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    All the Wittelsbach sisters were real beauties however, I find them looking always very cold!!
   The sisters obviously copied Sisi´s hair styles, accentuating the resemblances among them.

   Marie was a very proud woman, who never accepted the loss of her throne!

   I read somewhere that Marie Valerie (Sisi´s daughter) wanted her father to marry Mathilde, she thought that her quiet aunt might be a company for the emperor.

French Royals / Re: Princess Marie-Therese, Duchesse d'Angouleme
« on: January 11, 2006, 08:16:08 AM »
Definetely Marie Therese was distant to her mother, she was rather cold, in my opinion it could have that she was in fact influence by her entourage against her mother as was the first Dauphin.
 Or that she knew so well her place as Daughter of France that she might have found any affection demosntration out of place, if you read Madame d Oberkich memoirs she is portrayed as a little person very aware of her rank and status.
  I did not know that she grew closer to her mother during captivity.

    But I do have read that as an adult she barely spoke of her mother, and when she did it was to criticize her.

    Actually this was among the reasons people thought she was another person. The Duchess d Angouleme was found cold, distant, not elegant at all, lacking her mother´s charm.

   Does any of you know another reason for which she could have been so distant to her mother.

French Royals / Re: Siblings of King Louis XVI
« on: January 11, 2006, 08:04:14 AM »
Louis XVI was regarded by his parents, brothers, courtiers as a fool, he was extremely shy, very tall with short sight, he did have a good education, as a matter of fact he was the first French Sovereign sho spoke flluent English! He surroundded himself with good ministers at the beginning.
 But obviuosly he lacked self esteem, and royal dignity which was at the time wost thatn being an imbecile.

The Habsburgs / Re: Archduchess Maria Anna (1835-1840)
« on: January 10, 2006, 03:19:41 PM »
Sophie adored her daughter and never really recover from her death, the death of her grand child Sophie daughter of Francis Joseph and Sisi reminded her of the death of her litte MArie Anne.

French Royals / Re: Siblings of King Louis XVI
« on: January 10, 2006, 03:09:59 PM »
You are completely right, he was very cruel to Berry, he was well aware that his death would make him heir to the throne, and probably felt terrible at the idea of leaving his throne to a younger brother who was seemed by many as a total joke.

Hi Sissi!

Yes this was a very sad early influence on the future Louis XVI, and not very confidence building. I've also read that Louis Joseph himself, even as (or because he knew) he was dying was very disdainful of his younger brother's lack of accomplishment and general slowness.

French Royals / Re: Princess Marie-Therese, Duchesse d'Angouleme
« on: January 10, 2006, 02:59:32 PM »
Most probably yes!

  We will never know for sure if the Duc d Angouleme´s impotence was known before his mariage.
 But if it was the case, the Frech Crown lost an asset I believe. her talent, her blood might have been more productive and beneficial ti the Crown if she had married a NORMAL man.
  Actually the point is not sho she did not marry, but who she did marry.
She was a propaganda tool for Louis XVIII. However Louis XVIII never had a long vision of thing.

French Royals / Re: Princess Marie-Therese, Duchesse d'Angouleme
« on: January 10, 2006, 02:31:03 PM »
I believe that it s a waste that she marry that poor man. I think she had waht it take to make a good Queen, she had courage, she had a sense of duty her mother did not have when she was young!
 Poor thing!how sad she married that man!!!!!

French Royals / Re: Princess Marie-Therese, Duchesse d'Angouleme
« on: January 10, 2006, 02:24:52 PM »
Thank you!!!!!!It a pleasure to be among passionates!!!! ;D

  I remember reading somewhere, that Mousseline as her mother called her was, less affectionate than chou d amour, and that somehow the princess was badly influenced against her mother by her entourage.

 the same case happen with the first Dauphin who had a solid dislike of Madame de Polignac, and taht dislike was somehow extended to the Queen.


French Royals / Re: Siblings of King Louis XVI
« on: January 10, 2006, 02:19:05 PM »
I have read that Louis Joseph was his parents favourite due to his intelligence, he was very popular among the courtiers who I read were delighted by the way he expressed himself.

  he new he was one day to become King of France and was very proud of it. When he became sick, his parents brought from Compiegne the Duc de Berry (futur Louis XVI) to amuse him and to make him company. Louis XVI was very fond of his brother and admired him a lot.
  Berry was not present when Louis Joseph died as he was taken ill himself, however he managed to survive.

  When he died Louis Josephe´s parents said that death had made a mistake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After Louis Joseph´s death their attention went to the Comte de Provence (futur Louis XVIII) although none of their children were ever as love by them as Louis Joseph

   Louis XVI always remembered his brotehr and when his first son was born he called him Louis Joseph Xavier in memory of his late brother.

French Royals / Re: Princess Marie-Therese, Duchesse d'Angouleme
« on: January 10, 2006, 02:06:11 PM »
   I am a great fan of Royals, and Marie Therese is among my favourite maybe because she is French as myself. Anyways in the biographies I have read of her and her mother,  I remember, that she is portrayed as a child as a very self conscious person, well aware of her rank and royal blood. She seems to lack Marie Antoinette´s affability and gentleness.
  I also had the Impression that her mother´s favourite was a youger brother Louis Charles "Chou d amour".

  I do not want to enter the polemic on her substitution, but it seems striking to me that she seemed to get along so well with her uncle Louis XVIII when he was one of his mother´s enemy.

  Louis XVIII made her beleived that her engagement was something her parents wanted, when it now prove to be a lie, since the Duc d angouleme was to be engaged offcialy to one of the princess of the colateral line. I can t remember if it was a Conde Princess!

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