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Having Fun! / Re: Why did OTMA never have their own rooms?
« on: May 18, 2006, 01:58:53 AM »
Wow, thats very first I thought it must've been Maria's letter..but if it's labelled as Tatiyana's..wait, where was the letter written? During the house arrest, right? So they weren't out of the palace yet? Wait, they must've still been in it if Aleksei had a playing room. Nevermind.  ::) maybe they did have their own rooms..I mean, Olga was already over 18, and she's the one that's mentioned as lying in her bedroom, so maybe it was such a little event for her to have her own bedroom (little because they were in midst of a war, house arrest, revolution, etc. they had more important things to worry/write about) that it wasnt mentioned in any other place.
Another idea popped into my I'm sure I'm wrnog since I don't remember exact dates or anything..maybe Olga was still under illness from..typhoid, was it? The illness that OTAA can't believe I forget the name. Anyway, maybe olga was separated from the res tof TMAA for a while and so Tatiyana referred to wherever Olga was lying as her bedroom..for the moment.
Just a wild thought.

Imperial Claimants Post Here / Re:  past lives?
« on: May 18, 2006, 01:45:57 AM »
I feel the same way. But with someone else.  You were smart to not say whom..even though I can guess who it is..(ppssst..hey holly..its changed my name..), but I always thought that since I couldnt picture that person that I had a connection with alive, that it meant I wasnt..that person in a past life..but then again Im not suggesting I was. But I just cant picture the person alive..or in color..or moving..except in dreams where I cant really see the person, but more of an image reflection of them..and not really moving but more as a slideshow. The thing is that I started having the dreams before I knew who the person was..I was about 8. Past life memories are supposed to be more common throughout young children, since they have had little esperiences in this life to blott out the experiences of the past life. Sounds logical to me.

Ah, thanks for the info. I bet the techiques were painful, though. I wonder if the staff at palaces at the time had to have spic and spam free teeth...I mean, I wouldnt want someone with rotting teeth to breathe down my neck.

Hello, everyone! I've been wondering since I can were visits to the dentists back in the early 1900's? I know this is going to sound very..wierd...but did they even have toothbrushes back then? :P All i can imagine is the Tsar brushing his teeth with a toothbrush made of bone and whale hairs...
I'm aware that the Tsar didn't like to attend visits to the dentist..but how bad were they, really? I mean this not from the Tsar's point of view, but as in a question; what tools did they use back then? I'M sure they don't use alcohol to put a patient to sleep like in colonial times..anaesthetics were already invented, I believe. But then again I don't know that much about dental hygiene of the early 20th century.. ::) :P
Does anyone know anything about the techniques people used back then to clean their teeth, get rid of cavities, etc.? Enlighten me.  ;D

Having Fun! / Re: Collages for the Imperial Family
« on: May 17, 2006, 02:49:56 AM »
Gorgeous banners/collages, everyone!
Isa, I believe you were trying to show those banners to me on Yahoo..(Its me, Sofi  ;D).
I never thought OTMA would look good in hot
By the way, how do you download brushes to use on PSP? I downloaded the Grunge brush, but it said the file was corrupt.  Are you supposed to download brushes to a certain file in your PC? I'm sorry  this is off-topic.

Thanks! I cant believe I overlooked that!

Forum Announcements / Re: In Honor To The Great Members of the AP
« on: May 17, 2006, 02:16:38 AM »
Thanks, guys! But..remember, I'm the same girl as me Sofie.
ooh! Another Aussie. I have like 4 Aussie friends..*cough*mates, I mean. You Aussies rock! Thanks for thanking me for thanking And, Olishka, your site is awesome. Definitely the best Olishka site Ive ever seen!

*cyber huggles* :-*

Very thorough tutorials, Laura! You're slowly educating the world of lost imageshackers/photobucketers.. :P

I have one question, though. Lately, I've noticed that people are posting thumbnails of pics from their PHOTOBUCKET account..not from an imageshack account where u can do that, ver do u post thumbnails from ur photobucket account? Thanks.

Forum Announcements / Re: In Honor To The Great Members of the AP
« on: May 17, 2006, 01:21:04 AM »
I would also like to add my list of people who I think need some mention for giving people more information, helping them in some way and just being really friendly. I think that's everyone here though, LOL.
Anyway here are some special mentions: Laure Mabee, Lanie, Margarita Markovna, Tania, clockworkgirl12, imperial angel, Skanders_Queen, Ra-Ra-Rasputin, grandduchessella, Holly, Sarushka, brnbg aka: liljones1968, grandduchess_42, Belochka, Svetabel, reashka, Larissa, Jelisaveta, Ortino, Olga_Anne, Princess Olishka and Missy-T.

Hope I haven't forgotten anyone! (Sorry if I have!!)
Emma  ;)
I give a big thanks to.... Skanders_Queen, Holly, Rita, Tania, grandduchessella, Ra-Ra-Rasputin, Angie_H., Princess Olishka, grandduchess_42 ect....

I also want to give a special thanks to Laura Mabee, Sarushka, and Lanie. I really admire you guys.  :)
I may only be a newcomer to this forum, but if it's OK, I would like to say my favourite members:

Margarita Markovna, imperial angel, reashka, Tania, ZarevnaOlga, aleksandra, Holly, Olga_Anne, Lovy, Nadia, RealAnastasia, MTOA, grandduchess_leah, Jelisaveta, grandduchessella, Ilana, Michelle, Jim_Wilhelm, grandduchess_leah, Ra-Ra-Rasputin, Angie_H, Skandars_Queen, Kimberly and Laura Mabee.

MTOA, you are already participating in a lot around here! I admire you all for your participation. My list will most likely grow and I'll add names now and then.

 :-* :-* :-*,

First off, I'd like to thank everyone ono this forum for being so nice to me. Oh...and I'd like to say that I'm so that there is no confusion. Name change.  :D
(skandaaaar. skandar. SkandAr. lol I find he mispelling of his name quite funny after a while  :P)
Thank you everyone for welcoming me when I was new here, and also for replying to any PMs I sent, or reviving to any dead threads I created.  ::)  ;D
Thanks for the mentions as well. I feel so special! Honoured, really. Thanks, again. Talk about an ego-boost.  :P
I'd like to add several to my list..which I forgot the exact contents of..but, I guess I'll just start afresh. And not only will I start afresh but I shall also miss some So please dont be offended if you arent thanked especially on my list..or any list for that all are so nice and so intelligent, its mutual.  ;D

I'd like to thank my first friend on this forum, Laura Mabee. I thin kshe was everones first friend here..almost all of us has either had an image-posting problem, banner-resizing problem, avvy problem, and even more embarassing Also, I'd really like to congrats and thanks the forum admin, and all the moderators on this forum, for just..keeping it spam-free, clean,
Hugs to all my AP member friends that are also my YIM buddies. In alphabetical order, cos I really would feel too guilty if not..Andy, Holly, Isa, and Rix.
Sincere thanks to Olga_Anna, Aussie Kim, Princess Olishka, Sarastasia, GD_42, Aussie Chick, Imperial Angel, Tania, Tukker-Ragazzo, Amanduh_82, B_T, Crazy_Wing (love your colorings!), Prince_Lieven, Sophia_Skymind (HI FIVE. Sofia/Sophia names..rock..), Clockworkgirl21, Sarushka, Teddy, Missy-T, RomanovFan (all of them..there are about 5?), GD Anastasia, Lisadavidson, GrandduchessElla, Alixz, Nanastasia, Lovy, LarissaAnn, GD Marishka, CorinCapnSkip, xX_Mashka_Xx, Helen_A, and countless more for being the best. Thanks for everything.

Oh guys, thank you all so much! I was you guys think that there whould e a forum along with the site? I want the site to be sort of Made By Fans for Fans, so I might periodically ask what you guys think of some of the ideas I have in mind. Any suggestions?

Imperial Claimants Post Here / Re:  past lives?
« on: May 16, 2006, 11:18:47 PM »
Oooh, now I understand. I thought it was more like a heaven.
So..Brahman is like..the universe and everything in it? If Im not right..dont worry, I understand what it means.
I really admire the Buddhist religion and their culture. Arent Hindus associated with past lives as well?

Having Fun! / Re: Another Serious Lookalikes Thing
« on: May 16, 2006, 11:13:04 PM »
Woah, Jackie Coogan looks alot like my grandmothers brother..great-uncle, perhaps? And I always did think he looked alot like Aleksei. Theres a nice B & W pic of him from  a portrait session at my grandparents'. I'll get to scanning it soon.
I think Lukas Haas looks alot like Prince Luitpold of Bavaria.

Imperial Claimants Post Here / Re:  past lives?
« on: May 16, 2006, 03:22:03 AM »
That's cool, Nanastasia. Interesting how one can always second-guess things.  ::) I thought it was a good thing..and that Buddhists saw it as that..oh well. My mom is very Buddhist-inclined, so, interesting.
So I suppose Brahman is like Buddha's Palace or something?  :P

Anyway, I think I had a sort with a past life the other day. I was lying in bed, not in a dream-state yet, but just resting my eyes and listening to music (not calming music btw..heavy metal  ;D). Then I felt like..I dont know, it was so wierd. I felt as if I were being tugged (I sounds impossible) to another place, like, physically. I had a tingling sensation all over me and then I was in a sort of clearing in a forest, with fires all around me and I could feel people dancing around me. I was sitting on some dirt ground. It was so surreal. I'll never forget it. But Im inclined to think it was a dream since it sounds like its a dream...doesnt it? But it was so real..I mean I was awake!
My mom, who used to meditate and all that jazz with this group (which my grandparents are against..long undecided at the moment with religion) who were sorta Hindus/Buddhists, and she told me of these sort of 'trips' she'd have outside her body. Don't get the wrong idea, though.  ::) It wasnt those sort of trips. lol But that she was so in tune with herself that she was able to actually (her soul) come out of her own body and meet with another persons soul at a certain place at night while sleeping. And she told me how she'd be able to stare at her body lying in bed while she was in her soul-state. I don't know, its quite complicated.
But I thought it might have something to do with this conversation, so, there.
I've also noticed that if I try to blank out my mind (thats the only way to really be at peace with urself..try it. Just picture light or dark blankess in ur mind, as a mental picture is how it works for me) I can feel myself in the past if I hint at it somehow. Maybe by blanking out my mind while staring at an antique..something liek that.
If anyone has ever seen the (wonderful) movie Somewhere In Time, its sort of like what Rochard Collier did in order to travel through time.

Having Fun! / Re: Best Consort-which of otma?
« on: May 16, 2006, 03:00:57 AM »
I agree with everyone's opinions so far, but I think that Anastasiyawas murdered too young for us to guess at how she'd be as a wife or ruler. Anastasiya was intelligent, in my opinion, and she probably would have learnt (hopefully not the hard way) to restrict herself in front of guests and be more formal (even though I must say I like her anyway) when it came to affairs of state, etc. but since she was a female and not a male, at the time, I dont htink she was included in meetings of affair of politics so we really wouldnt know how she would act amongst something of that seriousness. Who knows? is all I have to say.

Olga was very headstrong..which is a good thing if you were to be ruler (referr to Nicholas II for what hapens when you aren't headstrong enough). I think Anastasiya was headstrong as well and Maria, a bit. I just see Olga as more of a scholar than a ruler, but wouldnt Olga have inherited any title as high as ruler (not that its praubible anyway) as the oldest? I think she'd have done well.

For me, though, I think that Tatiyana would be a bit too gentle to ever be something as important as ruler. Queen, yes. But, only alongside a sturdy King who knows what he's doing. Well, I mean, Tsar. Or..who knows, maybe King. Wow. The possibilties are endless. But she certainly, as we all know, had the reagelness of an educated Queen, Tsarina, Empress, anything she would be, she'd complete it with grace, in my opinion.

The only one I can't imagine as Queen, or Empress or Tsarina would be Maria.  :-/ And she was so beautiful and all, I wish I could, but I simply can't imagine her in a position as complicated as those. I think she'd crumble like her father a bit, to be honest. Also since she was the most feminine one..femininity wouldnt bode well with a place as great as Russia to rule over. She'd be too obscure. Just my opinion.

Of course, if you are willing to help then I'll keep you in mind if I need anything done. But, remember that is a looooooooong way off the loooooong road to  ::) Since I've worked on fansites, I think that at first it should be freewebs, so that the hostees may see what itll look like or get a clear picture of what it would look like when it is hosted..hosted means that it'll be instead of So it would have its own domain, which is just a fancy shcmancy word for..its own name, place, etc.  ;D Thanks for the reply!

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