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Elisa, i saw in Moscow a work of art of a book. It was about the 1903 ball and was published in 2003 i think for the centenary and cost as much as 600$!!! I wasn´t able to buy it and once saw one exemplair on ebay....but the same price. Hope i had one someday....

Hi Thomas,
I wonder why there´s still no proper biography of Empress Maria Alexandrovna...
My all time favourite recollection-legend linking the two empresses is (surely you all know it) when Maria and Alexander were visiting Darmstadt and Alix and her brother and sisters were  presented to them. When the turn came for the young Alix the empress told her lady in waiting, Baroness Anna Pilar von Pilhau:
" Kiss her hand, that´s your Tsarina-to-be"

Greg King was in the archives in Darmstadt so he could tell you more about the things preserved or anything you could want. I´ve seen some photographs of May and Frittie in the book The Romanovs:love,power and tragedy, but i´m sure there must be many more in the archives. Living as you do so near darmstadt you could try going to these archives.


Hello Thomas,
Could you tell us more details about the book??? There´s no such book in I tried too through but cannot find the book. If you could tell the author, publisher or title i would thank you very much.


The Alexander Palace / WWII damage and use of the palace
« on: March 20, 2004, 12:00:15 PM »
Well, this period of the palace is most interesting or me, and so could be for someone else.
My grand father was a colonel and was in Russia with the Blue Division in 1942, as a veterinary. He was living in Gatchina. His recollections about that days are quite different to those i´ve read. The only thing he carried with him was a souvenir cane(german made in fact) and some photographs he took. He always told about the russians kindness, and in the photographs you can see him with them and other spanish friends. I´m sure that the Blue Division did a lot of damage to the palaces as well as the germans but some russian friends of mine old enough to remember that times told us that the spanish attitude was far different from that of the germans. Logically  you can think:"and what can you say? you´re spanish just like them! ", but i´m telling what i´ve been told and what i´ve seen in photographs. By the way, for the germans the spanish men were  inferiors, so to speak and therefore i doubt the german generals would have let the spanish take anything of value...
My grand father used to tell about the "Summer palace of Catherine the Great" and its beauty, the gardens and georgeus architecture of Tsarskoe Selo and Pavlovsk...
I must say however that he was very unwilling to go, and was literally forced by the Government( he would have lost his post and job). In 1942 my father was 3 years old and my grand mother was already waiting for another son to come, so although it was the worst time for him to leave his family he had to think in their future and so off he went. For those that do not know Spain had just ended a terrible civil war(1936-39) and the general situation was bad enough...
However he always treasured his recollections of that country and its people.

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