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The Imperial Family / Re: What got you interested in the Romanovs?
« on: August 22, 2005, 12:41:01 PM »
Never thought I'd live long enough to share my thoughts, let alone my father's story, well some of it. One day, hope to write in length about it all. My father as many russians who went through the russian revolution, and survived, rarely spoke of it. I knew my father had in his teens, gone through the revolution personally. [He came from a well known family, on his mother's side. Prince/Count/Field Marshal Alexandre Italiski Suvorov]. My father had I believe, three sisters, of course his mother, father. My father was known at that time as a 'white russian'. He attended a white cadet military school. To make a long story short and not bore everyone, he escaped on the trans-siberian railway to Vladivistock. He secretly saw his parent's before he left Siberia. [He escaped from an early communist white prison, where he actually escaped from a firing squad. Perhaps many of you have located and or read about the early gulag prisons that the whites were thrown into. He used to tell the stories of hunger, and names being called out each day for being taken out into the courtyard to be shot. Age did not matter. My dad was only in his teens as a young cadet]. He escaped on one of the last ships to leave Siberia, before the communists took over the area, and arrived in the United States in the 20's. He knew many emigres from Russia, in fact lived with Rachmaninoff, Prime Minister Shulgin, Dudaroff, to name a few. I'm getting on in age, and slowly time is starting to take my memory as well.

There is much, to much saddness in all of his story, and our families to go into it all. Like many families, and individuals whose loved ones escaped, life in a new country, with a new language, etc., can be more than daunting. It can be even more daunting, if you come alone and have no records, no family, nobody.] I undertand how revolution can change a peoples, a country, a state of being. I now sincerely pray that no time in history again, shall such devistation, savagery, and unconscienable actions as transpired during the communist occupation of Russia, ever occupy any home or heart again. It's terrible to think brother fighting brother, etc., not just fighting, but killing each other.

Many families and individuals, not only became distanced from their families, loved ones, and never had closure, let alone allowed to stay to bury their loved ones, youth to elderly. Some never had the chance to know the outcome of what happened to their families.
Then there was of course properties, monies, etc. But nothing was more important than "life", and still remains that today.

I was named after one of the Tsar's daughter's, HIH Tatiana. Just to read all the stories on this site, brings it ever closer to my heart of not just the hopeless and terrible tragedy that affected the IF, but also the inspirational and wonderful courage of faith that they took with them to the very end. I'm proud to be of russian heritage, and to bear the historical linage of my father's ancestors. I cannot forget ever, even more, now that my name was chosen to remember a very brave young woman.

Many hearts, went through not only the revolution, but then the terrible trials of Lenin, Stalin, Beria, etc. Then there was the Starvation of the Ukranians in the 30's where millions more perished; then Hitler, the II War.

Most hopefully, Russia and the Russian peoples may one day claim their lives, their hearts, their homes in a free land that will speak and live with total peace and harmony.

Each morning and evening, I close with that prayer. I hope many more will join in it with me. Thank you for allowing me to share.

Well, I got ya'll beat, as I was born in GA, and we say ya'll. That means a yes, lol. i'm is voting as to reading Pushkin, and if ya'll wish, his short poems. I'm looking forward just to getting started. I know, poifect englis... lol


Imperial Russian History / Re: Who Betrayed Nicholas II?
« on: August 21, 2005, 01:10:38 PM »
Someone sent this to me, and told me to read more before jumping to conclusions. I'm not sure what is
meant but I offer it to those of you who can give me
feedback. My energy goes only so far. Thank you.


Forum Announcements / Re: Pfff what I can't understand.
« on: August 19, 2005, 10:43:06 AM »
Lol, just when I thought my day was going so well...
I opened up this site and got to the line after Anastasia,
without really reading it, ..thinking someone was addressing me, and I thought, how generous of someone to state their sentiments, [and at my advanced age to receive a lovely statement as such :)]
and I read a little more about  those being younger, and I suddenly realized, 'wake up', it's Friday, you missed a day! Their NOT talking about you [tatiana], and you certainly have gone way passed 'younger'.

But seriously, I agree with using common good sense.
I may be a little devil by posting my thoughts on this as in the above, but I just had to add some levity. Thanks for allowing me to share my thoughts. Your all always so very kind, and I enjoy all of your input, and the chance to catch up on this wonderful website of history.


Just got to this particular site and the picture link to Never been there but when I opened the page, my eyes just took in the breathless beauty of the place. I especially loved : las_spala.jpg; kosciulek.jpg; kosciul_zima.jpt; mieszkania.jpg; pilical.jpg; pilica_z.jpg; staw.jpg, and stawz.jpg. Thank you so much.


The Final Chapter / Re: Questions About Testimonies of Yurovsky, Other
« on: August 18, 2005, 10:50:19 PM »
Sorry to ask, but I see spelling of Pyotr Zakharovich Yermakov is being spelled two ways. Is it with a 'y' or an 'e'? Was he one of the men who just happened to be around conscripted into the burying of the IF, or was he there from the beginning?

Also, was he also a GPU worker who worked with Mikhail Medvedov?

Lastly, what happend to these two men later in life?
Thanks for any input.


The Final Chapter / Re: Captivity photo's
« on: August 18, 2005, 07:00:10 PM »
I've read in various places, that photographs of the IF have been mislabeled, dated incorrectly, etc.
This brings up the the issues of everyday travel, and living freely. Let me explain: I understood up to 1940's, streets, highways, and other by-ways were incorrectly stated on maps. This was to make it difficult so the population would not be able to get around. Did they not also as soviet citizens, in cities, have to register as to if they were going to leave any area to each governing area? I heard it was very difficult to leave any given area without state approval.

Thus my thoughts of pictures, time frames, names, etc., all being treated without any real regard.


Forum Announcements / Interviewing Family Members Of The Murderers Of IF
« on: August 18, 2005, 02:39:23 PM »
I wonder if there have been interviews of the direct members of the families of those whom murdered the IF? I wonder before and after the fall of communism, what were/are their thoughts and feelings today?

If their family members are alive, do they run and hide, [as so many of those their loved ones hunted the IF], have they changed their names. Are they still boastful as family members about their loved ones having being directly involved in the murders? How has fate caught up with them, their children?

Finally, how do the people of Russia feel about all of those who murdered the IF, now today ?


Oh boy i always seem to be last in getting to the discussions, but at least I'm onboard. lol. I'm open
to anything, you all choose. As I said, don't read nor speak russian, but I look forward to joining in. Thanks for posting the free sites to follow along AlexP. Just tell me which one we will start on and I shall read along.


Forum Announcements / Re: Where do you come from?
« on: August 16, 2005, 11:14:45 PM »
Delighted to meet all of you! I'm from CA, of Russian, Ukranian, English, Spanish ancestory [Russo Orthodox]; got a wee bit of Scottish and Irish.  Thank goodness this website is here. :) Ms has me, [i don't have it, lol] and some other stuff, and use my reserve strength to go out when possible. You've opened up a wonderful new word for me. I'm just so very glad to be able to be connected. I enjoy all you have to say and share. Oh, yes, I've traveled when I was younger to Russia, Armenia, Britan, France, Holland, Mexico, Tahiti. Also have travelled across America. Now, I let my fingers do the walking, lol. In my youth I could speak a little russian, and sang in russian. My husband's the linguist, speaks over four languages.  Thanks for allowing me to share.  

Russian Noble Families / Re: The Suvorovs
« on: August 12, 2005, 03:30:10 PM »
Dear Members,
To all whom have been so kind in response to my initial inquiry on Alexander Vasliyevich Suvorov. I must apologize as I have not quite yet, understood how to navigate this site. Just realized there are 8 postings. You all must have thought I had disregarded your postings, or that my manners surely were misplaced. Quite the contrary. I'm very much moved you have sent on information about this fine gentleman, etc. As I had only the very thinest of basic historical facts, your input has made it ever so much more rich in content. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Each day I come now with renewed hope that I will find something more. It sustains me muchly, as does the whole beautiful website of the Alexander Palace Time Machine. I share it all with my family, whom take now, even more pride than before at the connect to history, and the name Suvorov. I have no pictures, nor actual paper connect of the past. Now, because of this site, and the many of you, you have made the words, and the lineage of my father, more real than it has ever been, for me. This alone is and will forever remain gently protected. It will be kept safe for future generations, far more than any jewels or objects could ever be. In this manner it cannot be taken by anyone, but shared with direct pride and respect. God Bless You All.
Tatiana [Tania]

Russian Noble Families / Re: The Suvorovs
« on: August 09, 2005, 03:24:54 AM »
Dear AlexP,
Thank you for your kindness of reply. I'm indeed proud to have this name value in family membership. I of course have read his long impressive history. Thank you for your heartfelt congratulations. Thank you for the link to the portrait. Unfortunately, its not the same portrait as we saw in the great hall in the Winter Palace. This I believe is a very early portrait of him, of the link you so graciously sent on. In regarsds to the Museum, it was still undergoing repair. I wrote when we returned to the states, via e-mail, many times to the museum, but received no response. To make a long story short, I was baptized in the United States. I was given by my parents, an understanding, there lived in Los Angeles [Encino, CA.], a Princess Galitzine. I was told she was, and had been chosen to be my Godmother. Now I'm a bit more confused, when you say there is a Princess Galitzine in New York. I would indeed care to connect with her and go further in my search. I wish you and yours the very best, with good health always. Thanking you again to respond to my above querry. I remain most, Respectfully, Tatiana [ Tania ]  [no y's] smile !

Russian Noble Families / The Suvorovs
« on: August 08, 2005, 12:43:02 AM »
Love your website. I've been trying to find pictures of my father's Great Grandfather, [on his mother's side] Alexander Vasliyevich Suvorov. I remember when my husband and I visited Russia in 1975, we were taken to the great hall of portraits of famous military leaders in Russia. On the wall I found my great great grandfathers portrait, in full uniform. Unfortunately, I was unable to take a picture of his portrait. Other than seeing that particular portrait, I've never found nor seen this portrait, or any others of him. Would you, Bob, or any of your readers know, or have actual pictures, or copies of pictures of him at different times of his life. Also wonder if there were any other family portraits of his family, etc. I don't have any pictures of anyone due circumstances as many Russian families, whose families escaped the revolution. I wonder if there were any pictures of his home, etc. Thank you again so very much for your infinite kindnesses, and availability to reach out on this wonderful site.

Research Russian Roots / Re: Princely families
« on: May 09, 2005, 05:31:24 PM »
Glad to find this site. Found much on Alexander Suvorov, and a few paintings of he and a son. Where may I find if any other info of his family members, relatives then to now ? Also, would like to know if there are any photos of family estate. Thank you all for any assist possible.

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