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French Royals / Re: Henri VI second Comte de Paris and his 11 children
« on: April 09, 2008, 11:15:06 AM »
many thanks for the information. Did he live on the estate at Chantilly or within the chateau? Do you know where the present Count lives?

1)The former count of Paris lived in an old people' home named "Fondation Condé", managed  by his "friend", Mrs Monique Friesz, retired now. La Fondation Condé is located in the centre of the town of Chantilly, neither on the estate, nor within the château.
2) I heard that his son, the present count of Paris lives 102 bis rue de Miromesnil, but I'm not sure. He has founded an "Institut de la Maison Royale de France" the adress of which is :74 rue des Cénennes 75015 PARIS

French Royals / Re: Henri VI second Comte de Paris and his 11 children
« on: April 05, 2008, 12:13:26 PM »
 When the law of exil was removed, the count and the countess of Paris lived for nearly two years at the Hôtel de Crillon, place de la Concorde in Paris before their settlement in Louveciennes, in a large house, "Le manoir du Coeur Volant". The count of Paris had his offices 9, rue de Constantine, Paris ('7ème), between esplanade des Invalides and Palais Bourbon...
In 1973,the couple moved in an appartment, 102 bis rue de Miromesnil on the two last floors of a building, property of the Société civile immobilière du domaine de Dreux which joins Orléans' all real estate.
In 1976, the count of Paris went to live with Mrs Monique Friesz at fondation Condé in Chantilly, 40 km far from Paris while his wife remained rue de Miromesnil till her death in 2003.

1) In his very short life, the infant Gabriel of Spain was well-known as a musician and a man very cultivated. He has left in Escurial an important collection of music instruments.
2) His wife Maria Ana Vitoria of Portugal and he died so early due to the epidemic of small-pox which brought about also the death of their younger child,Carlos, dead ten days old!, november 9th 1788. and of the king Charles III, december 12th 1788
3) I think but I am not sure that their elder son, Pedro Carlos ( Aranjuez 1786 - Rio de Janeiro 1812) who was infant of Portugal by his mother was educated by his uncle king of Potugal João VI. On the 29th of november 1808, Pedro Carlos de Borbon y Braganza, infant of Spain and Portugal accompgnied the royal family of Portugal to Brazil.
P.S: Sorry for my bad english

Italian Royal Families / Re: Count Alfonso of Caserta, and his family
« on: March 25, 2008, 09:05:30 AM »
I am interested in Bourbon Two Sicilies story.. For a certain time, I am been looking for pictures of the prince Gabriele (born in 1897 in Cannes, dead in 1975 at Itu, state of San Paolo. (Brazil), count of Caserta' youngest child. The only pictures of him I have seen show the prince Gabriel when he was a little boy, taken at the villa Thérèse in Cannes with his parents.
Does anybody have photos of Gabriel adult? Many thanks. REMI

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