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Everyone has their own opinions. But the question
that was posed in this thread--with the DNA set
aside, what were the similarities between AN and


I think it means that Mr.Schweitzer has been kind enough to share that information which can be shared
in a public way, and cautious, considering other ramifications, in posting other information. Seems
reasonable to me.



I agree, the 'final word' is not in. Too many questions
remain unanswered (including those about the DNA

There is no need to apologize for having a different
opinion, and continuing to ponder one of the greatest


A person who has suffered a terrible trauma get stuck mentally and they can't seem to get away from that time frame and it seems they can't progress to the next stage of their life, even though time passes.

I've seen this happen to a person I know.  It's like this person's life is connected to a rubber band.  The person goes foreward then suddenly is snapped  backward into time, grows depressed, and has to work out of the depression which can take a hour or a year.  It's terrible to watch because no one can help.

The mind is such a mysterious place and sometimes, in this kind of case I mention,  it's a person's hell.  I've often thought AA's world was a lot like my friends.  

It isn't the same as being bi-polar, although, it does have many of the same symtoms.

Then, there is the guilt of being a survivor and all the guilt of being the one who lived while the others perished.


Great points. The analogy of the rubber band is an
excellent one. The person gets pulled back to the trauma repeatedly, and the suffering is re-traumatizing.

Also, the point about survivor guilt is a very good one.
This often can happen when there is no way to actually
work out emotionally and cognitively what has happened, and the more violent incidents often can
cause this.

With PTSD, there is a significantly higher rate of chronic
depression, and other disorders.

I have seen the effects in individuals I've known, and
I am a therapist.


If there were in fact a survivor of that tragedy, they
could have suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder.
In PTSD the survivor often 'recalls' images and sensations in a very uncohesive manner. It is extremely
difficult (and often impossible) for them to integrate
what they have experienced-they fail to recover from
the traumatic event. Their experience becomes 'frozen.'

This is not to say that AA in fact experienced this event.
Only to clarify that any survivor-if there were one or
more, could have been affected for the rest of their
lives by the PTSD, and the inability to provide a narrative
of the events.


Welcome Delle.

It's always nice to hear a new voice.


Thank you for the welcome.


I am new on this board, and generally find most of the
posts to be interesting and informative.

However, many posts about Anna Anderson as a 'crazy
old lady' are not based in fact, and often unbalanced.

We do not know what AA wanted most in life. We might
assume that she did not want a life of loneliness and
alienation. To assume she was 'crazy' because of the
DNA reports is absurd. How could anyone maintain a
charade for most of their lives, with so little gain? Now
how could a person with significant mental disturbance
do so? It is unlikely.

(I don't know who AA actually was)

Significantly traumatic events are seldom remembered
in the chronological manner that memories are encoded
and retrieved. Much will be missed in a recalling. and
the event is so devastating on a mental, emotional,
and phsiological level, that cognition is often imapired.


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