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The Greek Royal Family / Re: Princess Eugenie of Greece
« on: May 07, 2016, 02:44:18 PM »
A picture of Eugenie with her son

It's quite funny and amazing how little Carlo Alessandro della Torre e Tasso resembles his distant english cousins, especially as a child !  The emperor (Napoléon) would not have been too happy !

French Royals / Re: Imperial France: House Bonaparte news
« on: May 07, 2016, 02:39:54 AM »

to be continued...

French Royals / Re: Imperial France: House Bonaparte news
« on: May 07, 2016, 02:28:02 AM »
Prince Charles Napoléon and his son Jean Christophe Napoléon (both men are very handsome) be continued....

The Habsburgs / Re: Empress Elisabeth, Part V.
« on: April 02, 2015, 01:49:42 PM »
Interesting portraits. Thanks a lot to all here. I wasn't here a long time because too busy with work !! It's evident that she looks very different on every portrait. Well, the last one is interesting, too, but I think that it does not look very much like her in my opinion. What do the others think?  I didn't know the artist as well, I must confess....Is he well-known?

Interesting. It seems to be a french book. Does anyone know the title ?

Thank you !!

An old Erzi and a dog and the windisch graetz mansion. Courtesy of Erzsi82 from italian sissi`s boards.

I have never heard that Karl I. was maybe not Otto von Habsburgs father. As there is no real proof at the moment (I personally don't believe this story as long as there is no evidence) I would prefer to open a single topic on this "thesis", because this topic here is called " Emperor Karl of Austria and Empress Zita". Thanks.

The problem is got the picture back :-) :-) :-) How nice.

I know, but the book is not to find here, where I live in Germany :/ Some years ago a person from Alexander Palace sent me the scans, but I can't remember who....I would like to have it, because it's my passion to draw these people!  It's only for private studies, not for publishing...

I know exactly which picture I mean, because I had it, but I lost it because of a PC crash. The book is very expensive and I only want this one picture. I pity, I did'nt save it, when my PC crashed  :(

I have a little question. There is a book called " inheritors of Alexander the Great", where there are some very rare pictures of Marie's grandchildren Georg and Tatiana Radziwill. Many years ago there was a gentle person who sent me two or three pics from this book, but I have lost them by a PC crash some years ago. I only search for the photo of the young Prince Georg Radziwill as a boy (grandson of Princess Marie and Prince Georg of Greece) which is on the book (I don't know the page, sorry)
Can anyone tell me, where I can find this picture? I have searched on all royal forums, but it isn't there. I think, I once published it here on the Alexander Forum, but took it away because of Copyright laws.
I would really be very happy, if anyone could tell me, where to find this single picture of Prince Georg Radziwill as a young boy. Thank you. You can also me contact in pm !

fascinating portrait of Marie with her son at her breast! Thank you. I have never seen this. Where did you find it?

From a Greek blog site. I don't think I"ve ever seen such an intimate royal photo:

Honestly... they -the man and the kids- don't look like Habsburgs to me.... :-?

I also think that they are not Habsburg, because they don't have any of the typical features. The look is not everything, but proof is missing, I think. There are many stories like that, only a genetic proof (DNA) can reveal the reality! But often this a long way. I know this from another case. But I can understand that this family has many open questions. This is difficult.

I have made a single topic for it, I didn't see that there is a thread for announcements of births and deads of the Habsburgs.

I opened a single thread about Archduke Felix. Please look at this, too.


Further information about Archduke Felix found in a newspaper article:

"(....) It is worth adding that his survival  to the age of 3, let alone 95, was almost certainly the result of actions taken by three Britons:
King George V, who arranged  for the Habsburg royal family to be given "moral" support during their temporary in Eckartsau near Vienna
during the bitter winter of 1918-19, and the two Colonels, John Orlando Summerhayens, RAMC and Edward Lisle Strutt, Royal Scots.
Colonel Summerhayes was appointed as "Ehrenkavalier" on February II, 1919, arriving at Eckartsau a few days later to protect the imperial family
and, as a doctor, tend to their health before he was replaced by the aristocratric, Roman Catholic Strutt a week or so later.
Two year old Felix was particularly ill and the Empress Zita persuaded Strutt to allow Summerhayes to accompany Felix to Switzerland for medical
treatment, a decision which probably saved his life.
No further evidence has come to light confirming this winter journey to Switzerland. Perhaps there still remain members of the Habsburg family or their entourage who have memories or stories of this episode."

It seems nice and interesting that film ! I hope to see it completely once !!! Thanks for sharing that link.

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