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French Royals / Familyconnection Bonaparte- Mussolini
« on: March 04, 2006, 10:40:10 AM »

My name is Britta and I am very interested in the Bonaparte family from the 18th century until the todays decendance.

I have got a very special question and would be very happy if anybody could help me to solve this problem.

On one website (in the archive of time-newspaper, I will post the address later on ) there is an article that in the year 1952 the great-great-grandson of Lucien Bonaparte, brother of Napoleon and prince of Canino, Alessandro Giunta (born 1929) married the 18- year old granddaughter of Benito Mussolini, Raimonda Ciano (born in 1933, and as I have read already dead: She was the daughter of Edda Mussolini and of the late count Ciano of Galeazzo).

I would be very interested in knowing, if there are descendants from this marriage and if there are any photos of the people.

Unfortunately I have found the information on this interesting marriage only on this one website and no where else.

Are these facts through and are there no more informations to find?

Can anybody help me??

I wrote to two relatives of Alessandro Giunta, but they did not reply my questions at all.

Does anybody know if any other of the Ciano hears  is (children of Edda Mussolini Ciano) still alive?
Edda had three children from count Galeazzo, who was murdered by Mussolini: Raimonda, Marzio and Fabrizio
( he wrote a book: Quando nonno fece fucilare papĂ )

I would really be interested in finding out more about this marriage, as it is an interesting connection: Bonaparte and Mussolini descendants in one family :D

So has anybody got an idea , who could be asked concerning this topic?
Are there any old newspaperarticles, photos other information?

Any idea, who could be asked?

I would be thankful for any link or answer or help!

Britta  ;)

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