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Received my copy yesterday and have not been able to put it down.  This is truly a MUST HAVE and a very nice upgrade to the original Grand Dukes published in the 1970's.  The biographies are fresh, there are many photo's I'm seeing for the first time, and the variety of authors keeps the reading interesting and varied.  I haven't finished Vol I yet and am already pushing Art for Vol II.  Definatley worth the money and a volume necessary for the serious Romaov amateur historian (like me!).

Congrat's Art and all the other writers - and Thank You!


A very happy customer!


I received my copy of Jewels of the Romanovs Family & Court. today. A bit earlier than the scheduled release date.  A lavish volume, and costly. I paid $47 but the list price is $75.  Well worth the investment. The jewels- there are hundreds, BTW, are in beautiful full colour photographs and matched with archival photographs of  the owners wearing them. Many I have not seen before.
 Because of the price, it is probably a library book for most, especially younger people. I am very happy to add it to my shelves, now just to find room for it!

I agree Robert - expensive, but well worth it.  I am enjoying it a great deal!


News Links / Resurrecting the Czar
« on: October 25, 2010, 04:53:55 PM »
Another interesting article posted by Paul Gilbert:



GD Sergei was very close to his sister Maria as children. Does anyone know if their relationship remain close or did they become slightly distanced after her marriage? Also, is there any record of what Sergei felt when his sister married? Do any letters exchanged between them exist today?

They were close all their life, and exchanged letters as well. Maria's marriage and leaving for England was a great sad event for Sergei, in his diary he tells how devastated he was...His entries in the diary about that are in the 2nd volume of the recent bio-books on him. So, you'll read it soon!))

May I ask - what do you mean "...diary about that are in the 2nd volume of the recent bio-books on him..." mean?  Is there a new bio on Serge in Engish by chance?

thank you


My Check goes in the mail tomorrow - Art tells me it will be available this month for sure and I can't wait to get it.


News Links / Remains Believed to be those of Ivan VI Found...
« on: September 13, 2010, 08:35:08 AM »
Paul Gilbert posts interesting news again...

Remains Believed to be Those of Russian Emperor Ivan VI Found



I just came across this video today.  Even though it is in Russian I was able to more or less follow it.  There is even footage about KR's funeral at the beginning of the video.  It's definatley worth a look....



good points all!  ahh, what I'd do with $64Billion!


Has the lost treasure of the Tsars been found at the bottom of the world's deepest lake?




Books about the Romanovs and Imperial Russia / Re: Atlantis Magazine
« on: August 07, 2010, 09:07:51 PM »
I must say that I miss Atlantis.  I have the whole series and still go back and read them on occasions.  I understand there was an incredible amount of work (especially for two people) to coordinate, write and manage a magazine of that size and that depth - but can't help wishing it had continued to be printed. 


Paul Gilbert has posted a page of video's about this magnificent estate...

If only Youtube could translate languages...


Imperial Russian History / Re: Who Betrayed Nicholas II?
« on: July 27, 2010, 05:24:06 PM »
Margarita Nelipa's new book on the murder of Rasputin (see the books section of this web site) speaks a great deal to who in the family betrayed Nicholas and how they did it.  A very interesting read.


Related to the message above about the Alexi pretender - See John Kendrick's site (John is a poster here as well - While I don't share his belief's I can say he is a respectful, thoughtful and highly knowledgeable individual):

Also there is a page in Wikipedia:


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