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The Windsors / Re: Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
« on: December 31, 2011, 01:20:25 AM »
" None of this "issues" labeling, analysis and finding blame that is so popular today!

One should understand that there is a big difference between "blaming" and 'understanding' one's past history and the people who inhabited it..   Its a good idea to review your past and see it honestly for what it actually was.  Often people go through life without examining anything.  This can lead to endless suffering and confusion.   Better to live in reality than fantasy...past or present.

The Windsors / Re: Royal Interiors, Part II
« on: December 25, 2011, 04:59:55 PM »
I do not think you offended anyone here, Douglas,.  Your opinion seems to fit the general consensus on Sunninghill. The joint does look like a McMansion outside of LA or Dallas. Or, as you put it- a "cow barn". And a very costly one at that.

Thanks for all of your comments.  So its not just me that abhors that McMansion as Robert aptly says it.   That blond wood nailed all throughout the teeth are hurting.!!!  Its like fingernails on a blackboard..   The kitchen.....don't get me started on that atrocious center of inconvenience.  

I have a collection of 'secretly' taken photos of many of the royal private apartments and bedrooms in Buckingham Palace.  Some of you may have seen them.  The Princes' taste in decorating their bedrooms is so common and low brow its laughable. Its the worst of early Ikea.   Should I post them here? There are cheap hotels in London with more class and taste than you will find in that royal palace.

The Windsors / Re: Royal Interiors, Part II
« on: December 24, 2011, 08:31:22 AM »
Sorry if I offend anyone but this house is one of the most ugly I have ever seen.   It has a cheap  no class cow barn look about it.  It looks like it was never really finished.   As Frank Lloyd Wright once said, "I can design a house that will cause a divorce." 

The Windsors / Re: Royal Interiors, Part II
« on: December 19, 2011, 09:59:39 AM »
Some staggering pictures of Sunninghill Park (former home of the Duke and Duchess of York) here on this Facebook Page:
It appears that the home is abandoned?   The home was gifted to the Prince when he married Fergie.  Both the marriage and the home are now in ruiins.   What's to be done with the property?

Imperial Transportation / Re: The Standart
« on: December 19, 2011, 09:31:05 AM »
The Standart hit some rocks and was stranded.  All of the Imperial passengers had to be transferred to other nearby ships and yachts.  Here is a photo of the work to free the yacht from the rocks.....August 29, 1907

In 1907, an unfortunate incident took place that was later known as "the wreck of the Standart." The incident occurred on a fine day in the Finnish fjords when all of a sudden the Imperial yacht was shaken by a jolt at a moment when there was not the slightest reason for expecting anything of the sort. Immediately afterwards the yacht was heeled over. It was impossible to tell what might be coming next. The Empress rushed over to her children. She found them all expect the Tsarevich, who was nowhere to be seen. The anguish of the two parents may only be imagined; they were both beside themselves. It proved impossible to move the yacht. Motor-boats started off towards her from every direction.

The Emperor hurried up and down the yacht, and gave the order for everybody to go in search of the Tsarevich. It was only after some time that he was discovered safe and sound. At the first alarm his diadka, Derevenko, took him in his arms and very sensibly rushed to the "hawse-pipes," since they offered the best chance of saving the boy if the vessel should be a total loss.

The panic subsided, and all onboard descended into the boats. An inquiry followed. The whole responsibility fell on the pilot, an old Finnish sea-dog, who was in charge of the navigation of the vessel at the moment of the disaster. Charts were hurriedly consulted and showed beyond any possible question that the rock on which the yacht had grounded was entirely uncharted.

There remained His Majesty's Flag Captain, who was responsible in principle for the safety of the Imperial Family. At the time of the accident the post was held by Admiral Nilov, the only master, under God, of the fate of the yacht.

He was in such a state of mind after the accident that the Tsar felt bound to go to him in his cabin. Entering without knocking, the Tsar saw the Admiral bending over a chart, with a revolver in his hand. The Emperor tried to calm him. He reminded the Admiral that under naval regulations he would have to go before a court of inquiry, but, the Tsar added, there could be not a shadow of doubt that he would be acquitted, for the accident was entirely unforseeable. The Tsar carried away the Admiral's revolver.

Imperial Transportation / Re: The Standart
« on: December 03, 2011, 06:25:20 PM »
Photos of activities on the Standart...the most interesting imo is the last one
showing the yacht lite up at night and out lined with electric lights


I've never seen these before.   Thanks for posting....most appreciated.

The Windsors / Re: Queen Elizabeth II Part IV
« on: December 03, 2011, 06:20:30 PM »
Speaking of manners, how is it that "National Review Online" refers to the Queen in terms of "Her Royal Highness?" Sovereigns are Majesties, P/princes and P/princesses are Highnesses, royal or otherwise.

Re wigs. There must be very few ladies in their late eighties who sport such an abundance of their own hair that it looks immaculate at all times, as HMs must and even fewer women of any age who don't resort to artiface of some kind.

Thank you Feodorovna for your intelligent comment.....most appreciated.

In 1982 July 9th,  Michael Fagan entered HM bedroom in the early morning hours.  One of the first things he noticed, as he reported to several newspapers, were the beautiful white  wigs all neatly sitting on HM dressing table.  BTW, I have posted several photos of HM wearing this gleaming white and very semi-natural looking wig here on the AP Forum.   She still wears it to this day, each curl and wave in the exact same place it was 10 years ago.  I don't appreciate the snarky remarks.  I have something of interest to add to this discussion, while others can only criticize.  Sad really.

The Windsors / Re: Queen Elizabeth II Part IV
« on: November 23, 2011, 02:44:11 PM »
Her Majesty even takes her wonderful wig to Australia.    Why not.

Let's hope that next time the royals will visit that fabled city, that Baghdad by the Bay, that Resurrection city......San Francisco, city of the Golden Gate,... when their schedule permits.

W&K's visit to Skid Row can be likened to their visit to a Youth Center in Quebec. Their visit in LA is to see how a community arts organization is helping youngsters in the socially deprived area of down town LA. Inner-City Arts uses visual arts and performance to give homeless and poverty-hit youngsters a creative outlet.

Thank you Robert for clarifying their visit to Skid Row.  Thank heaven the royal couple will not be bothered with seeing and touching any of the locals swigging beer out of paper bags and smoking marijuana cigarettes. What a relief they won't have to encounter  the toothless and shoeless, mumbling to themselves or shouting to the air as they eternally shunt shopping carts crammed with their worldly possessions.  Of course anyone, even slightly in touch with reality,  knows that this is what Skid Row is really all about.

Evidently the Duke and Duchess will momentarily see some underprivileged kids dance and do some art painting.  Their visit will be a very safe and sanitized version of the hell that's locally known as Skid Row which is a common phenomenon that's well known in all cities worldwide.

We can pray that some of the $4 million raised this weekend from the deep pockets of rich Americans, while having the privilege of watching the Duke play polo, will be funneled into inner-city projects.

 Let's hope so but to be honest, the whole weekend affair is cheque-book charity disguised as a polo match while schmoozing with royals.

It's rather pathetic that foreign royals have to come all the way across the planet to shame local millionaires into coughing up some cash for LA's Skid Row, which is something they should have been doing all along.  To me it would be an embarrassment to even attend the polo luncheon.  Of course millionaires have no sense of shame.   Most wouldn't dream of even getting anywhere near Skid Row....not safe,  'ya know.

Douglas, with all respect, the Wales family has long been involved with the homeless, deprived and addicted in London. Particularly youth  & veterans..I may be wrong about this, but I think Diana  brought  the issue to attention'
 Still, I agree, odd place to show VIP visitors, By the same token I am sure they did not chose the itenerary. These problems are not unique to LA or anywhere. Perhaps the idea is to show common cause ?

Indeed Robert. Prince William took part in a documentary I think on the BBC last year, where he slept rough for a night in London among the homeless. Clearly this is an issue close to his heart.


I would rather this issue be close to his wallet than close to his heart...preferably both.  If their visit is nothing more than voyeuristic curiosity, it borders on the grotesque at best.

Their visit reminds me of the public exhibition galleries at the Insane Asylums in the 1850s where visitors would peer at the mentally ill as a form of entertainment.  

 The only thing that would mollify me is if the Duke wrote out a $ 1,000,000 cheque to one of the charities that struggle for funds to barely operate in the LA Skid Row district.

[Not to brag but...As for myself, I and my sister have given many large donations to charities that help the homeless.....  The LA Midnight Mission recently had to eliminate one of the main meals of the day due to lack of staff and funds.  It's nice to feel sorry but its better to do something about it if you are able to in some manner.]

The Duke and Duchess will visit Los Angeles today.  They are most welcome except for one of their stops along the way. 

They plan to make a point of putting a spotlight on Los Angeles' well known Skid Row district.  How rude for foreign nationals to come to a city known for it's glamour and style, only to focus on it's more seedy side.  Why don't the Royal couple visit the homeless of London? The people of LA are well aware of the problem of homelessnes, derelicts,  lost drug addicts and have been for decades.

Ask yourself.  How would it look for a mayor of Los Angeles to make a visit to London and to put a spotlight on the homeless and drug infested sections of London?   

The citizens of Los Angeles know all too well about the homeless, they don't visiting royals to be reminded of it.   

French Royals / Re: The Grimaldi's of Monaco
« on: July 06, 2011, 06:20:18 PM »
BTW, Monaco does not have "subjects" no country does. It has CITIZENS.

Even the Monaco Prince has an extended family of citizens.  But his family is very unusual.  Some live in the palace and some live outside the palace. Even his little son can stroll by the palace gates and exclaim.."My papa lives in that palace."

French Royals / Re: HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco
« on: July 03, 2011, 10:04:51 PM »
This "official statement" is simply extraordinary in even mentioning the new princess!  As to her "standing by her new husband" I think it's one thing for her to accept the existence of two illegitimate offspring conceived and born before before she knew the prince or before their relationship was serious but to discover another one either less than two years old or about to be born would send any new bride running.  Remember when they used to describe Albert's two sisters as the ones lacking morals and self-restraint and he was portrayed as the "good" one?!  He's starting to make them look quite respectable now!  

"A sunny place for shady people", sadly, I think Monaco has again been heading that way steadily for some years now.

You do sound like the understanding type, Grace.  It's reported that the newlyweds have 'children' on their minds.  At least we can be assured that the Prince is duly fertile as has been copiously illustrated by the fact that almost half the town's kids call him 'papa'.  Well, I do exaggerate.  I guess that Charlene will just have to get used to her Prince's randy ways.   He, of course, has the 'means' to support his ever growing 'family'.  He has a beautiful 19 year old daughter and a cute 7 year old son, the mother of whom, was seen strolling around Monaco on the afternoon of the wedding.

He'll be off to the clinic next week for a little blood drawing to determine whether or not the new and not so recent children are in some mysterious and scientific manner related to the Prince.  What a way to start off a new marriage.  I do believe the number of  children he's fathered has possibly risen to four.  Maybe the royal palace will install a pre-school and day care centre.

Ah,... the life of a wealthy and studly Prince.

French Royals / Re: HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco
« on: July 03, 2011, 05:11:06 PM »
Oh, for crying out loud!

 Apparently it is now two children whom His Serene Highness Prince Albert, ruler of the principality of Monaco, is accused of fathering during his courtship of (and now marriage to) the beautiful Charlene Wittstock 33.  So far, however, the palace is only admitting to the possibility of just one new offspring.

“Officials in the Mediterranean enclave chose the day of his glittering wedding to former Olympic swimmer Charlene Wittstock to announce that the Prince would have to take a paternity test for a possible third illegitimate child. A palace aide said that one of 33-year-old Princess Charlene’s first duties would therefore be to stand by her husband if there was another public scandal.”

Albert, 53, already has an illegitimate six-year-old son called Alexandre through a Togolese former air hostess named Nicole Coste, and a 19-year-old daughter called Jazmin with Tamara Rotolo, an American estate agent.

French magazine Public has attributed two new illegitimate children to Albert. One is said to be 18 months old and the son of an Italian woman who is preparing to tell all. Other magazines have suggested Ms Coste has had a second baby with Prince Albert – an idea that gained credibility last week when the 40-year-old was pictured in Monte Carlo.”

Well, now I realize why Somerset Maugham called Monaco ‘a sunny place for shady characters’.  Spot on, dear ones.  No wonder the fairy tale bride broke down in tears at the wedding.  Was it at that moment that she felt truly trapped in the palace with Albert and his new babies?

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