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French Royals / Re: Duchesse de Polignac
« on: October 30, 2010, 06:20:46 AM »
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According to 1921's Almanach de Gotha, troisieme partie

These are some of the homes lived in by the Polignac family:  Please note that many may have been destroyed by WWII, or may no longer be owned by Polignac family members.  I don't know which are patrimony of the Polignac family or which may have been brought into the family through marriage.

château de Canappeville, Eure
château de St-Jean-du-Cardonnay, Seine- Inférieure
château de Polignac, Haute-Loire
château de La Jumelliere, Maine et Loire
château de Navailles près Pau
château Le Plessis
château de Limésy, Seine-Inférieure
château de Kerbastic, Morbihan
château de La Voulte-Polignac, par La Voulte, Seine et Loire
château de Kerscamp, Marbihan
château de Bournville, Aisne

Engagement picture

Who are these 15 persons?  Can anyone identify them?
From left to right, I recognise: 1.?; 2. Prince Saverio of Bourbon Parma; 3. ?; 4. Archduchess Maria Josepha of Saxony, Charles'mother; 5. Princess Zita; 6.?; 7. Archduke Charles; 8, 9 and 10 ???;11. Maria Antonia, duchess of Parma; 12.?; 13. Princess Francesca-Giuseppa of Bourbo-Parma; 14. Prince Sisto of Bourbpn Parma; 15. Don Jaime of Bourbon, duke of Anjou and Madrid ?
This pic was taken at the Villa delle Pianore, near Viareggio.


Any info on the cause of the death of Elias' third son Francesco? He died just before being 26 in Hungary.
The prince died in a accident


Another son of Auguste, Lazlo, died on January23, 1946 in Budapest. Does anyone know under circumstances?Was he killed by communists?


Wonderful photos!

Il Palazzo dei Normanni now it's the seat of the Sicilian Regional Assembly, Remi, if you have other photos of internals I'd like to see them, I have seen the Palace just externally.
The Cappella Palatina (that it's part of the palace) it's considered one of the most wonderful monuments of Sicily.

Unfortunately, I have no other photos of internals. Most of rooms of this palace have been transformed into officces or lounges for members of the Sicilian Regional assembly. Here is a view of Palermo Maria Carolina coud have when she opened her window....
On the left, the Monte Pellegrino, then Massimo Theater. In the middle, the Catheral.


The former royal palace of Palermo, named Palazzo dei Normani


Yes...Most likely she lived with her husband in Sicily.

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
Il palazzo dei Normani who lived Maria Carolina

The bedroom of Queen Maria Carolina in the Palace of the Normen

Another photo of the bedroom of Maria Carolina

The chinese palace of King Ferdinand 1st, photo taken by myself

First, King Ferdinand lived in a villa on the seaside in Termini Imerese, between Palermo and Cefalù, on the North coast of Sicily.
Later, he built on the hills of Palermo (I colli) an extravagant villa in the chinese style in the middle of a park of 400 hectares, named Royal estate of "La Favorita". He drove there all day and his slaughter of game is  ended in hundreds pieces!
As Queen Maria Carolina, she lived in the gloomy Palace of the Normen (Palazzo dei Normani)


Where is messina ?

Messina (Missina in sicilian) is the third largest city  on the Island of Sicily, located near the North East corner, at the Strait of Messina, opposite Reggio di Calabria.


From left to right : Francesca and Zita with one of their brother (I don't konw who exactly) :

I think that the child between the two sisters is Felix (Felice), future prince of Luxembourg, born in 1893, one year after Zita.


Italian Royal Families / Re: King Francesco II of Two-Sicilies
« on: April 10, 2010, 09:31:47 AM »
This photo was taken in Rome.

I think rather that this photo was taken in Gaeta.


It had to be cruel for the parents to loose both sons, one in mysterious circumstances and one because of this last illnes.
REMI, do you know if marriage of princess Françoise of Bourbon-Parma was considered morganatic in her family? And what was her (or her family) part in carlist "problem" of her brother?
I don't think the marriage of HRH Princesse Françoise of Bourbon-Parma was considered morganatic by her family. On the contrary... Her husband, His Serene Highness Prince Edouard of Lobkowicz belonged to a  Mediatized House of the Holy Roman Empire. Thus, a royal princess was allowed to marry a mediatized  prince, their alliance was considered equal, not morganatic.
This marriage was considered so much the less morganatic that Robert II, duke of Parma, the head of the House was present to the wedding in 1960 at Notre-Dame in Paris.
The family is deeply divided for politic reasons. On the one hand, you see Carlos Hugo and three of his sisters (Maria Teresa, Cecilia and Maria de las Nieves) who share his... socialist views. On the other hand, there is Sisto Henrique professing ideas of... extreme right, and Françoise who is not fallen out with him....


I am very sorry. I made a mistake. Prince Robert of Lobkowicz was not murdered but he died of a brain tumor in Beirout in 1988. He was 26 years old. He lived in Paris.


what a sad news! Are there any more info about his family? He had four children, but two eldest sons died young - Edouard (1960-84) and Robert (1961-88)...

The eldest, Edouard-Xavier (1960-1984) was murdered in mysterious circumstances. He was killed by two buck-shots in the back. Then, he was thrown in the Seine river, in Ivry sur Seine in the suburb of Paris, weighted with a stone of 17 kilos. Up to now, the investigation yielded no result.
Four years later, in 1988, his brother Robert was assassinated in Lebanon. I think he was there for a humanitarian mission for the Order of Malta.
Charles-Henri, the third son, lives in Paris and his sister, Marie Gabrielle is a nun.
Prince of Lobkowicz 's funeral will take place Thursday april 8 at Saint Thomas d'Aquin Church in Paris.


The prince Edward of Lobkowicz, princess Françoise of Bourbon-Parme's husband died yesterday Holy Friday in Paris. Françoise is the aunt of Prince of Piacenza.


The studio Harcourt is a prestigious photography studio  founded by Lacroix brothers. Always active, it is famous for its black and white photos of stars and VIP. It always located at 10 rue Jean Goujon Paris (8ème).
But, I am not sure at all that the pic of Gaetan of Bourbon Parma'wedding was made by Harcourt. The signature is not the same.


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