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I had read "somewhere"  ::) that Beatrice removed  comments about the passionate nature of Victoria's marital life. Perhaps this is true, although certainly enough was left to indicate that Victoria and Albert were not always Victorians in the conventional sense of the term!  ;)

D.Duff in his "Victoria and Albert" wrote much about it.

Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna / Re: Books on Grand Duchess Elizabeth
« on: October 01, 2004, 01:11:04 PM »
Just a little piece of news i wanted to post here:-

In the new catalog for the Amsterdam exhibiton "Nicholas and Alexandra", the bibliography for further reading listed a book titled

"Elisaveta Fedorovna. A Biography. Moscow 2004"

This is the not the rumoured "new Ella book", but it doesn't seem to be a re-edition of a Russian book already existing. I can't seem to track down any more information on it, but so exciting isn't it?! :o

I think it`s Vera Maerova`s  book "Elisaveta Fedorovna.A biography" -but it have been edited in Russian.May be an English version already come? If so - exciting book!
I guess the best  biography of Elisaveta in Russian

Thanks for help! :) :) :)
Now I`m sure -  we can see wonderful little Ena!

I have found an interesting photo.The description is:"Princess Ana of Battenberg and Hessian Princess".So a woman at right is the youngest of King Nikola`s of Montenegro daughters,Ana (1874-1971).
But who is a pretty little girl? She looks like Ena of Battenberg...but I`m doubt about... ???

The Imperial Family / Re: Names, Patronymics, Nicknames and Name Days
« on: September 16, 2004, 03:11:50 AM »
I don't believe that Dmitri Pavlovich was called Metia. Metia was Dmitri Constantinovich. I believe DP was called "Dee-me" or something like that.

I don`t think so."Dima" for Dmitrii often use only nowadays in Russia.Dmitri Pavlovich was "Mitya" or "Mit`ka" or "Miten`ka".Though his sister Maria in her memoirs calls him only Dmitri.

Does anyone have any pictures of Maria Fedorovna's "forgotten" grandsons Georgi Mikhailovich, Tikhon and Guri Nikolaevich???? Thanks a lot!


The Imperial Family / Re: Grand Duke Nikolai Konstantinovitch and his family
« on: September 12, 2004, 09:37:31 AM »
This is an abridged excerpt from the White Night of St.Peterburg (The Romanov Family's Black Sheep in Russian) by Prince Michael of Greece. It's a fictional, sometimes distasteful and generally badly-written story based on a few genuine facts about GD Nicolas Konstantinovich.

I read it in Russian and must agree...VERY badly-written story!

Thanks you all!
Really a sad picture....


I read in some books that  Oleg Konstantinovicth,the most talented son of Grand Duke Konstantin ,was engaged with daughter of Grand Duke Petr Nikolaevich,Nadejda..What year  engagement take place? In 1914? And I`ve never seen pictures of Princess Nadejda...Could anyone help me in such searching?

The Imperial Family / Re: Grand Duke Nikolai Konstantinovitch and his family
« on: September 05, 2004, 02:35:44 AM »
I've heard that prince Artemi Iskander also was murdered (1919). But it was of 1 source. Who can tell me if it was true and why he was murdered?

There are 2 versions about Artemii`death.
1.He was killed at Civil War in 1919 (or was missing)
2.He died from typhus.
The source of these versions "Romanovs:Story of a Dynasty" by E.Pchelov (in Russian)

Interesting....In russian edition of "Education of a Princess" this photo was marked:"Grand Duke Pavel with his wife and daughter on the stairs of his mansion in Paris"...

Thank your so much,Grandduchessella!!!  :)

Apparently I found a very good research "Queen Victoria Grandchildren" with wonderful pictures and texts.It contens a  chapter about Kaiser and some facts from his sons lives.
And (what a surprise!) I `ve found rather interesting if not amazing memories of Empress Dona`s sister! "Behind the scenes of Prussian court" by Luise Sophie,Princess of Prussia (edition 1933)...Obviously this Princess hated Kaiser  all her life.-I`ve read just a half of the book and keep on...
have you read this questionable memories? What`s you opinion about Princess Luise`s bad tongue?

Thanks you all! Exciting information!!! :o

But who was favourite son for Kaiser? If I correct - Wilhelm II didn`t
like much his Crownprince..Joachim was mother`s favoruite...May be August Wilhelm or Eitel Friedrich?

I have a collection of  pictures of Kaiser`s family,his sons and their wifes,but know almost nothing about these princes and princesses...Could anyone  give a short charachteristic of Kaiser`s sons and especially their wifes? Or any links...books in English..

Thanks!  ::)

One of recent biographies of Grand Duchess Ella in Russian  -  Vera Maerova`s book "Grand Duchess Elisaveta Fedorovna"(Edition 2002,Saint-Petersbourg).Much interesting....I don`t read Ella`s biographies in English,except one chapter in Miriel Buchanan "Queen Victoria Relations" (though there was memories -not biography).So Vera Maerova`s research is the best for me today - the author paints a rather complex portrait  of Grand Duchess  -the primary material for the book were private letters by Ella and her family.

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