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Forum Announcements / Re: Scheduling Bumps in Life...
« on: August 27, 2007, 08:23:43 PM »
Dear Holly & Reashka,

Thank you very much for taking time to respond to my posting. I know everyone is full of their own of life's issues, and I hesitated to post. But sometimes when you need help and support in issues such as health, in terms of receiving 'hope', uplift and any new way of addressing an illness, or even possible 'cures', I believe it is important to reach out to known or unknown people. One can't stay an island and think one has all the answers. At best, what has worked for me in my case has been prayer, of which I am eternally thank filled, as I can't take any medications.

I am struck by what Holly wrote to me, in saying 'misfortunes don't take a preference to whom they strike'. That is a very important statement Holly, and thank you for voicing that. In one way I do think muchly about the future as I have a husband and beautiful daughter, of whom I don't wish to leave as yet. I knw it is hard on them watching me go down hill, so for most of the time :) 'i wistle a happy tune, strike a fearless pose, so know one ever knows, 'im afraid'; well, not afraid, but certainly with reservations about all of this and the unknown..

I am for the most part through all my life a positive person, but sometimes weak when pain becomes much of the time too much to bear. I think for the most part I'm shattered by the ongoing pain which has neither stopped nor diminished. Because of this I know it has been why I have reached out to read your posts daily when i feel i can't go any further. Lack of sleep and extreme pain can and does send people mad. Hopefully I am not that far gone, lol, and have enough perspective, calm and inner strength to know that we don't go through all of these trials in life for naught. Though my issues are of the maximum, I still understand how important the gift of life has been, and continues to be. I am thankful for my family, friends, this forum, and God above. Thank you again for believing in others enough to give them words of prayer, and cheer !


Forum Announcements / Scheduling Bumps in Life...
« on: August 25, 2007, 09:00:49 PM »
I know there are many here who face life's crushing blows and sometimes they are really more than we can imagine.
I have come to realize more than once we have no control but to do our best to get on with life and fill it with positive energy. Sometimes it is a hard bill to fill especially when your energy seems all but gone. Once again I come to this forum to ask for your prayers and your thoughs to focus on. I just came back from the hospital a week ago, having again been placed on dialysis. I know there is little chance for a match, so I have not gone on the transplant list again. I was on it for three years and nada. All I can do is concentrate on is having a good diet, getting a lot of rest, and of course prayer. I thank you all again for the many of you sending me your kind thoughts and prayers. It has meant much to me as well as my family. Thank you again and the owner of this forum. You are all awesome hearts. God Bless!


Pushkin Town History / Re: German occupation
« on: August 11, 2007, 01:59:46 AM »
The numbers will Never dwindle ! Can we forget them, can we forget 1915, can we forget Dafour, can we forget anywhere in the world wherein victims under seige are murdered without conscience ? Would you or anyone trade places with those whose unfortunate stance was to live through such utter travesty and injustices ? We must never forget. Keep the candlle burning brightly for one, for all ! God remember them forever. Read all you can and never stop remembering the lives of the millions who need us very much in the world of today and tomorrow to work on every moment that we can live and dwell in peace. Amen.
You are right Mari, peace should be the focus of all peoples and nations. Let it begin and stay and live within all our hearts.


Pushkin Town History / Re: German occupation
« on: August 10, 2007, 12:10:51 PM »
It is morally important that any and all victims never be forgot. Surely those murdered under the Stalinist regeime were horrific in numbers, but again, the point of focus here on this posting is entitled "German occupation". We are after addressing that which were monstrous acts of aggression and mass murder under German Occupaton. It is important when addressing the historical understandings of such enormity that it is not looked at as, 'well these things happen in war'....
We are talking about the hearts and minds of millions of human beings who were alive with hopes and dreams like you and i, who were maligned and butchered just because they were of a certain religion or ethnicity.

We who are able to read, study and respond effectively in regards to such barbarity should never allow the memory of all who died to be thrown to the dust bins or to stay in the shadows of time. Tsaria and Dmitri thank you so very much for standing firm and continuing to allow other readers a real understanding of this immense topic of the "german occupation'.
Russia and her peoples has every right to keep echoing the historical loss of the millions upon millions of loss of life she endured. More than any other country, her loss is more than significant.

While it is true that Russia in the early years did sign a pact with Germany, as Dmitri and Tsaria have pointed out, the atrocities and the barbarity paled in comparison when when goes in to direct historical content as to the mind set of the Nazi's in the take over of countries and peoples. In any event of such enormity, and in good conscience, no human heart can and should ever sanction murder of any understandings. The taking of just one human being is impossible. The destruct and genocide of a people's more than an grevious error. As a just reminder, in terms of what the German occupation offered, the end hopefully was offered in holding the tribunal for War Crimes, so that the world would never again allow such criminal acts. The question remains still remains however today, of who is really listening, and who really has read history and will make sure of the chldren of today and tomorrow will make sure the Hitler's and Stalin's of yesterday will no longer be tolerated, nor be allowed to live.

Please what ever you do, and especially in regards to this topic, with your last ounce of freedom, continue to make sure that the truth of what the Nazi German occupation offered any human being is not forgot. That's the least we can offer the world in the names of all who perished under Nazi Occupation !


Pushkin Town History / Re: German occupation
« on: August 08, 2007, 05:09:45 PM »
The point IS when making any type of a historical statement, to make first and always a memorial to those whose lives were taken. It is a statement if you will of Perpetuation of Grief. Something as henious as what was imposed on citizens of Russia [and other global places] has every need to offer with what the Nazis forced on a free peoples. The emphasis on any sinage in this case IS to underline the crimes committed by the occupier. The site is to honor those who perished. Nothing needs to be stated by those who senselessly without consciencous wantonly mass murdered a country. Every site wherein these crimes were committed committed needs to be marked to show all peoples the exact places wherein these crimes were committed. We must neverr forget those innocent lives. This was a big deal back then Helen and continues to remain a BIG deal today ! Over 22 million lives were killed. The fact that the Nazi's were killed a few here or there is naught alongside the wanton acts that they committed. These soldiers remain in question during the war then and in what they participated in, as well as in today's world, the presence of them ever returning again is against every person who knows why Nazis should not continue to exist. The only sinage that should exist on any place where in a crime was committed is to state historically that the soldiers did not win and were defeated !


Pushkin Town History / Re: German occupation
« on: August 03, 2007, 11:28:37 AM »
Thank you so very much Tsaria. Anyone who has read the long history of Russia under Nazi occupation, would know that the struggle of the Russian people, to stay alive from moment to moment was a tortuious one. Those whose family members went through the occupation and seige would understand even more. Those who lost family, friends, know that much more. Those who escaped the death camps, will tell you even more !

It is an honor and pleasure to have you on this forum. Your breadth and understanding of Russian history, is always right and allows all readers an objective understanding of what actually transpired. Would that so many more would take the time to at least read, study history before they make condeming remarks on others. I always welcome and enjoy what you offer !

As you so stated, the atrocities these 'ordinary German boys' perpetrated were totally wrong. They commited sadistic and terrible barbarities to the citizens of Russia, and that will never be forgot by the Russian people. The feelings of the Russian people matter more than we will ever realize. Again though it shows how strong and resilient they are, and continue today to make sure that Nazis never again rear their terrible flag or actions again. Again Tsaria, thank you ! and as Dmitri said it so well,

"Amen" !


Welcome New Users! Read 1st please. / Re: Suspended Users
« on: August 02, 2007, 11:08:00 PM »
I have worked with law enforcement as well with youth and men who have this total obsession with porn, sex, and more. What the general public know and don't know is still to be understood. In any case these 'thrill seekers' stop at nothing, or anyone to gain what they want. When on the internet it is best to notify the person in charge of the given site and give all information available about the spammer. Don't go after the person yourself. If nothing is done by the person in charge, notify by all means the authorities in your area as well as the DA in your city. I never hesitate to do both and have sent a few to jail. Porn spammers are not just pranksters and absolutely true, they are out to get anyone on shock value. What is most upsetting is that most times it is children caught up in something they need to have no part of.

As others have already stated, we need to ignore these persons and allow the FA handle these kooks !


Pushkin Town History / Re: German occupation
« on: August 02, 2007, 11:37:26 AM »
Dmitri, your sentiments were understood from the first time you posted. You are 100% correct, nobody needs to offer any remberances to the Nazi murders, for they were far from honorable. We must continue to make sure that all human hearts know where evil dwells, and what evil people do. Never is too soon to forget. We all must keep vigilent against evil murderers.


Welcome New Users! Read 1st please. / Re: Suspended Users
« on: August 01, 2007, 03:28:47 PM »
What most people do not understand is that most of these kooks love to be discussed, over and over. So when anyone starts to rehash these issues like the tabloids, they naturally get a real charge that they have become the topic of conversation. I for one don't enjoy reading such posts because it only helps the poor wretched soul who craves that kind of publicity to seek out more and more. So my suggestion is that we in the public avenues cease to build the egoes of any of these types of personalities. The FA is right, don't waste any of your energy speaking about them. Thanks again FA for your dedicated work and vigilence !


Pushkin Town History / Re: German occupation
« on: August 01, 2007, 11:36:05 AM »
Lori, no truer words can be stated ! If we do not confront our past, we have no future. We may go through many difficulties, sorrows, and anguish caused from many instances of life and persons. We learn to forgive, but as human beings, we must never forget. Our very defenses, as well as our survival is based on this alone. Through the years I have worked personally with many survivors of varying types of global trauma. These basic understandings are what allow them to move forward and get on with life. Thanks Lori for your contribution and sincere thoughts.


Pushkin Town History / Re: German occupation
« on: July 31, 2007, 02:47:17 PM »
There are many people world wide, not only in Russia whom stand with your stance not to remember the Nazis with any monument, and I for one join all who express this stance. I also think it very important to state as I did in my previous post, that where death and destruction, genocide, certainly mass murder was given any population, a detailed explanation on the given site be offered so that future generations know what part these monstors offered the population when they were the occupier. Every country has that right to offer understanding of what their peoples suffered through. The only remembrance that we can offer future generations in terms of the Nazi occupation is to be straightforward in telling the truth, making sure not one iota of information is left out.

Again, my input is to the information on Nazi occupation and making sure that those victims of the Nazis are remembered far more in name value than the Nazis, the gestapo, and any other dreaded actions wherein citizens suffered the worst in terms of loss of life and destruction, etc. Yes, I understand implicitly as to what Dmitri has stated and agree, the Nazis need no placques to remember them save that they offered free peoples, no hope or life !


Pushkin Town History / Re: German occupation
« on: July 24, 2007, 07:14:02 PM »
Regarding my last post, I obviously hit some wrong key thus the strikeout on the post, but the poset is in full context of what my thoughts were. Kindly disregard the strike out on the post. Sorry for the difficulty. Thanks for understanding ! :)


Pushkin Town History / Re: German occupation
« on: July 24, 2007, 07:11:55 PM »
Per Dimitri's post as well others in regards to memorials in Russia due to Nazi Occupation that I offer my latest thoughts on this topic :

It was Russia whom suffered the most heinous of attacks and desecration, and was of course on home soil, not some distant other land. 20 million people killed cannot end up as a tidbit. It must be the main focus for all reading about any war torn event, as well where human suffering was incalculable !

It is well and fitting for any country to make blanket statement of what transpired on any given area, and or specific actual place in context to what the population itself endured whilst under seige. Russia above all countries should have every right in regards to the control issue on this type of memorials, if any.  Why should there be a flower bed for any occupier, when so many of their citizens, children to elderly never had any monument, let alone flowers to mark the spot of their last resting place. I think on the plaque it should state that the Nazis occupied the area, but were caught, or were shot for their heinous crimes to humanity. Now that's a definite statement of historical fact that allows those whom lived through the event, lost entire family members, but had the last satisfaction to state that at least the soldiers who were placed for burial at the given site, well, their bodies were thought enough of to bury, and yes they remain for all eternity, beneath all citizens of Russia and all visitors feet ! There in that way the real story does not get lost or people think that the Nazis got off without future food for thought. No memorial to Nazis ever nor to any victims of war, especially on their home soil !


Pushkin Town History / Re: German occupation
« on: July 24, 2007, 12:40:15 AM »
Janet, you know I strongly believe as Dimitri, that all citizens of every country should in their travels add to theor travel  plans, to visit the graves of those countless numbers of peoples caught up in the ire of warfare. Everyone wants to visit history, but few want to face the issues that brought everyday citizens their frustration of warefare or loss of life, just because they wanted to live in a free country. Those of us whom have children bring this important fact of history of many a given country so our children understand full well the sacrifices of others and the fact today that the live in a country safe from civil unrest, etc.

When I think of the history of Leningrand braved during the II WW or the brave citizens who braved those terrible early months of the start of the war in Russia facing daily starvation, inhuman cold, etc; , or to that brave city in Poland that was burned, bombed and remainder of a handful of citizens taken to the cocentration camps, I value my life and that of my family that much more.

I know every generation prays that there will never be another war, or that monstors cease to survive. But the reality is that wars continue, and monstors rear their heads more and more. That's why it is so very importanever to forgetnt never to forget these brave cities, citizens, and histories of civilizations. As long as we remind peoples everywhere , hopefully, even in remembering their brave lives on forums such as this will offer some solace to their memories, and lives lost. Thank you as well Janet ! God Bless.


Pushkin Town History / Re: German occupation
« on: July 23, 2007, 11:18:23 AM »
Dimitri, as you expressed in your post of earlier, I did go to Russia and viewed the many places wherein destruction were wontonly caused to the Russian peoples. As well, we went to the mass grave sites where easily 4,000 peoples were buried together in many mounds throughout the area of their last resting place. When you see something like that it really stops you cold and you can't help but think what monstors these soldiers of the Third Reich were.  20 million people, and still today most of the world still knows nothing of their demise, or the terrible onslaught they traversed under the yoke of the barbaric Nazis. As I have stated in prior posts, Russia was not the only country that was pillaged, raped, slaughtered in this manner, but assuredly, it was the most catastrophic in the taking of everyday civilian lives, not to forget of course the children and elderly. How can any peoples, or governments forget the catastrophic murder of 20 million people ?

Thank you for your reminding our readers what the reality of the Russian peoples were on a daily basis during the occupation of those german barbarians.


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