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Nicholas II / Coronation of Tsar Nicholas II
« on: June 10, 2018, 12:34:31 PM »
I'm sorry if there is already a topic about the coronation of Nicholas II, but I did not find anything.

The Paris City Council library has put online a photographic album of the coronation of Tsar Nicolas II. The photographer is Léonce Konosewitch (name in French). He was a photographer in Nikolayev (now Ukraine).

It is a gift from Russia to the city of Paris.

Nicholas II / Poems in honor of Nicholas II and his family
« on: June 10, 2018, 11:55:32 AM »
The Franco-Russian alliance has caused the writing of many poems in honor of the imperial family of Russia.

I found some poems.

This one comes from the french magazine Mascarille, March 1894, p.353.


Quand l'astre éblouissant du jour, voilant sa face,
Derrière l'horizon s'amoindrit et s'efface
Les citoyens du Nord se livrent au sommeil :
Sombres, le cœur étreint de présages funèbres,
Ils pensent que leurs yeux, condamnés aux ténèbres,
Ne reverront plus le Soleil.

Mais voici que, soudain, l'obscurité recule,
La Nuit cède à son tour devant le crépuscule
Et l'astre reparaît plus brillant que jamais!
Les peuples, étonnés de le revoir encore,
Des hourras d'allégresse acclament son aurore,
Le cœur plein d'espoir désormais.

Ainsi — lorsqu'au déclin d'un règne grandiose
Ton père s'endormit dans une apothéose —
0 Tsar, tout l'Univers, affligé, prit le deuil.
Regrettant le héros abattu par la Parque,
On croyait que la Mort, en frappant le monarque,
Avait mis la Paix au cercueil.

Mais, éclairant la nue et dissipant le voile,
Voici qu'à l'horizon apparut ton étoile
— Et l'aube n'était pas celle d'un conquérant —
Ton premier acte fut un acte de clémence.
Le Monde, en saluant ton règne qui commence,
Comprit que tu seras très grand.

Digne fils du héros dont on te voit descendre
0 Nicolas ! tu suis les traces d'Alexandre :
Comme lui tu seras pacifique et humain.
Si ton sceptre est pesant, et lourde ta couronne,
L'amour de tes sujets, qui déjà t'environne,
Les feront légers à ta main !


Emile Dernay was the director of the magazine Mascarille and author of popular songs.

Nicholas II / Nicholas II and the soldier Bachourin
« on: June 08, 2018, 11:44:03 AM »
I create a new topic, to expose a beautiful anecdote about the Emperor Nicholas II.

In 1912, during the commemoration of the centenary of Borodino, a soldier named Bachourin was brutally escaped from the military ranks to head for the emperor. The event produced a great panic because the soldier was armed and no one had seen that he was making a claim. General Sukhomlinov finally succeeded in arresting him, but the emperor's horse was frightened and almost unseated the tsar.

The first part of the anecdote is reported by Alexander Spiridovich (Les Dernières années de la Cour de Tsarskoe Selo)

I found the continuation in Le Journal (n ° of November 13, 1912, p.4).

On October 23, 1912, Bachourin was sentenced to forced labor for life by military justice.

Finally, the emperor pardoned him on November 12, 1912. He explains in his ukase that it was because God healed Alexei. He wants to express his gratitude to God with a gesture of forgiveness. Bachourin is released.

Alexei had been a victim of a severe hemophilia crisis in October in Spala.

Olga Nicholaievna / L'Olga (French pastry)
« on: June 08, 2018, 02:39:53 AM »

In 1896, Tsar Nicholas II and the Empress came to France with Grand Duchess Olga. The little girl had a great success, and a French patissier invented a commemorative recipe to his name: L'Olga.

I found this recipe in the Journal des patissiers-biscuitiers (page 30) of 1899.


I am new to the forum and English is not my first language, so be indulgent.

I'm doing research on the imperial family, and I found a lot of documents and information. I think many are new, and I want to post them, little by little.

I want to share an article called "My brother". It was written by Pierre Botkine in 1920 and published in La Revue de Paris (pp. 134-151). He talks about his brother, Dr. Eugène Botkine. Of course, it is in French, and I do not have the English skills to translate it precisely.

There are details of his treatment of the Empress, the cure at Nauheim, the Emperor Nicholas II, the typhus of Tatyana, Rasputin, the war, the exile in Siberia ... There are several letters from Eugene Botkin to his brother. Some were written in Tobolsk.

It is very touching and moving.

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