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The Windsors / Re: Queen Victoria & Prince Albert--Photos and Information
« on: February 20, 2006, 08:23:38 PM »
I always got the feeling that Victoria loved Albert more than he loved her, although it was a love match on both sides (even with the political orchestration by Uncle Leopold).  We know that Albert was always second fiddle, first with his brother than with Victoria and he resented it.  In my opinion, I think it bothered him more than he led on and this manifested itself into his raising of the children.        

Vicky was genuinely V & A's favorite child.  That she was a girl made it easy for Albert to focus on making an important alliance through marriage, and therefore make the impact back in Germany that he couldn't because he was born second.  We know that V & A had a deep affinity for Germany, but I always thought it ran deeper for Albert, and that may have been the reason for his intense grooming of Vicky to marry Frederick.  Just my opinion!

i'm almost positive Melita is a form of Malta, especially when one remembers her father, the duke of Edinburgh, was governor-general of the island (or something like that).

Yes, it was called Melita when the Greeks had control over the island.  Meli is the Greek word for honey.

It has been said that Alix began to change her mind about marrying Nicky when Ernie married Victoria Melita.  Until then, Alix was pretty much content acting as the lady of Darmstadt.

I know that the question of whether Alix would accept Nicky's proposal was the talk at the wedding.  I'm sure that Victoria Melita was not happy being upstaged on her special day.

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