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Has Julia Gelardi written in her new book  about Marie Alexandrovna the daughter of  Alexander II. and Duchess of Edinburgh?

Yes, it is the same Marie. :-)

Yes, I see what you mean but I would've loved to see Grand Duchess Anastasia M. (mother of Crown Princess Cecile and Queen Alexandrine) in there. She lost 2 brothers and a good deal of her fortune in the Revolution and was such a colorful character yet little is written about her. To even up the foreign-born/native-born, I guess instead of MF I would've swapped in Mavra who also lost so much--perhaps not as colorful but I imagine KR's diaries could provide some good tidbits.
Funny, I was thinking Mavra too, for the same reasons! :-) 

Despite the choices, I'm glad Gelardi is tackling these four women, as they are usually relegated to those of us in the niche market.  I'm curious how successful this book will be commercially.  Hopefully, it will create more public interest in the non-NAOTMAA branches of the Romanov's.

I took an unusual step for me and pre-ordered it without any reviews. Just the fact that there's a bio out there dealing with Marie A and Olga is enough for me! Their little sections in The Grand Duchesses just wet the appetite.  :) And through in Miechen to boot!  I could do without Marie F only because it's been done so much. I actually would've preferred some more on a lesser known. Still, I really enjoyed JG's book on QV's crowned granddaughters and have high hopes for this one as well.
I pre-ordered for the same exact reasons as you did, grandduchessella.  I've been waiting for a proper book on Marie A. and Queen Olga of Greece for some time now.  I couldn't get enough of them, even after reading The Grand Duchesses.  I'm also looking forward to the information Gelardi provides on Miechen, as she still somewhat eludes me.  I understand what you mean about choosing someone lesser known than Marie F., though it seems making connections is a common theme in Gelardi's work and this book (two Russian born, two foreign born-same era), is another extension of that.

I've decided to film a flip through video so that forum members can get an idea of what's inside this book.

If you have any problems with the link, please let me know.

35 does not suit you if you come from another country.
It never does.  I think almost everybody on here has sung the rare book blues at one point or another! :-)

My copy, new edition in English, just arrived. A wonderful book! I ordered it  direct from the publisher and it was quite easy through Western Union. Also a lot less thatn $90 !!
Just saw this.  Good for you, Robert! It's a purchase I've never regretted.  Also, I thought the concept of the book was incredibly original.  So fascinating to see a Faberg√© Egg dissected and expanded upon for its personal attachment to the owner.

I can't wait for this book.  Marie Alexandrovna and Olga Constantinovna are my favorites.  I have been waiting for a book like this about them. 

Having Fun! / Re: Historical/Imperial/Romanov Collections
« on: August 04, 2010, 09:58:46 PM »
These are two items I picked up from Children's Island. The rock was near the water, and the plaster piece came off of the house on Children's Island. I  DID NOT take the plaster piece off myself, I picked it up from the ground, beside the house. I have photo proof!
You made it over to Children's Island?! I'm green with envy, Laura!! :-)  I'd love to see photos if you have them.  I assume the canal was frozen solid and you walked across? 

They looked too cute ! Is Bebe still alive ?
Irina ("Bebe") died in 1983. Surprised you didn't know this.

Having Fun! / Re: Just to put this out there...Romanov style!
« on: July 20, 2010, 01:54:18 PM »
I'm so happy you liked it! I'm thinking about writing something. Maybe on my Tumblr I'll write some stuff about my trip. If anyone is interested in reading about my 2 month stay in Russia I would be happy to write on my Tumblr and post a link here!I wouldn't say being there was eerie exactly. It was definitely the most amazing day of my life thus far. It sounds very corny to say but it was like a memory from a dream that you have for years and years. I MIGHT have cried very hard and ran deep into the grounds... But, I think some of you could understand. When you dream of doing something since you were eleven years old and then you're nineteen and finally doing it... it's a big deal to you. It almost didn't feel real at all. It was very familiar somehow. I could recognize the paths and the bridge to the playhouse. When I looked at the paths around the island I could see the black and white pictures of the children right in front of me. I sat on the bridge where it meets the ground like I remembered seeing Tatiana doing in a picture and I just sat there for a while. Then I took a path to to the field that you can see in the video. It was so beautiful and it smelled so good somehow. It was amazing and almost indescribable. I hope you all get a chance to experience it soon too.
YES!! I was hoping you'd write about your Russian adventures.  I'd love to read them.  

Holly, "indescribable" is the perfect word for the emotions one feels when finally standing in front of the Alexander Palace after waiting so many years to visit. :-)   

Q&A and Interviews / Re: Travel to Russia  - Exeter International
« on: June 13, 2010, 02:33:44 PM »
Thank you, Kalafrana.

I know how to get to Pushkin from where I'll be. I will be at Peterhof, Catherine, etc. I'm just not sure exactly how far the Alexander Palace is from, say, Peterhof. I will not be "chaperoned". I may have organized this trip through my university, but that doesn't mean I have an adviser with me. I am essentially on my own here. ;)
I would visit Peterhof one day and visit both the Catherine & Alexander Palaces a different day.  All three in one day will be near to impossible.  In additional to all the CP has to offer, you'll want some time to walk around the AP, the park, go see the Feodorovskiy Cathedral and, if possible, get a glimpse of the Tsar's abandoned train station. 

I used this map for getting around Tsarskoe Selo and it was so incredibly helpful. :-)

Hi Ena
Sorry for the late reply didn't see it.I don't know why.
Yes the NYPL has the original from 1903 and the reprint also
The original I was  told is kept in a diffrent building
You can  see the reprint in the rare book room,If you are a member of NYPL
I just saw this. :-) Good to know they have an original copy, even though it probably can't be viewed.  I have a membership, am familiar with the protocol of using the rare book room, so I'll have to check it out the reprint sometime.  I don't know if I'd ever buy the reprint, but I know I wouldn't buy a copy that expensive without viewing it first.

I think pocessiveness is a better term.
True, which is born out of insecurity.

AlixZ> I ordered mine from the same eBayer. I just got mine yesterday, so I imagine yours will come very soon :D

All> I haven't had the opportunity to read this, but just from looking over it, I am VERY impressed. The presentation looks clean and readable, and HOLY COW pictures!! (Both in colour and black and white) I have never seen so many photos in a memoir-like publication. Wonderful!! Not all are new, but there are two or three that I have never seen before. This really seems like a must-have for any Romanov reader. Just my $0.02. :)
Ordered mine from the same eBayer as you and AlixZ and finally received it today. I haven't begun reading it yet, just browsed through it, but it looks to be an amazing read!!

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