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I wonder how will it be...?
Just thought to share...

(I am sure it shall be great as my very fav. actor, Vladimir Mashkov is among the cast:))

Alexandra Feodorovna / Favourite books?
« on: April 22, 2011, 03:21:09 AM »
I wonder what books did Alexandra Feodorovna like to read? Who were her favouritue authors? (I read somewhere that she liked Maykov's and Fet's poetry)
I know that she was impressed by religious tracts but what kind of "secular" literature she preferred?

Thank you in advance for replies-)

Nicholas II / Re: Nicholas II and Anti-Semitism.
« on: July 01, 2008, 03:15:55 AM »
My gosh, you are trying to clean up the Tzar just like old bolsheviks do with Stalin: he didn't know about it, even if he knew, he didn't approve, but the chinovniks ordered, he was nice guy, etc..

Hey: he was the Tzar.
He had to know about it. The whole Europe knew about it.
Yet he did nothing.
Face with the facts...

MK wrote a letter to Alix?

What a ....!  >:(

Nicholas II / Tunguska - reaction of the Tzar?
« on: July 01, 2008, 02:52:50 AM »

I am curious, were there any notice or comment in Saint Petersburg / Tsarskoye Selo, about the famous Tunguska-event in 1908?

(more here:

I totally agree with you there 100%! I think all the Russian people really want is to be free, free to live their own lives, to make their own choices, without the interference of a tsar. After everything that has happened since 1917 (and before that), if the Romanovs return to the throne, it's like history repeating itself all over again, with the people being repressed.

Nah if people still cheer for the memory of Stalin or Lenin, don'T be so sure, Romanovs couldn't pull it out... :o
But would be really weird, non of the post-communist countries restored kingdom-though I find very smart the Bulgarian royal, who became the PM for a time (or maybe still, I don't know). Thats good, because not the boold counts, but the ability, at least theoretically.

At times like these I regret heavily, that I am so dumb in picture adding-don't even try t explain, Im a natural born philos and will probably never understand:( anyway, there is one pic circulating in this forum about 2 grandduchesses, maybe Marie and Olga, im not sure..They are standing on the Standart and talking with one sailor. The pic has this yellowish-brownish colour...The ship's deck is empty, only 3 persons and the road of the deck runs literally to the sky, cz on the photo, you cannot see the end.

I looked that picture for minutes silently and I felt like these 3 persons are frozen gives such an empty, strange feeling, like it is in an other dimension. Like those 3 will always stand there in total silence and watch each other-it was kinda weird feeling, really.
Perhaps in an other dimension or whatever you call it, they still dance there somewhere in the palace. Some people say, in places of great battles, such as Verdun or Waterloo, sometimes scream and war-cry can be heard, as if the soldiers are destined to fight over and over again.

Ok, its getting creepy:)

I got to agree here with Tania, though with a certain distinction: I beleive in things, what might look like ghosts, but they are not...I beleive, our emotions, or let's say emotional fingerprints can be strong enough to cerate a special atmosphere in certain places, even after we left it. Perhaps in the above mentioned places we would feel kind of fear or Angst...But I want to beleive, that the souls (if souls exist..) are not there, trapped between two or more worlds, dimension, whatever you call it, but I like to think of them as entities who already found inner peace-call it Light, Heaven, Nirvana or anything else.
I am not sure I was able to express these in English.

I think Edvard RAdzinsky's book "tuned it up" a bit, since he wrote about how Olga was "waiting" for Dimitri when the latter wa sbanned from Alexander Palacedue to his enmity towards Rasputin-it really gave hints that it was such a big passion between the two.... :-?

Yes, I read several threads about GD Dimitri posposing to Olga, but nowhere I read, was there actually ANYTHIGN between them? I mean, emotions..Did Olga love Dimitri at a time or did Dimitri feel something for her..? Because of the rumours about Dimitri's private life and his relationship with Felix, I wonder if he fell in love with his cousin or did he simply think (or maybe the families) that it would be a good match? What did Olga think about Dimitri?

French Royals / Re: Mistresses of the French Kings
« on: July 01, 2006, 08:43:44 AM »
Her story is really sad-many mistresses were influentals or kinda like.."libertarians", if you know, what I mean, but she seems to me as a naive girl who fell in love with the wrong person..or maybe it is just my romantic side who wants to see her like that. ::)
but she is definitely not a Mme DuBarry-style.

Maria Nicholaievna / Re: GDss Marie and Louis "Dickie" Mountbatten
« on: June 28, 2006, 10:07:30 AM »
Could somebody tell me the name of that English prince, who fell in love with Marie and he kept her photo with her till the day he died? I have read about it here, but I can't find it anymore :(

The Final Chapter / Re: If someone DID escape that night...
« on: June 27, 2006, 03:03:27 PM »
Thank you for the quick answer:) Actually I thought about this too as well, but felt more secure to verify it, since in history sometimes reasoning is not quite a condition.. :)

ookik..but basically can we know, WHY did yurovski burn those 2 bodies?
Not that I think anybody survived.. But I still ondt get it, why he just didn't bury them with the rest of the bodies?

The Final Chapter / Re: If someone DID escape that night...
« on: June 27, 2006, 11:46:54 AM »
I am absolutely sure, im the only one here, who doesn't know it, but I gotta ask ::): Actually why did Yurovski burn that two bodies? ...Why he just didnt put them into the grave what the soldiers dug for the other dead bodies..?

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