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I had never read nor heard that gloves were kept on at dinner, either with only one hand. But, as a side note, in regards to children in russia being forced to write with one's right hand, its true. My father was brought up forced to write with his right hand. Although I never cared what hand my child wrote with, both grandparents still decided on the old way, forcing the right to be used with our child. I learned at an early age to write with both.

I'd heard making a child write with the hand that they do not wish to use, is quite disruptive mentally. I have not seen anything fact based, or in print. Any responses on this ?


Forum Announcements / Re: Hurricane Katrina
« on: August 30, 2005, 11:32:45 PM »
Sorry to post again, but if anyone wants to see in depth a way to support or news about the Red Cross and what is transpiring in New Orleans, or to help, just go to google and type in :

American Red Cross New Orleans. There you will find a long listing.


Forum Announcements / Re: Hurricane Katrina
« on: August 30, 2005, 08:32:46 PM »
Just heard a looter shot an officer!
They will be sending think they said 250 Nat'l Guard to the area and will also take anyone in the area out.

My prayers are with those who are still trapped in their homes. I feel so helpless sitting here :(  I'm thankful at least I can speak to the wonderful people on this internet.

Forgot about the bodies they find, there is nowhere to really put them. OMG, it's just awful!


Forum Announcements / Re: Hurricane Katrina
« on: August 30, 2005, 07:48:16 PM »
Just turned on the evening news, and the terrible devestatin and loss of life. It's heartbreaking. I can't believe the looters!

Going to ask my daughter to take monies to the Red Cross so it will help a little. I would imagine everyone can help somehow.

God keep human life safe tonight and every night!


Can anyone tell me if besides a DNA sample, was there ever one of those tests to see an photographic overview to match AA skull with HIHA?

Like many others worldwide, I suppose I hold on to the hope that for one moment in time, a dear child of their IH lived and got away from that awful night, etc. That's why its so important to see what has not been brought to light, and make sure it is, as the Zahle Papers. Thanks for allowing me to share my thoughts.


The Myth and Legends of Survivors / Re: What about...?
« on: August 29, 2005, 10:38:42 PM »
My dear fellow posters, for anyone to have taken notice of anything I've written is surprising. I'm not at all hurt by anything being stated, save if only untruths are stated as truths. Think that's a normal reaction of anyone who wants truth balanced.

I've grown to love Russia, as much as I love the United States. But I'm very proud of my parent's heritage, and the parts their families played in history. For so many years, on my father's side, I had to keep silent. That's the hardest to do. When your kept silent, that then remains a very dark day indeed. I know a little in some small minute detail, what it must have been for millions throughout Russia, never to verbilize their thoughts, or to one another, and take down the flag they so dearly loved, and pay aligence to another for well over 80 years.

Yes, I can also remember, running to make it under my desk in time, when the school siren went off to warn of supposed nuclear attacks. I can remember the building of deep down cellar chambers to keep you away from the ground atmosphere, etc. For children of our time, it was a terrifying experience.

In terms of loss of life in Russia, that was not including those whose only crime it was, to worship. Coutless lives went through the worst of the worst. For me, that's why God is all the more important for me, my family.

While I'm haunted by the whispers that so many were unable to verbalize, I think of the many who till their very last moments, chose to face their uncertainty, with determined conviction, that their deaths will not have been in vain. It's a main reason I continue to share my thoughts, and make sure the story of the russian revolution does not go unforgotten.

Some years ago, when I was up and around, volunteering for the UN store, I chanced to meet a very tall gentlemen and his wife. They were aged. They were very well informed of the russian revolution, having lived through a change of forced opporession of the early years of the revolution of five varying political parties. We become friends.

Now I really had not received the names or knew of the people who were there the night of the IH murder. But as I continued to read this last month thread on the night of the murders, I came across this thread and I almost fell off my chair. Their last name, was one of the same last names of one of the killers of their IH. [I wanted to go back almost immediately in time and ask if they were relatives, etc.] But i understand in Russia, there are many whom have the same last names. Still it really has rivited me to have come so close to a person, whose name was so close as that person, and I wonder, 'what about...?

The more I read, the more I learn, as I hope others will continue to do.

As Inquiring Mind said,
'We all need to look at what happened to any people so we never make that same mistake again'

This is not just my world, but a world that belongs to all of us. Let's make sure we keep up our part of keeping a safe world, so all our children can and will live in peace, and harmony.


The Myth and Legends of Survivors / Re: What about...?
« on: August 29, 2005, 05:05:13 PM »
I'm entirely thankful for your kindnesses to reflect a bit about my posting. Surely there are, and have been more than sufficient postings, barified by facts in books, periodicals, etc., by those whom vividly made account of their own trials by fire, or by loved ones who carry on to share their stories.

My small contribution, is only that. It is to be supportive in that we do not side-step for humanities sake, and for the prospering of 'truth'. It is important we remain in all that has transpired, to never forget the memory for all the millions of human hearts whom perished, and for future generations. We must not lose site of what genuinely makes a person reputable. Most importantly, what makes freedom a lasting hope for all who cherish liberty. If we fail in our duty to just communicate that in words, then we have in effect forfeited all connects to cherishing and keeping any freedoms. Many have gone through the fire and died. It is up to us the living to not be fearful to speak out, and be heard!

'if' my posts help the human spirit, than I have offered some good. My intent is not to create distress, nor to feed intensity of feelings.

Yes, I have to agree, in retrospect, my words are only a whisper, but when the Russian peoples, and their children, finally can own their history, with all truths shared, then there will be a roar!

Kindly feel free to share my posts wherever you wish, but don't forget to share so many others here. For the founder of this site, he founded, and continues to share a website, that speaks volumes of the past, presently, and will last far after we have left this earth.

I think we might have a folder just for him, to offer our sincere thanks. I thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts.


The Russian Revolution / Re: Fatima prophecies and Russia
« on: August 29, 2005, 03:54:18 PM »
As a child, [and I'm not sharing my age, lol], I vividly remember seeing the cinema of the three children of Fatima. Of course, by then, and later, i had experienced a few miracles myself, but did not recognize them as such.

But, almost four years ago I realized that faith, had a hand in my latest miracle as well. My past physicians had not monitored my health, and I lost the use of my kidneys, and was rushed to emergency, [stating later that I had a heart attack], and forced for the next three years to go on dialysis three times weekly. [By the way, I had excellent health to begin with]. I was told, I would stay alive only by dialysis [life-long], or would most certainly have to have a kidney transplant. I told them from the first day on dialysis, I would eventually leave, sans transplant, or dialysis, and prove it to them.

It's been almost a little over three years, and I've not gone back to dialysis; never had the transplant, and take no medications, not even for ms, my chronic 24/7 pain, etc. For me, I chose daily prayer, before and continued in each of the cases of my life miracles. [I'm russian orthodox].  My physicans said it was a miracle. They can find no real explanation of why I walked away w/o further medical need. I had gone in with my creatnine at the count of 19. When I left, I had asked for it to be lowered. I walked away with it being at 4.2.

Who can explain a miracle ?


The Russian Revolution / Re: Whites Vs Reds The Civil War
« on: August 29, 2005, 02:51:56 PM »
I'm very thankful for the postings of A.G.Bear, RobM, Alexandre_029, Elizabeth, C.J. Griffin, Tobik. You state clearly, and precisly as was asked by the forum originator. In fact, you go into specific detail to make sure, facts are not omitted. [You offer deep insight, where others have offered none]. This is what truth is all about, and what real history requires. Bravo, Bravisimo to you all.

Alexandre S [sorry don't want to make spelling error of his last name, the writer whom wrote of the russian gulags, etc.,] stated it the best, about the reds. I can't quote it exactly from his book, because my hands at times cannot hold a book. Anywho, he said something about, 'the organs eating the organs in the end'.

I believe he was talking about how cut throat they all were [the reds] at staying alive. It didn't matter by then of the winning lines of the revolution, short or long term, it just mattered, to stay alive. Here nobody wanted to stay around to see who was the hero for posterity. They turned against each other in the end. That's how much the revolution had meant to those who thought the revolution was so wonderful!

In another 40 years from today, go take a survey and find out in Russia, how many will boast that they are/ or were supporters of a communist government.

Notice, a lot of those who left the communist party [kgb also], now, simply have changed occupation and participate actively in the russian mafia. I'm sure, [that those particular party persons], their tactics have just the ruthless character that gave them their hoist into the communist party initially. Life of others, has no meaning for them, only control, greed, money, booze, illicitness, wholesale murder, lack of faith,to name a few.

There may have been a few whites who lost their humanity, but never the extremes of morals, and brutality that the reds did overall of Russia. In a civil war insanity as what transpired in the revolution could be expected. But later in the 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, and yes 70's and 80's, people were still murdered, and sent to Siberia, and these were the people who had supported the revolution!

Hard to believe, when those whom were sympathetic outside russia, heard of family, friends, party members being murdered, nobody replied in earnst, 'they wanted to go to Russia'. I marvel at those who can make statements that the revolution was 'for the people', but they live today in freedom loving countries.

I notice on the thread, after the facts started coming fast and heavy, those whom hung on to the rhetoric and glad they were red, have not responded.

Now I don't know anyone at all in any of these threads, so in objective reading, in just reading facts, I'm inclined to believe more and more the facts of those I wrote about and identified at the start of my posting.

Those persons, on this particular thread, in my humble estimation, offer the best reading and documention of facts I've read, besides meeting those whose family members who went through these dreadful issues.

I also find that you are all very well read, and not easily disuaded in offering truth across the board. Thank you.


The Myth and Legends of Survivors / Re: What about...?
« on: August 29, 2005, 10:29:27 AM »
Re: What about...?

Thank you, of you who responded to my recent statement. Whom may i ask to start in particular a new thread if it has not already been started?

In particular, I should like to start a thread about the children of those whom were directly, indirectly affected by the russian revolution.  

Inquiring Mind: I noticed your commentary:

"I have been interviewing not the people who escaped but those children who are still of sound mind that came after. And they reflect your words".

I think this part in particular, whether the children of the nobility, or children from across Russia who were forced to go through the revolution, I'd like to have their feeling shared. I know some stories, but I'm sure there are countless millions yet to be shared.

Perhaps in their first person sharing, it may bring home to the many not only in Russia, but where indeed where ever freedom dwells, to tell of the immense sacrifices paid, then, and towards the work now in unifying, and bringing peace to a nation still slowly coming to terms with it all.  

You must understand, many children never were allowed to grieve properly. Children and parents were divided by the government, indeed killed if they were not for the communist regime. Some have grown over the years, stone cold, w/o reflection, in order so they could survive. The same went for their parents.

Now all the more, since Russia has had many countries, becoming independent, I'm sure there are many children whom need to share their deepest thoughts, and emotions.

Russia is like our body. Overall, it may look well enough, but the wounds that cannot be seen by the naked eye, still need extreme tending to. Slowly the people are waking up, and making the choice to honestly look at the vast encompassing issues that brought about the revolution and most sadly the long saga of the gulags, and long term aftermath of it all. Now it really is up to the children, and their children's children. That's the least we can offer, is to support them in finding all the facts, and to share all truths, especially in history books.

My goodness, in western countries, there’s been more written about WWII, and The Holocaust, then the Russian Revolution, and what transpired to over 70 million peoples. Yet its ok to put out a 'cartoon of Anastasia', and use that to sell history of a country that has a time frame of six different time zones? We owe children of the world a bit more than that in terms of integrity.

Look how long it’s taken to fix Russia's old beautiful stately buildings... and that's nice for show, but for sure, they singularly and collectively as a country need to address, and tell the real truths, in detail, not only for now, but for future generations of children.

Thanks for allowing me to share my thoughts.


Romanov and Imperial Russia Links / Re: Everyones Sites.......
« on: August 28, 2005, 08:04:49 PM »
Since I was named after HIHT, I think I would like to make a website on her. Drawback, lol, I barely have learned the basics of getting online, and the challenge still awaits to make a website. I have questions if you would not mind respond and helping me with, please.

How much to make a website? I ask because I've like most on disability, very little monies. If it would not be a hardship, and I find its possible, would a few of you mind helping me to set it up? If that is not possible, are there places that peoples with disabilities can receive assist to making websites? Thanks for any info and assist possible. :)


Dear Sarah,

'If' I could honestly place my trust in the facts given of those whom gave history their testimony as to the night of the murders of TIF, then I would be able to state a yes or no.

As I have stated in other forums on this wonderful website: In regards to the communists, and 'their history', it has been so twisted, corrupted, disjointed, that it is hard to believe that the correct streets were named so anyone could get to their destinations, it at all possible, during their 80 years of occupation.

Don't know if it would have been a curse or a blessing if a any member of TIM survived that horrific murder spree.

In defference to their memories, all I can offer is a prayer for each and every member of TIH, and always, if forever, an added prayer that such brutality never again be visited again on any peoples or country.


Forum Announcements / Re: Hurricane Katrina
« on: August 28, 2005, 05:55:06 PM »
I would like to offer my praryers for all in the path of the storm.

Can't imagine trying to wait it out, thinking that it will pass one by. I hope all are taken out of the city w/o reservation of their economic stance.

I think it is wonderful of many of you whom have posted that you would open up your homes to those fleeing.
God bless them, God Bless you!


I'm very concerned at the statement, that the cartoon on the life of Anastasia, 'was just a watered down version of what happened'. Could you or a loved one stand to see the life of your loved one, be diminished in telling something that was not truth?

Would any mother, or father, or family member of a murdered victim's family feel good that their lives were depicted in a cartoon?

The children of revolution are not only faced with living or having lived daily, such awful scenerios, but must also take what has happened to them, and to their whole families, with them wherever they go in life. It's not to say though that some rise above all their difficulties. But we as 'outsiders', should not change historical events, [cartoon wise] if only to appese those politically, or for money. The film was not obviously offered to offer anything, but to gain revenue.

We recently had here in the US the terrible tragedy of 9/11. Should we offer our children, or the world's children and their families, a 'watered down version of what actually transpired', and put it in a cartoon feature for Saturday morning viewing complete with sweets?

How many historical events that have ended with the terrible killing spree to leaders and their familes, or to a nation, are, or have been offered in cartoon fashion as was Anastasia?

Children then of the Russian Revolution and many others globally, in harms way, in today's world, live through the most harrowing of circumstances.

They would not want history to be deceived in any way, nor their names, or their lives to be depicted in any other way.

Dignity comes in many forms, and the bottom line is 'Dignity'.

To belittle names, and lives of known, unknown personages [any age], is not the most positive way of keeping their memory alive and well!

Thanks for allowing me  to share my thoughts.


The Myth and Legends of Survivors / Re: What about...?
« on: August 28, 2005, 04:57:33 PM »
As I sit here reading all the posts to date on this, I'm flooded at once with something my father said. He lived through the early years of the revolution, was in an early white cadet prison, escaped a firing squad. He never knew in the end, nor could he bury family, or have any closure at all.
He said many years later, reading the only info he and countless others were offered of the outcome of the revolution, and the murder of TIH, the following: 'one can't believe anything from the mouth of those who have done such evil. One would have to live through such things, and still, one could not verify 'their truths' [the murders and leaders of the revolution].
Remember it was Lenin who said in the beginning he had nothing to do with the murder of the TIH, and years later, it was found out that direct orders had come from him to murder them.

Even when my dad arrived here in this country, [as many who escaped globally], he said : 'you simply could not trust anyone'. How then could these thugs, share truth of their stories fully; or with the whites afterward, and or later with Stalin. Only partial truths have been substantiated to date. I don't believe all the story has been shared in full to date.

I keep reading all the various discussion groups on the above many issues, and still today, we remain far from the real evidence of what truely transpired. I'm sorry, I can't offer more of an openess, because it is based on what my dad, and so many others who fled from the revolution, and many, many years after the soviet union. For me the word 'trust' is everything.
When validating truth, its imparative, everything to be associated with it, leave a person with a feeling that betrayal, or distrust does not remain.
In the above, it leads me to believe that the accounts of those that night of the murder and burial, are betrayal of the worst kind, in offering facts to lay the full outcome of history to rest on the Imperial Family.

I'm not saying that various books, and testimonies have not been followed up by all of you. But again, by the communists, too many things were altered, and whose to say that much of the evidence offered, or written, was not altered?

Thanks for allowing me to speak my thoughts.


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