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In Defence of The Lost Prince!
For those Offended and Upset--Smile you know more than 90% of the general public! ;D

Dear People

    Please realize that most viewers of this program will NOT be experts on Royal families  (like so many folks here :D)...hence the need to give snapshots of characters rather than "time machine" like accuracy...In a few minutes they had to establish who was who-- so rather than a real family reunion, we have a "set piece' this is Edward/this is George & Mary of Teck/this is Alix, Nicholas/ Wilhelm etc.
   Yes there were problems (Georgie ought to have been stuttering a good deal more, and where was Edward's chronic cough?) --but beyond that I was not  too disapointed.

..Remenber its about Prince John-- not about Alix and Nicholas! ;)

I have to agree with rskkiya. The program was about Prince John not the imperial family. Nevertheless, it was very interesting to see how the program did portray N&A etc. I agree that the "shoe" scene was not an accurate portrayal of Alix.  Overall, a good program about Prince John; and just the fact that the program showed some of the relationship between the royal and imperial families was interesting to say the least eventhough some of the portrayals were not accurate :)

Stay tuned for part two! ;)

PS  during the documentary after the program, one of the historians gave the year of the Tsareavich's birth as 1903 :-X  

The Alexander Palace / Re: Alexander Palace, August 2004, Photos online
« on: October 02, 2004, 08:23:22 AM »
Yes, thank you very much indeed.
They actually helped me decide on the venue for my Dec. visit to St.P. Since I will have only 3 days, AP does look like a "pass", at least this time. There is nothing to really induce a visit for me, no "atmosphere" of the former occupants.  It actually makes me wonder how much effort is actually being put into a restoration or if the focus is on creating another "gallery museum"?
I would like to see it as it was lived in, but so much also seems to have been destroyed, perhaps such an end is just beyond reach ?

I totally agree with you!

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