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I am still digesting it.  The book is very dense, full of information and well written.  I find myself reading a section then reading it over again.  There are many new theories in the book that I am still thinking about.  It is so well sourced that anyone with questions can work through their issues and/or speak to Margarita on here.  It is much more then 'just' a book on the death or Rasputin - there is so much surrounding and background information in it that makes it a must have book and compelling read.  To summarize I am still working through it and will be for awhile.  The *BEST* news for me - at the end, in the writeup on Margarita, she announces that she is working on a new bio on Alexander III - I hope it is packed as densely as this book - I can't wait.

Thanks Margarita for a great read...

More to follow.



Just a small but vital point: it's actually Greg's and Penny's book! The title which we got from the publisher today (their selection) is "Resurrection of the Romanovs: Anastasia, Anna Anderson, and the World's Greatest Royal Mystery," to be published January 2011.

We both knew Dick Schweitzer very well and he has never been anything but a gentleman with us

Greg - delighted to see you posting here again and to hear that Yours and Penny's book is heading in our direction - I look forward to it.  Hope all is well.  Would enjoy another chat at some point.  Be well and say hi to Penny for me.


I am holding Margarita's book in my hands (Thank you Paul Gilbert's Royal Books).  It is incredible.  The sourcing is extremely deep, she intermingles direct quotes from source documents with expert analysis and it has 8 different appendix's!

I've not read a ton yet (too busy skipping around - a bad habit, I know).  Everything I have seen in the last hour tells me that this is the MUST HAVE book of 2010.

Thanks Margarita, now to start  at the beginning.....



yes, I believe Lisa is doing research for a biography of Grand Duke Dimitri

My copy should be here any day...I'm really itching for it!


Hi Arturo - Do you have an update on when this book will be published?

Many thanks,


I just got notice that the book was mailed to me yesterday!  Can't wait!


Paul Gilbert at Gilbert's Royal Books is now taking orders for the new Rasputin book.  Details can be found at:

I ordered mine today, I'll let you know when it arrives.

(not so) patiently waiting!!


The Alexander Palace / Re: Alexander Palace Restoration pictures
« on: June 20, 2010, 09:15:20 PM »
very nice pictures - especially the 1st one of the Children's play house.

thanks for posting


reading this thread it is fairly obivious that you have some problems with Paul.  However, Margarita would not be working with Paul if she wasn't confident of the outcome as am I.  Paul has been careful to not take pre-orders until he is ready (see the web page I posted yesterday) and I have no reason to expect that he won't deliver the book when he (eventually) says he will.


Paul Gilbert is publishing the book - he has provided regular updates.  Anyone who has been around for awhile knows that delivery dates of books regularly slip.  If you are interested in the book see:

I have bought books from Paul several times and had no problems.


Felix - it was very nice of you to share the details of your visit.  Did you take any pictures?  Are there any good books (in english) on the site?  Again, thanks for sharing.


News Links / Re: Georgy wants the Ekaterinburg remains re-examined
« on: March 27, 2010, 06:30:13 PM »
I agree with you Rob, and frankly think it is shameful that anyone would even think about digging this family up AGAIN.  My god, let them rest in peace (and this is from a non-believer).  ANY credibility Maria and George had in my eyes for trying to create a meaningful place in Russia for that line of the Romanov family has been lost in this shameful publicity attempt.


News Links / Re: Georgy wants the Ekaterinburg remains re-examined
« on: March 02, 2010, 08:07:00 PM »
Tchelogovitov ruled that because Maria Pavlovna (elder) was NOT Pravoslavnaya when her children were born, under the laws of succession they were excluded. Somewhere in GARF is his report on the subject to Nicholas II. This whole statement is a waste of time and bid for attention from Georgie who has nothing anyway.

yawn indeed.

FA - can you expand on this - who is Tchelogovitov and what does "NOT Pravoslavnaya" mean?  Do you know what Nicholas did with this report?  Weren't the kids of Vladimir and Maria added to the imperial family genelogy book - the name of which escapes me at the moment....

Thanks Rob


News Links / Re: Georgy wants the Ekaterinburg remains re-examined
« on: March 02, 2010, 08:01:43 PM »
I have said that all along, and also think she is just kissing up to the patriarch. As if that is going to do her a lot of good! As much as I believe in her legitimate claim,  to me she  and her son are just being obstinate and  obstructionist out of rivalry with the other Romanovs.
 BTW, George I can sort of understand, as he  only knows what his mother taught him and naturally  takes her point of view.We have no idea of knowing, but I think Vladimir and Kyril would have welcomed the  discovers of ALL the remains, if they were only alive at the time.

The only problem is that George, "The Heir" as he and his mother refer to him, has a responsibility to seek out other opinions and idea's or else we will continue for years into the future with this foolish rivalary between the branches of the family.  I do admit, I would love to have seen the look on Prince Nicholas's face when he read what George said - I bet it was priceless - he doesn't suffer fools gladly...


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