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This is something that's sort of vexing me too.  There are so many books out there.  Are you looking for more of a coffee table book, a history of Faberge, or both? Any kind of information would be helpful for others to assist you.  :-)

Please note I listed the address and tram stop both in their French/Dutch names.

I do have a street map of Brussels, so if you can give me the address of the church, I should be able to sort things out.

The Brussels metro system is very good, so if it is near a metro station.

Avenue De Fre/De Frelaan 19

It's on the #4 Metro/Tram line.  Tram stop Heros/Helden.

That would be brilliant, Ena.  Please pm  me with the directions from the Eurostar station [City Centre?] I do not know Brussels well at all...
I just PM'd you.  :-)

I have contacted the NYPL and ask them whats the possibility see the original but because its digitalized I have the hardest time to see it.They didn't digitalized the covers,and the website says there are 3 books??anybody knows the answer to that?How many original albums of the Ball were ?( is it few diffrent books combined in one?)
Thank you
Looks like you can view the reprint in the rare books room.  However, the entry mentions that it's "Kept together with original copy (Album du bal costum̌ au Palais d'hiver) in lockcage."  Don't know if they're referring to the actual original there, otherwise, there should definitely be an entry for it as well.

I think Marty is correct, she was the only one with  the resources.
 And nena, yes, I do travel a lot. My next goal is to track down the Sokolov remains in the Brusselles church [I know where it is]. Perhaps this spring.  I mis-timed last year and missed the opprotunity.
I've been to that church, but it was closed the day I went (cry!).  There's a tram stop a block away. If you need directions, let me know.

I'd give my eyeteeth to peruse YOUR collection, Robert! :-)

If you just want to mention the book, that's okay. I understand some don't feel comfortable talking about prices. :-)

Ha! :-) far, probably Empress Maria Feodorovna's Favorite Residences in Russia and Denmark.  I paid about $90 (USD).  Small change, I'm sure, for what I've seen others pay here for certain coveted books.  I'm sure I will pay more for others in the future, but I'm hoping that some great deals will offset these purchases (fingers crossed). 

Similar to the your best book deal thread - Reading some of the threads, the Ferrand one in particular, I thought about what I've spent on books and the extremes I will go to find a rare and out of print book. 

I'm curious, what's the most you've paid for a royalty book? 

Thanks for the good news !!!  :) When is it going to be published ? In English ?
Eric, I think you misunderstood my post.  Andrew Romanoff hasn't published a memoir.  He published an art book that has been out for a few years.  It's titled: The Boy Who Would Be Tsar, and it gives the reader a few glimpses of what life was like with his grandmother.  It's in English.  

Thank you for the information.  Krog's books can be difficult to find.  Once located, they tend to be quite expensive.  Still, I'll be on the lookout for this title because these books only get more scare through the years.

It wasn't cheap when I bought it in St. Petersburg either!!  I'm the type of person who hems and haws over every purchase. I don't do many impulse buys, so it was a major thing for me not to look at the cost and just walk up to the counter and make my purchase.  I only did it because I did love the book, but I also knew immediately, it would be difficult to find this book should I walk away from it.  That's another thing I'm learning, especially about royalty books, is to buy and (possibly) regret later! :-)   

If you can get it from the publisher for what they're quoting above, I'd say you're pretty much spending what it originally cost.

Wow ! He did loved a long life. It is sad that the children did not published memoirsabout their lives in exile.
That might have been a great read! I wish Prince Andrew Romanoff would do something along the lines of a memoir describing his life with his grandmother, Xenia.  We got a glimpse in his art book, but nothing too revealing.

I recently bought a book called "treasures of Russia - Imperial Gifts".  Its a catalog from 2002 in Copenhagen on Faberge etc and the Danish and Russian royal families. It actually has a lot of letters from various members of the Romanov family quoted in it and I thought this one from Marie to her mother Queen Louise written before Xenia and Sandro's wedding might be of interest to people here about how she *really* thought about the wedding and Sandro in particular...
Do you happen to have an ISBN on that book? Where did you acquire it and would you consider it a worthy purchase? Any additional information about the book would be great.  Thanks.

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