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Did she ever become queen? I still havnt figured it out!

Thank you! Yes, i hadnt seen the Georg/Waldemar thread that had a lot of info...
But it would still be great to know more about her and the french family...
She seems like a woman who deserves a thread on her own!

Yes it would be great to see.
I have tried to find some on the web, and in books, but have failed...
The same goes for her mother, Elena Pavlovna. She lived until 1873, so there must be some!

Altso i have just read that Czar Alexander II was murdered after visiting his cousin, Katarina Mikhailovna at her home, the Mikhailovski Palace...i always thougt he was visiting his brother, Grand Duke Mikhail..
So is that true? ???

The Danish Royal Family / Prince Waldemar & Princess Marie (nee Orleans)
« on: January 17, 2005, 07:47:28 PM »
Can anyone tell me about princess Marie, and her relationship with her danish family.
I know a little, and she seems like a fascinating woman.
How was she regarded by MF, Alexandra and the others.

It would altso be nice to know something about her french family. Did they live and France and what were they like?

Queen Louise of Denmark was against the marriage of Lovisa and Frederk, because she regarded her mother, Louise of Sweden as being boring, without any charm, and feared that Lovisa would turn out the same..

Another nickname of Lovisa in the family was "Den, klamme", roughly translated as the nasty or gross one!
thats gotta hurt!

Lovisas parents both died within a few years after the marriage, and not having any simblings either to turn to, she must have felt quit alone in her new tight family...

The Danish Royal Family / Re: Danish Election to throne of Greece
« on: January 11, 2005, 12:48:49 PM »
Prince Waldemar was offered the throne of Bulgaria, but declined.
His wife, Marie of Orleans did not want to leave Denmark and go to Bulgaria.
Altso Waldemar knew, that being king of Bulgaria eventually would bring him into conflict with his brother, King George I..

The Danish Royal Family / Re: Princess Thyra's Illegitimate Daughter
« on: January 10, 2005, 03:32:55 PM »
Vilhelm Marcher did commit suicide, after a hard talk with King Christian IX..
His death was announced( or what you call it!!) in a news paper the next day..of cource, it didnt say the reason why...

I have read that Princess Thyra, during her early married life had several mental breakdowns, and  she would be found wondering around, looking for her baby in the park at her home, Schloss Cumberland in Austria..

So a very tragic history for those involved...

Wow, Thats Great! Thank you both very much!

Another question ( as always).
I have read that german princes who stayed in Russia after marrying a Grand Duchess, would become a member of the imperial family, aswell as their children....
But what does that mean? Did they become russian citizens and have russian titles; did they get money from the state, and where their children in line to the throne?
And what about their native countries?

Does anyone have any pictures or information on Grand duchess Katarina Mikhailovna, b. 1827, d. 1894. she was the daughter of Grand Duke Mikhail Pavlovich, son of Pavl I, and Grand Duchess Elena Pavlovna b. 1807, d. 1873.
I think she married a german prince, but lived in russia after the marriage.
It would also be great to see som pictures of G.D  Elena Pavlona..
i have tried everywhere, but there dosnt seem to be much information about them

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