which has been published in Bulgaria? I know all the ones that have been pubished in Germany. Maybe after his death a bio was written ?

The one thing I really kept in mind about Princess Karl was that she seemed to be a very strict mother. When Ludwig IV (Ernies father) didn't eat his spinach (he hated it), she served it again to him the next day and he had to eat the cold food and empty his plate  :P  Then he had to vomit  :(

Besides this little information about child education in the grand ducal family, I know that Marie von Erbach-Schönberg (Battenberg) liked Princess Karl alot.
(Well maybe she never was invited over for Dinner!!) I hope Julie was a little more relaxed on the eating issue with her children  ;D 

Sandro lived there ?  ???

NO!! Sorry for the missunderstanding. This was an inside joke for Thomas_Hesse, we know eachother.

It means 'Greetings from Sandro and Johannas Friend (Girlfriend)'  ;)

But Sandro visited Seeheim when the family went there to visit Uncle Louis III. Like Thomas said, Seeheim is very close to Jugenheim.

Seeheim is a small, very small village located next to Jugenheim. Maybe 5 Minutes by car from Schloss to Schloss.

VN, I did not know that the building of the houses on the Seeheim estate is definite now.....the last article I read stated that it would probably NOT be the case....How can people dare defacing the grounds....This may not be a question of money....

I know, by the way, that there are photographs or at least drawings of the rooms at Heiligenberg in the Darmstadt archive

Hallo Thomas_Hesse  :)

A few months ago a woman I know, she lives right next to the park, she should know,  told me that those villas will be build. I was wondering, because I also thought they where reconsidering the plan. We will see.....eventhought the renovation of Schloß Seeheim is great, to imagine the park being distroyed isn't so nice. It has (had  :-\) such a tranquil atmosphere.

Grüße von der Sandro  :-* und Johanna Freundin  ;)

That's interesting about their renovating Schloss Seeheim.  I have been there, but it was completely delapidated, and it is, afterall, where Louis proposed to Victoria.  I'm glad they're doing that....

An Investor is renovating the Schloß; in the Park they are planning to build, I think, 12 mansions. They call them Villas. A lot of people where opposing those plans. But now they will be build. But maybe this is the price the village has to pay, and Schloß Seeheim is saved.

Not only that Louis proposed to Victoria. Ludwig III loved to stay in Seeheim, this is where his Morganatic wife Magdalena Appel took care of him in his last years and this is where he died. I allway thought that it was a real shame that this place was so neglected, considering the historical value. (In my opinion).

Iam searching for information about Schloss Heiligenberg, the family seat of the Battenbergs, like floorplans and pictures, also of the interiors.


On Saturday the 9 Sept. you should have a chance to see more of Heiligenberg, if you live nearby. No tour through the Schloß, but the little graveyard where Alex & Julie are burried is normally opend on "Tag des deutschen Denkmals. Also the Memorialchapel is open then.

But I haven't talked to the man recently who is the caretaker of that place, but normally he gives a tour on that day. If you plan to come to Jugenheim from further away, you could write me a PM and I could contact him just to make sure he is there.

Also Schloß Seeheim will be open for a public viewing, they are renovating it at the moment, it isn't  finished yet. But I don't know the exact time etc.

For more Information on pictures you could also pm me, maybe I could help you out.


Ah...But happiness is but a fleeting moment in time...

When she passed away, Moretta was heard crying "Sandro!". Was the her present weak husband or Sandro of Battenberg, the lost love that haunted her ever since ? God only knows...poor thing !  :'(

Where did you read this?

Yeah, no way that's Beatrice.

Question-was Ena close with her Battenberg cousins?  I've always liked this picture of her with Marie of Erbach-Schoenberg:

It's just so sweet and touching.

This picture is Ena (left) with her cousin Edda (Elisabeth Donata) von Erbach-Schönberg (girl on the right ), the daughter of Marie von Erbach-Schönberg ! Marie was Ena's aunt.

Ena's father Heinrich (Liko) was Maries younger brother.

Both families where close, visiting eachother in England and Heiligenberg.    

That is where I got the picture from:

Hallo Boyar

I just bowsed through the offers they have on Batenberg (Battenberg). They also offer a picture of Sandro and Johanna with Assene, dated 1880. They married 1889  :-\, and Assene was born 1890.

So I don't think that the picture we are trying to identify was necessarily made 1880. If the date on this picutre is correct, I don't think it is in Bulgaria or elsewhere on the balkan

I'm still trying to figure out who the man is, standing behind Marie (not in the white uniform). I saw him before..... ??? The man on the left side with the white uniform could be Ludwig (Louis) Battenberg.

Balkan Royal Families / Re: King Carol I of Romania and his family
« on: August 01, 2006, 10:16:17 AM »
just as an Info on Carmen Sylva.

In Domburg / Zeeland in the Netherlands there is a Villa Carmen Sylva, right at the beach. I discovered it last year. She went there on holidays (or cure ??) 

Balkan Royal Families / Re: Prince Alexander of Battenberg/Bulgaria
« on: July 04, 2006, 07:59:36 AM »
Where did you get this information?


Hallo TampaBay

I've got this information from different sources, books and articles I read.
I know it is hard to belive. In the  book "Das Haus Hessen" from Prof. Franz
( former head of the Staatsarchiv in DA) it is also mentioned.  The one picture I have of August Freiherr von Senarclens-Grancy you really see a strong  similarity with Alexander von Hessen.  

Greetings from DA

Balkan Royal Families / Re: Prince Alexander of Battenberg/Bulgaria
« on: July 03, 2006, 03:53:36 PM »
Can someone post porters of Ludwig II of Hesse and Wilhelmine of Baden, grandparents of Alexander I.

Hi Boyar

You should check the Hessen-Darmstadt Thread on pictures (I guess this is what you mean with porters!?) I think I saw at least one of Wilhelmine.

Ludwig II lived 1777-1848, Wilhelmine from 1788-1836

Ludwig II is not the real grandfather of Sandro. Well officially in those days yes, he agreed to legitimate the last 3 children, so Alexander von Hessen is not the real son of Ludwig II. After Wilhelmine gave birth to an heir and another Son (Ludwig III and Prinz Karl) she felt, I guess, that she had done her duty and she retreated to Jugenheim/Schloß Heiligenberg and the Rosenhöhe. Lu II & Wilhelmine where first cousins, so I don't really think it was a love match.  Her next 3 children (Elisabeth, Alexander, Marie) were the children of August Freiherr von Senarclens-Grancy.

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