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I spent hours over the weekend trying to clean up and prevent the deluge of spammer fake registrations we are getting. It is now up to almost 500 PER DAY! I fear I got a little over zealous, and also didn't understand that putting certain email bans would prevent old users as well as new ones.

I humbly and hugely apologize for ANY inconvenience I have caused anyone.  Please direct email me at if you have any issues.  I will immediately fix the problems.


The Imperial Family / Spurious Ebay Photos of the Imperial Family. Beware.
« on: November 26, 2011, 10:25:16 AM »
Hi guys. We usually don't post much about what happens over on ebay, but almost got fooled ourselves by some faked photos of the Imperial Family.  They are selling for a lot of money and wanted to ask you guys to be very cautious about buying them.  The seller is "Oceanic Voyager".  The problem is this, some of his items are quite genuine, we have bought from him.  HOWEVER, recently there are a number of FAKED photos of the Imperial Family being listed.  I only discovered the scam accidentally, when a photograph of Olga Nicholievna which I KNOW was taken by Karl Hahn (Gahn) at the Alexander Palace was listed but was shown on an antique photo card stock from a MOSCOW photographer with NO imperial warrant and no Imperial Censor approval stamp.  THEN a photograph of Princess Dagmar (Marie Feodorovna) and her sister Alexandra, which I KNOW was taken in Copenhagen, appeared, AGAIN on a Moscow photographer's card.  Similaraly a Boissonas & Eggler portrait of Nicholas II was listed on a French "Cabinet Portrait" card, NOT the original B&E card with their stamp and Censor approval. What he does is this: Takes actual photographs of original photographs, then buys cheap original Russian photos, removes the worthless photos and glues the copies onto the old stock to make them look old!

BE VERY CAREFUL! We almost spent $500 on a photo of Nicholas, Alix, Serge and Ella at the Kremlin, which I know believe to be one of these FAKES!

From Bob Atchison:

You are invited to become a 'Founding Member' of our new site. is a place to buy and sell.

Our focus is Royalty, Art and Antiques, Historical Re-enactment, Costumes, Jewelry, Books and Crafts.

From $1.00 to $4,000 it doesn't matter, you can make or sell your own Romanov tiaras, Civil War Uniforms, Icons - anything history related. If you sign-up as a Founding Member you will get three months for free. After that it's just $19.95 a month for 20 items or less, $29.95 for 20 - 49 and $39.95 for 50 or more. There are no other charges.  You can create and operate your own store within Marketplace and communicate with buyers.  All orders are sent to Paypal for processing and you handle payment yourself.

So, email us to get on our mailing list for more news on our new venture.

Call us at 512 469-7454 to learn more!

Hi all.

First, my sincere apologies that new user registrations have been bogged down.  We have been bombarded by spammers trying to register as users, literally several hundred per day.  Each one had to be investigated to see if it came from a legitimate source or not, which took a LOT of time.  At one point, there were 3,000 of them!!  I simply could not keep up.

Fortunately, we upgraded the software that now includes features to block these spammers so it shouldn't be so bad.  I tried my best to go through as many old registration requests, but Im sure I missed some when I mass deleted the remaining 2500 plus spam registration requests.

IF you registered as a user before May 1 and have not yet heard from me. PLEASE re register and accept my apologies for the inconvenience.


I am asked for anyone's help with information about a Countess Natalia Sheremeteyva who married an "Obreskov", born circa 1785-90, and was a close friend of Frederick Chopin. Any information? Thanks.


Now that King and Wilson have demonstrated with certainty that Anna Anderson was indeed FS, and science has proven Anna Anderson could never have been Anastatsia, the question remains, just how and why she was able to pull it off.  Please discuss the issues here, so we don't bog down the book discussion thread.


Just acquired a new piece for the collection, a sauce boat, made by the Kiev Porcelain Factory, stamped "1850 October" on the bottom. I know this is the old Imperial Eagle, but not sure why is on the piece. Perhaps a Regimental piece?? any help appreciated.

Just acquired a new piece for the collection, a sauce boat, made by the Kiev Porcelain Factory, stamped "1850 October" on the bottom. I know this is the old Imperial Eagle, but not sure why is on the piece. Regimental?? any help appreciated.

For anyone who registered during the last two weeks, please accept my apologies for the long delay in approval.  As you may know, about half the registrations are from spammers and hackers trying to come in and pollute or take over the forum. I have an obligation to investigate each and every registration to make certain only legitimate users can post.

I was in Bordeaux France for a full week, with very limited access to wifi, so I couldn't do my vetting of new users.  Now, I didn't tell anyone except a few mods I would be gone, I want you all to think I"m always here and watching! The backlog was so huge that it took me all week to clear it up.

There are no more waiting for my approval.  I may have screwed up one or two, so if you registered and were rejected, I apologize  but with over 200 to go thru, I might have made a mistake. So please just re register!

Thanks for your patience.


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