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Thank you Zack Attack for the interesting info. Especially this

worried that Margarita would be prosecuted for Franciska's activities

That makes perfect sense, doesn't it? Of course the family would still be afraid of that, and as you also mentioned, 'embarrassed.' This is why they don't speak out more about her. It's a shame they don't, it would stop a lot of outrageous theories from going around.

Here is another:


I'm afraid again I have to say I really don't remember the details some
10 years later.  I'm not an Anna Anderson fanatic!!!

I think you could do these things:

1.  Go to Harvard and look at Anna Anderson's lawyer's files. There
were witness statements he had about the Schanzkowska family - a lot of
information that  nobody has ever published. (Look in the Kurth book
for where the archive is and what it is called - I can't remember). For
example there are descriptions of Francesca's scars which match with
Anna Anderson's.

2. Ask for access to the Hesse archive in Germany - they came up with
the Scaknzkowska theory after research, as you will know.

3. Speak to Philip Remy , a German TV producer who has done more
research on AA than anybody else. He'll be on top of this subject quite
possibly. (Tel number a few years ago was: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

4. Speak to Felix Schanzkowska's daughter, if she is still alive (she
was 8 years ago). She told me Anna Anderson was her father's sister and
they all knew all along but didn't want to give her away. I didn't use
her on my TV programme because she wanted money to speak which was
against our policy.
Her phone number used to be (in Germany) :

Waltraud von Czenskowski (is what she calls herself rather grandly)
Hamburg: xxxxxxxxxxx

5. Why don't you track down Carl Maucher and ask him? He was living an
hour south of Munich. You'll probably find him in the phone book!
However he doesn't speak English. I could try to find his address for
you but it will take me some time because all my records are stored 6
hours away from where I am. I suggest you try the phone book first.

Hope that helps


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