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I think that it's appropriate, given the number of persons who have decided that their grandmothers were Olga/Tatiana/Maria/Anastasia, we should have a thread just for them.

Here are some instructions for would-be Imperial Family Descendants.  Please follow these instructions carefully, errors will result in a significant deduction of points.

1)  Please obtain a valid DNA test from a certified lab, and submit the results to the Forum Master to be posted for scrutiny.  Warning: should there be a single difference between your HVRI or HVRII nucleotides, and any of the published profiles, including Grand Duchess Ella, your claim will be disqualified.  No exceptions.

2)  Please post LARGE unretouched photos.  Photoshop or other methods for 'enhancing' that resemblance between Grandma Fizzlestick and Olga/Tatiana/Maria/ and/or Anastasia, will result in immediate disqualification.  

3)  Bonus points are given for creative stories regarding grandma's escape from the old country.  Please send a typed, spell checked and complete description to Ms. Penny Wilson.  

4)  Do not claim that grandma was Anna Anderson or Eugenie Smith.

5)  Do not contact Dr. Knight, Dr. Gill, Dr. Zhivotosky, Dr. Parsons, Dr. Weedn, Robert K. Massie or anyone affiliated with the Hoover Institution, The US Armed Forces, the Central Intelligence Agency,  the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, the British Home Office, or Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth Regina with your application/claim.  One or more of their representatives will contact you if they find your claim interesting.

6)  If your grandmother spoke Russian, please provide a notary certified writing example to verify this ability.

7)  If your grandmother didn't speak Russian, please refer to (4).

If you follow these easy instructions, it will make it considerably easier to process your claim, and allow us to get back to you as quickly as possible.

Good luck.

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