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I didn't say Missy suffered a miscarriage.  She gave birth to a stillborn child or to a child who was adopted.  No one knows.


Sorry for the not responding correctly and accurately.  For breivity I put miscarraige in quotations.  I meant to refer to all you said-miscarriage and/or adoption.  Other than H. Pakula's book, what do you recommend for reliable information and/or sources on Queen Marie.  





Thank you for clairification on this issue.  I was not aware Missy suffered a "miscarriage" two years before Mignon's birth.  

This was not discussed in Hannah Pakula's biography of Marie.


Until I earn a lot more money than I'm paid at my current job, or my public library decides to add more historical biographies to its shelves, I'm afraid I'm stuck reading information from websites and what few books my library does have, which can sometimes lead to misinformation, but I'm afraid without any money I can't get lots of the books I would love to read.  :(

Dear Lost Fan,

Do not feel bad.  Many of the people on this web site have access to these books or access to people who have have access.  I

f I won the lottery I would not have money to buy all the books I need and want to read.  

We were just trying to be helpful and warn you that not all web sites are quality sources of royalty information.

I have studied Queen Marie for years and enjoyed this site for years too.  I am  not "the" expert" but if you need help in locating something just ask.  All site members will help you as much as they can.


The Greek Royal Family / Re: Prince Andrew of Greece and his family
« on: February 26, 2005, 03:23:01 PM »
I believe I read somewhere that Alice suffered through what today would be considered a very traumatic menopause.  

If the medications we have today were available then she would not have been diagnoised with a "mental condition" or suffered anthing resembling the nervous breakdown attributed to her.

On another thought, has it occured to anyone except me that both Alice of Greece and Grand Duchess Marine Pavlonova-the younger both resemble Drew Barrynore?  Maybe I am judt seeing things


Radu Duda was a Romanian actor.   Margarita will succeed her father as head of the house, but she is not the Crown Princess as women cannot succeed.  Michael - whom  I've known for more than 25 years - does not have the power to change the succession, which is based on a constitution that no longer exists.  The monarchy would have to be restored, and Parliament would have to change the succession ..
but restoration is not going to happen.  At all.

Why do you believe the restoration will not occur?  Just looking for information I may not have access to.

It is my understanding that Princess Margarita and her husband are living in Princess Elizabeth's old palace in Bucharest.  Is this information correct?

According to, at least three of King Ferdinand and Queen Marie's children were illegitamate, but Ferdinand accepted paternity of them regardless. Of the six, I only found questionable paternity about Princesses Marie and Ileana and Prince Mircea."

First of all, it would be better to start reading quality biographies and histories instead of looking at websites where one wonders about the veracity.   None of the children were illegitimate as all of the children were born during a marriage and thus were legally Ferdinand's children.  Hannah Pakula's largely definitive biography touches on this topic.  Paul Quinlan's The Playboy KIng, a rather scholarly biography of Carol II, also has rather good information.   Of her children, it appears that perhaps Ileana and most certainly MIrcea, were fathered by Barbro Stirbey.  Mignon's father was probably Ferdinand.  Marie did apparently also have another child (before Mignon) as she was sent to Germany in disgrace where she gave birth (either the child died or was adopted - so far no other information.)

Ileana would always talk about her father Ferdinand - if she believed she was fathered by another child, she certainly would never have admitted it.  

Mignon was the child born in Germanyduring Marie's so called "banishment" which was her mother's idea.

She was nicknamed Mignon after the play/opera her mother viewed very shortly befor her birth.

This is explained in detail in Hannah Pakula's book-The Last Romantic. I have read it so many times I can quote the book including endnotes chapter and verse.

Thanks for posting the picture.

I see King Ferdinand's "Nando's" side of the family in him.

Dose anyone else see it?

Having read biographies of Waldorf Astor and Nancy Laghorne Shaw Astor.  I would discount Waldorf Astor.  

The only child's birth that fits with the "Waldorf Astor" period of Queen Marie's life is her second son Prince Nicholas.  

Look at pictures of Prince Nicholas of Roumania-he is a Hohenzollern if ther ever was one!!!

Thank you for this information.  I will look into it.  

Have you ever seen a list by a relaible source of all the people Marie "supposedly" had affairs with.

I personaly believe that Barbo Stribey was the only "physical" affair.

The Greek Royal Family / Re: King Alexander I & Aspasia Manos
« on: February 26, 2005, 08:42:26 AM »
Alexander's death

On 27 September 1920, king Alexander, after repairing the engine of his car at Tatoi, was involved in a bizarre accident.

His dog, Fritz, was involved in a fight with 2 pet monkeys, owned by the manager of the estate. The king tried to separate them and was bitten on the leg by one of the monkeys.

The wound turned septic and 4 weeks and 7 operations later, king Alexander died on 25 October 1920. He was 27 years-old. He left his wife Princess Aspasia pregnant. She gave birth to their child, Alexandra on 25 March 1921 (5 months after Alexander's death).

I know this will sound strange but in this picture Alexander I of Greece resembles King Carol II of Roumania.  I sumize it is the russian coming out.  

Alexander II was certainly a good looking man.

Where did you get the information on Mignon's father being Grad Duke Boris.

Hannah Pakula, biographer or Queen Marie, conducted indepth research and concluded that all children were fathered by the King with the exception of Mircea.

Mircea's father id "accepted to be" Prince Barbo Stribet.

If anyone has any "real sources" about parentage other than what I have listed, I would like to know.

Also, could some shed some shed some light on me about the controversay with Princess Margarita's husband Radu Dudau-if there is any?  I know he is 10-12 twelve years younger than his wife, Princess Margarita.  At her age, I doubt there will be children.  What is the succession for head of the Romania Royal Family and there by the crown if a restoration comes about.

Alexandra Feodorovna / Re: Alexandra and Other Queens
« on: February 26, 2005, 07:10:01 AM »
Queen Mary had a an upper class crisp ebglish accent. When she named the Queen Mary and not the Normandie, her voice was clear. She also spoke to the nation in a broadcast in 1940 during the dark days of the war. She had a rich voice and I am told that she no trace of german accent.

AF and Mary well I have never believed they got on to well. AF thought Mary a little common because of her marganatic blood, others words not mine. Also Mary was devoted to her husbands family and its history. Many who are on the outside of a family, and have had a difficult childhood, place themselves at the heart of the partners family and become more a part of that family, than its birth members if you understand what I mean. Mary became more royal than the royals themselves. Its part of Mary's personality that she became devoted to the royal collection and its upkeep. But as consorts go, Mary was the perfect Queen Consort, devoted to her country and her duty. A lot like our present Queen. Her love for her children is harder for us to understand. Different times and with John, well I think she did what she was told would be best for him.

I like Queen Mary a lot, she is very interesting. She also left behind a great legacy the royal collection. She did not have an easy life loosing 3 sons in her own lifetime. But she never faltered in her duty to her husbands people.

David Newell, London

Alix could NOT have been a sonb.  Do Not forget her sister VHM married a product of a less than 100% royal marriage.  QV and Alex much respected VMH's husband, Louis of Battenburg.

Welcome New Users! Read 1st please. / Re: How to read all posts?
« on: February 25, 2005, 11:18:22 AM »
Thank You!!!!

Welcome New Users! Read 1st please. / Re: How to read all posts?
« on: February 25, 2005, 07:57:21 AM »
This is very difficult for a new user.  Is there a thread instructing a new user  "how to use the discussion forum".

I have no idea even how to begin posting?  Also, what does "Hide e-mail from the public" mean?

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