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 Why don't you register a political party and run for the Duma, if your so self assured, you comments are all ways about what the masses think in Russia , why dont you , in three years you could be president !, you must be truly in tune of every bodies Russian mind, don't start on facts or figure, polls are full of holes


Imperial Succession and the Throne / Re: List of the Line of Succession
« on: January 19, 2008, 03:37:24 PM »
 Dear Dimitri,

You sound angry ,  The Order has since a massive growth in Russia, why is this ?, l was there recently, yes, l see the problems very clearly, they are  related to your socialist period and the struggle to get out of it into something else, we constantly raise money for orphanages and have been trying to raise money for soldiers whom have become disabled, l still have relatives there and stay with them every year, many of our members outside have gone back to live there,time is the only answer for this.

The other thing is education, during the socialist period there was good education except on history for obvious reasons, if l was to ask a lot of Russians what actually happened some only know the out line, comparative studies is a very helpful way to go, l believe in looking at both sides of the coin, in truth civil un elected or elected governments can be just as bad, l said previously look at South America , what has happened there over the years, you are being  just as tyrannical in your comments, every one has rights but l believe many comments are unresearched are just position statements, there are a mass of people internally in Russia that feel differently to you, we have many conferences in Moscow and St Petersburg they are well attended and many issues are debated

we are  only too aware of what's going on , it sounds like you would like to immigrate yourself.


 Here l agree , unless you are God nobody can be sure


Imperial Succession and the Throne / Re: List of the Line of Succession
« on: January 19, 2008, 03:40:31 AM »
Well another person whom intimately knows the HIH  know how her family for years has been full on with the Emigre community, have worked countless hours to free Russia, have you seen all the old video clips from the diaspora ?, do you know all the travelling that had been completed the stress of it all the hard work HIH GD Vladimir put in, l am wandering if you had been involved in the Russian Community all those years and understood all of this, the complexity.the net works, the Imperial Union Order has battled the fight for the homeland, the countless hours of fund raising , protesting at soviet embassies, sending men off to fight, a lot of these light weight lounge lizard comments are very weak and have no strength in the white Russian  community.

The recent trip to Australia was a complete success, Russian and Aussies came out in big numbers, you can read the pdf file l posted  to the previous page, there is commentary and photos, you will find Russians in the diaspora have a different opinion, you have not been involved since the loss of the homeland and have no idea of the work put in, a recent Russian production of Good bye Russia would bring you to your knees, Ataman Federoff [RIP MORE THAN 100 YEARS OF AGE] gave a compelling account of the loss and pain.

That little balding man MAN IN THE CAP WHOM ACCEPTED MILLION OF GERMAN MARKS to assist in the break down of the legal Government, the beginnings of the terror that came after.

The HIH GD Maria and family have put very much to the cause, l will forgive you because you haven't been involved and wont know about the countless hours book producing and rescue operations that were completed, support of the church . What counts now is Russia does have a legal Government but it took  80 years to get it, why are all the old symbols back ? Mospat wont have a bar of the others you have  mentioned either have you read all the statements by metropolitan Kirill, l have posted a site previously, my dear friend whom is eighty  six was at the reburial of general Denikin and spoke on national radio in  Moscow, the people around him were crying when he started on the real picture.


Imperial Succession and the Throne / Re: List of the Line of Succession
« on: January 18, 2008, 07:59:40 PM »
 My apologies , Mrs Davidson

Greetings, Some American  Generals recently have been willing to accept UK Titles,  l was using Olympic medals as an example , lets say l was Audie Murphy there was a take over, coup the new group said all American medals prior to our new Government are now void and l fled to England, have l lost the medal of honour ?   l think not, because America doesnot have Royal Titles l am using some thing else as an example, an award that is dear to America, just imagine taking that away and telling the reciepients '' TOO BAD'' , can you imagine all those enlisted imperial soldiers whom fought at the front against Germany had to throw thier medals away because some bald despot in a leather cap forced it on them with his horse  '''Trotting mate'' .

You were qucik to correct me on that you are Mrs Davdson, not Miss that just an example how people want thier correct title used !


Imperial Succession and the Throne / Re: List of the Line of Succession
« on: January 18, 2008, 05:44:58 PM »

Dear Miss Davidson,

l enjoy your comments, however on the issue of people losing entitlements ect, for example if in Americia  there was a coup and  a socialist group took over with out a proper election, what would you think may happen ?, would that be legal ?, l then declare all American Olympic medalists are now not medaliists any more as we have a new system, for example  these  people didnt lose the titles they have transported them to the disapora, the Kerensky Government was the legitimate successor, Americia is big on legiitimacy accountabilitity, if you examine what happened none of this took place, we all know what terror came after the provisional government, what about the Kronstadt
sailors whom tried to put Marx ideas in place but were put down by the German backed Lenin, he laughed all the way to the bank with the millions of marks to help him, if he hadnot this help he plainly would not of  brought the provisional government down, what did the man of steel do, with the flick of his wrist he sent millions to the gulag.

Its interesting western views of all of this, so clinical in its analysis, millions died, starved, many of these comments are an afront to the families that were effected and l am not talking just the upper classes but all, a really terrible thing happened, l have shown some of the comments to the Dr Baroness Dolgoruky whom nearly fell on the floor, when HIH Cyril wrote his manifesto he commented on a sitution that was happening in Russia at the time, there was a famine , millions perished, you can see some very graphic photos of the bodies in historical books, this is the thing Stalin or Joe the devil  sold grain by the millions overseas rather than feed the people.

Beria the rewiter of history and the lover of things he should not cried like a pig when they came for him after joe kicked the bucket, so many millions died under the illegal hammer and sickle, so no l am sorry, they never lost thier titles nor did the ordinary private in the Imperial Army lose his Imperial medals, l suspect this western idealogue will continue to whittle at the legagcy of Byzantium, l will put you in my prayers.

Stepan Maximovich

Greetings to you,

The whole St John issue is very complicated, probably the best person to give you answers on this would be the Rev Dr Michael Foster, his works on the St John situation are extensive and much research on records held Government records, l would suggest you look at    this site is huge and updated regularly, Dr Foster is very well respected, he goes into great detail on where  each group started ect

Stepan :)

Imperial Succession and the Throne / Re: List of the Line of Succession
« on: January 17, 2008, 11:43:59 PM »
Privet to all on the forum,

Greetings for the 08 year, for me l will be celebrating tommorrow that is Sunday for New Year, Old Style !.

Re the Tour of Australia and the ceremony at the shrine

 l was the designer of the programme for that day, l can tell you honestly, Russians were heartfully crying on the day, the service to remember the Russian Anzacs.... well it was from the deepest depths of the heart, the weather was magnificent, it was grand to march on the day, we had the Old Imperial Flag, the Current and presidential flag as well, the Victorian Police Band, had played God Save the Tsar, luckily l had found them the sheet music, the secretary of the Russian Embassy and Ambassador recieved the Order of St Anne and were happy to recieve it as well as the Archbishop of Australia and New Zealand '' Hilarion ''.

For all those whom are argueing about succession here ia an approved document from the Russian Orthodox Church on Succession. This was authored by Prince Cyril Toumanoff,
Professor of History,
Emeritus Georgetown University
Washington, D.C.

approved by the Orthodox Church, Prince Cyril was highly respected by the Vatican as well.

The Tour was exceptional and very well recieved, the dinner in Melbourne was surperb and the HIH spoke in both perfect Russian and English, the Venue was packed to the edges. A complete success and the Russian community were thrilled !.

l can only say that the majority of Russians , HIH was recieved as the Head of the Dynasty and the community came out in great numbers, here is the news letter from the Russian Welfare Society which contains many photos of the HIH Grand Duchess Maria, they are in the October News letter on the Russian Welfare site, you will clearly see in one photo the Russian Federation Ambassador and the First Secretary with HIH in the middle, the Ambassador has the Order of St Anne First Class and 3rd class for the secretary.
 HIH is a very caring and delightfull person, when you meet HIH , HIH exudes warmth and generous in spirit under dificult circumsatances.

HIH proved a marvellous communicator and genuine in warmth on the Australian tour, we were absolutely stunned at the HIH ability to be emapthetic and caring, a wonderfull concern for the disadvantaged as well, dont believe all you read in the media.

Greetings to all

Imperial Regards

Stepan Maximovich

Chancellor Russian Imperial Union Order Australia

Russian Welfare Society

If you go to the Orders web site to the media page on our Australian web site and click photos then double click the links there are plenty of photos, l love the photo of HIH with Princess Mary , do notice HIH is placed at the forefront by all the other royals in the group photos inside the Cathederal, HRH prince Micheal of England ect

Photos Media

This is an excellent link for you, much news, the Latest on the HIH GD Maria

for those non Russia speakers please put the URL in Babel fish and it will give you a transaltion , not perfect but enough to keep up with the latest news, one on one interviews with HIH GD George

again for the non Russians please read a previous posting of the link to the HIH GD Maria secretary web site , same thing put the URL in Babel fish .

   Monarhia.Ru [ the main web site a must for all those making opinions please read the articticles in detaiil, all the latest updates includind a very strong support from MOSPAT by Metropolitan Kirill, Dean of overseas relations

RIUO live footage Russian Ball in Melbourne Monarchist political party Russia

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