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The Wittlesbachs / Re: The Wittelsbach family
« on: January 24, 2020, 09:30:30 PM »
It actually means nothing and was invented by Max-Emmanuel when he was a child.  The nickname stuck.

Reference.  The Secret of an Empress By Countess Karoline Franziska M. Zanardi Landi; 1914.

Yes there were.  The chief maid of the Empress was Madeleine Zanotti, of English and Italian parentage, whose home before she came to Tsarskoe Selo was in England.

Anastasia Nicholaievna / Re: Anastasia May Have had a Crush?
« on: November 12, 2017, 10:52:23 PM »
This is a fictional account.  From the writer's (Nikolaevna) blog:

"I suddenly came up with an idea to create a journal of a Russian Imperial Guard soldier who was with the last royal family. It is of course a work of fiction, but it will be based on actual events.

Only time will tell how many entries I'll be publishing. I may not know much of the Romanov family, but at least I can put some of my imaginations and dreams of them in writing. I may be terrible at English, but it's worth a shot."

Forum Announcements / Re: I need translation help in the Forum!
« on: November 05, 2017, 10:32:58 PM »
So there is no volunteer? Please :)
I will read it for you.

Yes and I combed through that thread.

But I noticed that the thread didn't include a number of other sources and treats it as a story that started with Anna Anderson.

It also doesn't mention when or if King and Wilson have published or will publish their additional research.

Their website is shutdown so there's no information available un-fortunately.

I don't know if you noticed on the thread you perused but the article that WAS published on the King and Wilson site that is now defunct was printed in its entirety starting on Reply #274

I've just come across this topic and notice in the article it mentions                                                             

"Perhaps even more emotionally devastating, his first wife, Kathleen, unexpectedly died in 1967 from a virulent flu virus. She was just 33, leaving him a widower with two small sons."

Wasn't Kathleen his second wife, his first wife being Elena Konstantinovna Dourneva?

Yes indeed!  Prince Andrew has been married three times. He was married first in San Francisco on 9 September 1951 to Elena Dourneva (1927—1992). They had one son before divorcing in 1959.

Prince Alexis Andreevich Romanov (born 27 April 1953)

He was married secondly to Kathleen Norris (1935–1967) whom he married on 21 March 1961 in San Francisco. They had two children. Kathleen Norris was a granddaughter of American authors Kathleen Norris and Charles Gilman Norris.

Prince Peter Andreevich Romanov (born 21 November 1961)
Prince Andrew Romanov Jr. (born 20 February 1963)

He is presently married to Inez von Bachelin (born 1933).

So I was browsing Romanov photos and came across a photo with Getty Images water mark.  I clicked on the link and was shocked to see a huge collection of Romanov photos which are water marked and sold by Getty.  I scoffed at how they are selling the images especially famous images when we can get the images else where for free.    Oh and they have watermarked images where members from here have colorized their images.  It is so shameful.   What is your thoughts?

See interesting attached article from the LA Times regarding Getty Images:

Getty Images will bill you thousands to use a photo that belongs to the public. Is that legal?

Balkan Royal Families / Re: King Mihai of Romania and his family
« on: April 06, 2017, 01:37:31 AM »
And based on your extensive knowledge - under which house law does Prince Radu become King??

Trying to get into your mind set (a.k.a. ignorance and irrational prejudice) I suppose the Prince Radu of your "I have the impression" will simply ignore the house laws because as you and the Romanian gutter press appear to believe:-
1. King Michael is an old man and incapable of making decisions. Obviously Prince Radu must be pulling his strings.
2. Crown Princess Margarita is, after all, only a woman. Obviously, she's incapable of making her own decisions. Her husband must be pulling the strings.
3. Prince Radu is a former actor. He was in the Securitate! He's not royal! He's no better than you and me! He's can't be committed to public service via the royal house. He MUST be using his position for political and financial gain.
4. Nicholas Medforth-Mills is stripped of his title by the King for dubious activities and actions in Romania. But, as we all know the King is far too old to be making decisions. It must be the ambitious former actor and Securitate spy, Prince Radu, who, in true tabloid, panto style and consumed with jealousy plotted the downfall of Mr Medforth Mills.

It's sad that such a good and decent man has to put up with this kind of offensive rubbish - and surprising that one of the so-called 'moderators on this board seems to have no qualms in propagating it.

Your ugly comments directed at Lisa Davidson are extremely offensive to me.  She responded to your posts politely and rationally (as she usually does) and even stated that "we will have to agree to disagree on this".  Calling her ignorant and prejudiced is beyond the pale.  You owe her an apology.  Regards, JGP

The Russian Revolution / Re: 100 Years Later
« on: April 06, 2017, 01:28:35 AM »
Putin as tsar the title General secretary would be better for this ex-Chekist thug who is also a dictator on the march. Where he goes next no one knows. Some people who have met him find him to be a cold eyed killer. Based on his background this is not surprising. Putin is also getting old and people have pointed out Russia could be entering a Brezhnev like period of stagnation and corruption. There is no way Putin is going to step down voluntarily he has too many enemies. So it could be one day the Russians might get fed up with him and there might be another revolution that gets rid of him.

Based on previous posts, I never thought I would ever agree with you on anything but I most certainly do here.  Kind regards, JGP

The park of Wolfsgarten will be open or the public in May: 13.-14. and 20.-21.05.2017
and in September: 15.-17.09.2017

Thank you Gabriella for saving me the time of looking for the dates this year.  I have been to Wolfsgarten several times as I used to live in Langen.  Kind regards, JGP

Tsarskoe Selo Palaces / Re: Catherine Palace Restoration
« on: March 27, 2017, 11:16:05 AM »

©Tsarskoye Selo State Museum

I am in awe of the restorers work. Magnificent!

I am too!  That is a beautiful facsimile.


I doubt Yulevich / Julevitch / Юльевич is a matronymic. Much more likely it's a patronymic from Julius (German) / Jules (French) / Юлий / Yuliy (Russian). Doesn't necessarily have to be from a biological father, but possibly from an (Orthodox) godfather.

You are absolutely right Preved!  After relooking at the "original spelling" in Russian, it is masculine/2nd declension.
My apologies!  v/r  JGP

Forum Announcements / Re: Forum Members Not Heard From in a Long While
« on: March 12, 2017, 12:22:31 AM »
Mostly of us moved to tumblr. Personally i stopped posting here often when someone told me , while i was recovering of a miscarrage scare, that i posted too much ( and that was annoying for him)
I have been a long time lurker (10+ years) on this site and finally started posting last year.  I want to tell you that I have always enjoyed your posts and I hope that you have fully recovered.  Kind regards, JGP


Thanks a lot! That is a great help. From his middle name being listed as "Julevich" (multiple spellings appearing on that, of course), I would guess his father must have been Jule. This is all getting me closer.

It more likely infers (at least to me) that it is a matronymic based on his mother's name Juliana/Yuliana, as opposed to a patronymic. Kind regards, JGP

I don't know if this will help you or not but I found the following with different birth date AND listing a death date... 

Кёттериц / Koetteritz, фон Бернард Юльевич, 9.2.1806 – 26.4.1888
Kёtterits / Koetteritz, Bernard von Yul'evich, 1806/02/09 - 1888/04/26


Thanks very much for this! That's a great help. Can you tell me why he is listed in this document? It seems to have a lot of people in the list with him.


Sarah, It is a list of people (and their grave site registrations) buried at the Cimitero degli Allori, Cimitero Evangelico degli Allori  (English: The Evangelical Cemetery of Laurels), which is located in Florence, Italy.  The small cemetery was opened on 26 February 1860 when the non-Catholic communities of Florence could no longer bury their dead in the English Cemetery in Piazzale Donatello.   As he and his wife lived in Florence, it would make sense that he is buried there.  Hope that helps!  Kind regards, JGP

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