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In this photograph ''Minny'' and Thyra really became old ladies. Their dear older sister Alexandra is really a missing link.

The Greek Royal Family / Re: Princess Marie of Greece (1876-1940)
« on: July 21, 2010, 05:05:01 PM »

''Greek Minny'' in 1933.


The Dowager Queen Olga in 1920. She is wearing white mourning and a portrait of her husband around her neck. I thought white mourning was a not very common way of dressing for mourning was it? The only other Queen that I can imagine at the moment who had a white mourning wardrobe was Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands.

Queen Olga in 1918.


A photograph of Queen Sophie (in mourning) and King Constantine I of Greece taken in Switserland just before the travelled back to Greece.


Elizabeth with George, his parents King Constantine I and Queen Sophie and her sisters-inlaw Irene and Helen in 1922. Thinking about it Helen was twice her sister-inlaw because of her marriage with Helen's brother George and Helen's marriage to Elizabeth's brother Carol. Funny both the married women (Sophie and Elizabeth) look very devoted towards their husbands. Aldo Sophie looks a bit more devoted than Elizabeth... ;)


Princess Andrew of Greece nee Alice of Battenberg in 1922

The Danish Royal Family / Re: Queen Louise & King Christian IX
« on: July 21, 2010, 04:03:19 PM »
Queen Louise was present at both Louise Fife's wedding in 1889 and George and Mary's wedding in 1893 in England. The painting by Tuxen (in the Royal Collection) shows her sitting next to Queen Victoria. So they did meat (at least during these days) and I cannot imagine they haven't had a conversation (as grandparents of Louise and George). The famous photograph of the three generations: Queen Louise, Queen Alexandra and Louise Fife was taken at the occasion of the wedding of prince George and princess Mary in 1893.

I never read anything about Queen Victoria visiting Denmark and definitely not during the famous ''family reunions''. Didn't she hate these gatherings just like the Rumpenheim ones? I thought she saw these gatherings as a place for gossip and scheming and followed it with much suspicion. I know Queen Mary's mother Mary Adelaide was present at these Rumpenheim gatherings (so was her sister Augusta) and wasn't Queen Mary there too as a little girl? They probably have met Queen Louise during these family gatherings, but Queen Victoria never attended these gatherings either (?). Offcourse these Rumpenheim gatherings were very anti-Prussian in the first place - so it must have been hard if she did.

The Windsors / Re: Princess Louise,Princess Royal, Duchess of Fife
« on: July 20, 2010, 06:07:51 PM »
Haha...yes Grace we would definitely do that! Even if we could see it only for half an hour. I would really would like to see her album. But weren't some albums of Toria sold in an auction? At least I remember reading that on Sotheby's or Christies site. I quoted something from an album (or information from the auction site) if I remember correctly. Offcourse Toria must have made several albums during her lifetime. So some of them still survive in the Royal Collection?

The Windsors / Re: Princess Louise,Princess Royal, Duchess of Fife
« on: July 20, 2010, 04:49:45 PM »
Brilliant photograph Eddie! I have never seen a photograph of Sheen Lodge either. Lovely, thank you very much for sharing! Have you seen Toria's (entire) album in the Royal Collection? So jealous if you did... ;)

The Windsors / Re: Queen Alexandra (1844-1925), Part IV
« on: July 17, 2010, 07:15:35 PM »
Well... I think the only one who was really punished was George VI himself. Becoming King shortened his live in combination with WWII. His daughters and wife lost their father and husband by that and it pushed the current Queen forward at a very young age. Atleast I've would not be that com-farable when I would declared a head of a huge empire at only the age of twentysix. Not forgetting she had two little children at the same time too. Yes she knew it was coming ( and she is brilliant) - but the shock still must been immense. Losing a father ( and a grandmother) and becoming Queen!

Yeah a reall punishment for the Duke and Duchess of Windsor - living very extravagant in Paris high society.

And I don't think George VI pushed David towards Hitler at all. Why? Became his wife did not became HRH and there was a break with the family (that like Grace pointed out was caused by the marriage itself)? They became frustrated and thought well we might as well go to Hitler? I don't think you turn to such extreme regimes for such reasons. People knew by then it was a very extreme and dangerous dictatorship and David was in a position to know that too. He personally favoured the politic believes of Nazism (horrible) against communism or something. He even gave the Nazi salute, while his brother the Duke of Kent and princess Alice (Athlone) were already horrified at this during the wedding of Juliana and Bernard in 1937. Because they knew what it mend and so did David. His brother George VI had nothing to do with those believes in my opinion. David had a mind of his own to know what he was letting himself in whit - many people in Europe knew and the British government had warned him for these auctions too. Doesn't really sounds like a man that is willing to be loyal to his family and country.

And I don't think QA was in a position to erase the difficulties that arose between the brothers and the family either. Everything is speculation! She couldn't do anything during WWI or before that in the family either. Maybe she try ed and maybe she wanted but she just couldn't. Not everything can be cleared like that. She begged her sister Dagmar by letter to get on board towards safety and that is the only thing that succeeded. Great but no prove that she also could have prevented the abdication crisis or the mess that David left behind.

The Windsors / Re: Queen Alexandra (1844-1925), Part IV
« on: July 17, 2010, 07:02:25 AM »
Great photograph! Is she wearing mourning?

Yes sorry, I lost it a little bit I suppose. But after reading the same things over and over again who wouldn't? Then again I agree with your point. A portrait doesn't tell allot - that's the ''gift'' (or curse) of photographing - you can create the image you like by it. And smiling allot does not always mean happines in the first place - sometimes it hides the many tears that go behind it. Not always but it happens.

Oh and I must say TDS you have one resemblance with Eric here - he once got me mixed up with the wrong sex too. Never been a ''she'' in my live. ;)

No Eric....please not again:

 ''the coldness stuff comes from her mother and the trauma of the little shoes in combination with the Prussian upbringing reflecting on her own way of handling her son without smiling an her personal choice to be photographed in profile, the meaning that goes behind that choice, as a princess and a lady that leads us to the lady question jumping in a coronation carriage just as like her other HRH cousins, remembering she was a princess then while she behaved not like one at a dinner with Alfonso seen by ''Baby Bee'' as rude that showed why she didn't want to marry the Spanish dude, in the meantime she did everything her way and was unpopular by the people of both Canada and the UK (not), resembled her cousin Alicky she hardly knew, thought never of leaving England to marry, there were Wallis and Fergie comparesements, again the married as a princess than became a lady and forgot this that made her lose all her claims on royalty apparently ..ooh have I mentioned the cold Prussian mother Louise that made her close to her father already?, this all backed up by the Golden guy who has apparently an answer on everything and her sister with the troubling mother-inlaw abroad smiles more often that causes her to have a better personality than Patricia for heaven sake?''

I think I just made an overview of Eric's contributions to this thread. But I don't know if there are any ''relics' around. They could be auctioned off, or still in the family, maybe given away, who knows? I would love to see them.

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