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Forum Announcements / Merry Christmas & a Peace Filled New Year to All !
« on: December 23, 2007, 02:09:19 PM »
While I have the strength and eneregy, I should like to impart to all of you who still might remember me, a very beautifull Merry Christmas, and a peace filled New Year. Thank you kindly for those who were able to send me the cheer and uplift you offered. It was meaningful to me, especially for this time of year.
God Bless, stay well!


Forum Announcements / Scheduling Bumps in Life...
« on: August 25, 2007, 09:00:49 PM »
I know there are many here who face life's crushing blows and sometimes they are really more than we can imagine.
I have come to realize more than once we have no control but to do our best to get on with life and fill it with positive energy. Sometimes it is a hard bill to fill especially when your energy seems all but gone. Once again I come to this forum to ask for your prayers and your thoughs to focus on. I just came back from the hospital a week ago, having again been placed on dialysis. I know there is little chance for a match, so I have not gone on the transplant list again. I was on it for three years and nada. All I can do is concentrate on is having a good diet, getting a lot of rest, and of course prayer. I thank you all again for the many of you sending me your kind thoughts and prayers. It has meant much to me as well as my family. Thank you again and the owner of this forum. You are all awesome hearts. God Bless!


Forum Announcements / South Lake Tahoe CA
« on: June 26, 2007, 07:21:36 PM »
Dear AP Members and Friends of the AP Forum,

I don't know how many of you are receiving news about what is happening here in California, but the fire in South Lake Tahoe has now jumped the fire line and headed for 700 more homes. It has already devestated a very large portion of the land. Presently there are only two roads for people to traverse on. Thousands of people are on the move, as the fire is headed for a larger perimeter of where people live. People are now headed to Sacramento, Ca., as they say there are too many for the surrounding areas near and by Lake Tahoe to take in.

Many people left with only the clothes on their backs. It is a terrible tragedy. I know this has nothing to do with the AP Forum's topic's, but I for one think it is news that needs to be addressed and shared. I pray that none of you are fleeing from the area, and or have relatives or friends in the area. Thank you all once again for bearing with my sharing of the news of the fire now raging in South Lake Tahoe.


I thought that many of you might like to share in the Draft Resolution #2007-01, brought about by The San Francisco Mayor's Disability Council, In support of the Historic United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. At the end of today's meeting of the Mayor's Disability Council, my fellow Commissioners and I, approved the Draft offered below.

Whereas, thirty years ago this month, in April 1977, San Francisco was the site of 150 people with disabilities and their allies occupying offices of the Federal Department of Health, Education and Welfare for 26 days resulting in the signing of regulations to implement Section 5-504 of the 1973 Rehabilitation Act, which became the model for the Americans with Disabilities Act, and reaffirmed the Bay Area as the birth place of the modern disability civil rights movement; and

Whereas, seventeen years ago in July 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act extended the non-discrimination protections in Section 504 (which applied only to entities receiving Federal funding) to private employers and public accommodations and

Whereas, in December 2006, the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, which currently awaits ratification by at least 20 signatory nations to become International Law; and

Whereas the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities was the fastest negotiated international human rights treaty in history and is the first UN treaty to comprehensively articulate basic human rights of persons with disabilities and outline specific actions necessary in order to guarantee these basic rights in nations that ratify it; and

Whereas, in a departure from the United States' historic role as an international leader in disability and human rights, President George W. Bush has indicated that he will not sign this landmark human rights treaty, which may in turn discourage other countries from signing it;

Now Therefore Be It Resolved that the San Francisco Mayor's Disability Council urges Mayor Gavin Newsom and the San Francisco Board of Supervisors to formally request that President George W. Bush allow the United States to join the group of nations which ratify and agree to be bound by the Convention, and

Be It Further Resolved that the Mayor's Disability Council urges the San Francisco Board of Supervisors to officially adopt and be bound by the rights guaranteed in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities within the City and County of San Francisco; and

Be It Further Resolved that the Mayor's Disability Council directs the Mayor's Office on Disability to assist other local governments to similarly protect the rights of their residents with disabilities by placing key documents that offer technical assistance, such as San Francisco's ADA grievance procedure, on the MOD website and

Be It Further Resolved that the Mayor's Disability Council and the Mayor's Office on Disability shall consider providing detailed technical assistance upon request to San Francisco's 15 official "Sister Cities" around the globe, and shall advise such cities that this assistance is available.

Forum Announcements / In Memorium
« on: December 27, 2006, 11:27:57 PM »
My apologies to those of you whom have not heard from me of late. I am battling illness that seems to have a heavy hold on me, and don't seem to lessen at all. I spent Christmas, as much as all of the previous days of the last two months in bed rest. For me this is becoming normal, but for the most part it is a difficult one in as much as it is slowly stealing my time and connect to the outter world more and more. This is something I have and or am slowly coming to accept.

Unfortunately, what was a terrible blow to our family and to my daughter most of all, was the news we received this last Friday evening. Her best girlfriend's husband was killed by an escaped felon with one shot to the throat, and another to the head. He was claimed brain dead. He was just 28 years of age. They were married just two months ago, and both were officers in our cities police department. [His father was a police dispatcher; his wife is a policewoman, her father is a police officer, as well her step father] The police officer killed of course worked the most dangerous of these police positions as an undercover police person. This young couple were planning their lives, and making plans for their first Christmas. His wife more than devestated, of course. Her husband was killed on the same day his father had died, ten years earlier, and one hour later. Friday is the funeral, and I understand it will be held in one of our cities largest cathedrals, and those in law enforcemtent will attend from around the nation. I'm sure it will be of positive support for his wife, and the husband's mother and sister. I have been asked to attend. I will attend. It's the least I can offer in remembrance, and as support to the family.

In today's world, I suppose not much is offered in thanks to all of those brave police personnel whom give their time, their energies, and their lives, to serve our cities, and to that of all our citizens at any age. I just want to offer my small words here in memory of Officer Bryan Tuvera, and for all the generosity he, and so many others continue to offer to make our cities safe from harm each and every day of our lives. It is a high price to pay and their are no adequate words enough to say thanks for all they do.

Thank you for allowing me to express my sorrow and thoughts here with you. God Bless !


Forum Announcements / Prayer & Cheer Section For AP Members Loved Ones
« on: September 22, 2006, 08:41:27 PM »
This is an ongoing thread expressly made for AP Members and their loved ones. Our Prayers & Cheers are with them as well always. Please share in the months ahead your loved ones need for cheer or prayers.


You have my heart's concern for your father's wellness. I will add him as I have the AP Members to my prayers.
Please tell us a little about him. Tell him we are thinking of him, and wish him well ! God Bless !


News Links / Russian central banker assassinated
« on: September 14, 2006, 01:16:26 PM »
Thursday, September 14, 2006

 LISTEN TO STORY : Russian central banker assassinated

Listen to this story

The second in command at Russia's central bank was shot dead last night in Moscow. Andrei Kozlov had been cracking down on money laundering. Stephen Beard reports.

Sergey Chirikov © AFP/Getty Images


MARK AUSTIN THOMAS: The second-in-command at Russia's central bank was shot to death last night in Moscow. Andrei Kozlov had been cracking down on money laundering. From the European Desk in London, Stephen Beard has the story.

STEPHEN BEARD: Forty-one-year-old Kozlov died in hospital after being shot by two unidentified gunmen. His driver also died in the attack.

The Moscow prosecutor says the motive for the shooting is still not clear, but under Kozlov the central bank was cleaning up the Russian banking system. He had revoked the licences of several banks suspected of money laundering.

The killing looks like an assault on President Putin's authority, says Nick Redman of the Economist Intelligence Unit. The Kremlin will have to retaliate.
NICK REDMAN: Certainly this cannot go unanswered. The authorities are going to have to respond to this. There will have to be some sort of clampdown on all the banks and all the business interest that are in the frame.
If Kozlov has been murdered by gangsters, he says, this will be seen as a setback for Putin's effort to shed Russia's reputation for bandit capitalism.

In London, this is Stephen Beard for Marketplace.

It was also reported by Russian Media, and in particular, Russia Today, : This same banker had started the cleanup of over 1700 banks from organized crime members laundering monies...


Forum Announcements / Hit & Run Rampage - Your Prayers Please !
« on: August 29, 2006, 08:06:16 PM »
I should like to ask for the AP Members to pray for victims tonight here in San Francisco who were purposely run down by a crazed driver in our city. This driver, without conscience, purposely drove his suv hitting people at random at thirteen different intersections. Sometimes he hit them, and came back to hit them again. One person in another city hit by this same driver, has died. The police have caught him. Onlookers said he looked cool and collected, and just slowly sauntered to the police car where he was taken to police headquarters. His rampage started in Fremont, and continued on into our city of San Francisco. The first person who was hit was thrown 70 feet.

Please pray for the lives of these dear innocent women and men.


News Links / Putin
« on: August 01, 2006, 03:11:15 PM »
I am not sure if this is the right place for this topic, but I saw that Mr. Putin was brought up here on an earlier thread, and subject matter, and thought I might continue to ask about him.

Who is Mr. Putin, [any/all information or links]. His wife is not shown much in the news, are there pictures of her? Do they have children?

Also, I read somewhere in the news, that he was baptized Russian Orthodox. Can anyone verify this ? Thanks for any input in advance.


Forum Announcements / Happy Fourth Of July America !
« on: July 04, 2006, 02:18:25 AM »
Please offer your thoughts and sentiments for America's Special Day of Days, our 4th of July !
God Bless Us All !


[size=10]I am interested in knowing Family history of the Suvorov Family, all family members, their homes, properties, their portraits, pictures of family members down the centuries, and final gravesites of all family members. Any information would be gratefully appreciated !

Thank you in advance. [This was my father's mother's family]


[size=10]Alex_P, and Belochka, both thought this question deserved to be placed on a new thread. Below is the statement of Alex_P, then my'n, then Belochka's statement. One of the main questions being :
Who participated in the mass murders of over 75,000,000 persons..what ever happened to them?

Alex_P's : : Re: Execution of Members of the Imperial Court
Reply #9 - Jun 10th, 2006, 7:29pm    Off topic, or not off topic, Tania's remarks above are exceptionally pertinent.
I, too, have wondered the same....all of the Chekistii, the NKVDistii, the OGPUiiste who participated in  the mass murders of over 75,000,000 persons...what ever happened to them?  It is not exceedingly vulgar that they should be allowed to live out their ripe old ages on some pension somewhere?  For example, the Hungarian-born butcher of Omsk, who murdered 25% of the population, today his entire family lives quite prosperouly in that city, impuniously, but known to all.  I refer to the passage from St. Matthew....
Thank you, Tania.  Someone had to finally raise this point.  And it does not deserve to be passed over in silence.  If a new topic is needed, then please let us make it.  But let us discuss this point.  I mean, frankly, if Hitler had a family, and if they had a survived, should they have been allowed to live in near-luxury in the midst of modern Berlin?
My initial post :Perhaps it is off topic, but I wonder how many others have thought these same thoughts ?
"I hope the souls of ALL those involved in the mass murder of Russia are darned for all time!"[/i]
Perhaps not very Christian to think, let alone to state, but when I think of how they were murdered, including those in the Russian Church and the many more of wholesale murder of the Russian peoples and children, it is all I can say in closure to all of those murderous lots.
God Rest All their Souls of the IF, the innocent peoples, and children of Russia.
PS: he above has been modified, as I was approached by an AP Member this afternoon in private mail , that I had not capitalized, the "C" in Christian, and that if it were not very nice to say, then I should have refrained from doing so.
I beg to differ. Silence where people's lives have been taken as savagely as they were in the Russian Revolution, and after, needs to have long term wittness that state from our own tongue, our feelings and a cry of alarm that any peoples should never bear such beastial and savage address of such monstrous acts of mass murder.
Silence does nothing, but encourage to date henious actions as were offered to the Russian peoples.The Jewish peoples of the Holocaust did not stay silence. In fact all nations who have suffered extremes of loss of life, have never stayed silent. It is up to us as a peoples of all nations to speak up, speak out against tyrrany of any type, and certainly mass murders. No matter what religion, etc., nobody has the right to kill people, period !
If the noose did not get the murderers in life, then from those whose direct legacy of countless lives taken, can not speak out, and state our disdain, then who better can state our feelings ?
Might I remind you, that in Dafour, it continues, and silence to a degree remains, without much adeau of direct intervention. I don't think they are keeping silent , and we should not be as well.
Note : Over 90 years the Armenian nation has suffered in silence, and still there has been no global concern to bring those murders of innocent lives to judgement of 3/4 of a nation decimated.
How long do you think a person, a peoples, or a nation should stay in silence before it is termed OK to speak up, or ever speak out against violence, tyrrany, mass murder ?????
Now it's my 3 kopeks !!!!
Belochka's Post:  
I believe that this discussion should be presented in a separate thread because it goes beyond the physical process of execution, and touches on several issues that include possible remorse or otherwise of the perpetrators and whether the family members should be held to account for the criminal act committed by the family member.  
Perhaps Tania should initiate this new line of enquiry?


I hope many will respond and disscuss this thread in detail !

Forum Announcements / Cheer Section For Our AP Members !
« on: June 05, 2006, 08:27:52 PM »
[size=10]Dear Friends of The AP Board:
I thought we might share a thread for those who need cheer from time to time, especially many who can't leave their home or beds. So, my first cheer on this thread is named below. I hope many of you will drop a cheer for David, and others you know along your journey of life.
This month it is for David Pritchard.

A Cheer For David Pritchard For the Month of June 2006:

I have just learned of one of our members is totally disabled by unforseen issues early on in his teens.
These accidents pretty much destroyed his physical abilities, but from many of his postings, not his spirit. I just love his genuiness, and his unending enthusiasm of postings on our many threads.

He is an awesome gentleman. His comprehension of historical facts are just mind boggling. He also suffers from high blood pressure, and it is understandable when he gets involved in addressing certain issues of history, he really gets involved. But, he has to remind himself to keep calm and not get excited. We also need to make sure we keep calm when approaching issues, as it keeps every one on an even keel anywho !  ;)

This awesome gentleman is non other than David Pritchard. I know many of you have loved what he brings to the AP Board, and rightly so. It has been my pleasure to know David, and I hope many of you will cheer David on as well.

We are here for You David, and we are happy you are on the AP Board ! God Bless !


Please Leave Your Cheering Note Below For David Pritchard :[/size]

The Final Chapter / Poll: Deragatory To Call Communists "Commies"?
« on: June 04, 2006, 09:40:46 PM »
[size=10]I have moved this item over to a new folder, wanting to gain a general reaction from both members, as well as guests. Please respond to the poll yes or no, and give a short response of why you think yes, or no.

My views: I'm somewhat confused that some may find using the word value of commies instead of communist. Whether a person refers to the communists as communists, or commies, what is the descripency ?  Is there one ?
In Russia, I am sure they have short names that they use for us here in the west. For years, the press, the news agencies here in the United States, and in most western countries have referred to the communists as 'commies'.

I'm confused when a member of the AP Board has stated, the term is used as deragatory term, and or is out of place. On this website, this is not the first time that this word has been used in descriptive address.  
I wonder how many others feel that this term is contrary to this board's use ?
Is the FA upset with the usage of this word ?
Just my 2 kopeks !


Forum Announcements / Faith, and a little hope to hold on to
« on: May 12, 2006, 12:59:32 AM »
Dear Friends,

I have been holding back, thinking I was strong enough, and not weak to ask for your support.
In the end, I have decided it is not wrong to reach out to others, to ask for help and support,
if only in asking for your words of thoughts.

Tonight, I finally have come to the end of trying to put on a brave face, or that I can weather
this alone. Plain and simple, as a human being, i can't. I hope therefore you can excuse my
frailties in writing out my thoughts to you here, and thank you for your heart and ears.

Today, as well as this last six months, my family and I are going through extremes of issues of illnesses, which hold difficulty in every way long and short term. One of our parents is going through pace maker issues, cervical cancer, and added complications, hospitalized just early this morning. I am again on the tip of fighting with every thing I have, not to go back on dialysis. Outcome there, possibly no donor as I am o negative, and no match to date. I can take no medications what so ever because I have only 20% left of kidneys functioning. So with daily chronic pain, it is very hard at times to focus, let alone function. I apologize for any upset to any of AP members. It is not intentional to cause either upset, or be affrontive to any of you. At this time, all my physicians can offer me is dialysis, and that is all in the end, period. For the past three years, by the grace of prayer, I have lived, and continue to live, because that is all I have left to hold on to. My physicians are at a loss in terms of how I have been able to live this long without dialysis.

I express this so you might understand a little of why I may seem a bit of a distance. I have never had to go through such a humbling experience as this, and don’t know how to express my thoughts on this, other than allow you into my experience to date. I have written to physicians around the globe asking what solutions there are for chronic round the clock pain. They have no answers to date. I have taken the liberty of writing to some of you here, thinking you might have answers. To date from every place, it is the same answer, nobody knows, and so with difficulty, I fight to continue another day. I can’t even take any medication to treat the Multiple sclerosis. I feel totally lost in this battle at times, but then again, faith seems to see me through. I genuinely am thankful that this forum exists, and for the many of you who have been kind enough to offer me uplift, and words of hope.

I write to ask first for your forgiveness for any rudeness I may have caused any of you. Secondly if at all possible, you might be able to offer me a thought, or if at all, a prayer that I may have if at all possible, diminished pain. I know I can’t ask for anything else, because it is out of our control and I will have to deal with what is. So, if you might have a moment, I ask for a positive way for me to hold on to good thoughts, or even a beautiful picture of beauty, anywhere in the world, and if at all possible, a short prayer for our loved ones, and for me.Thank you for your time and your kindness to read my post.


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