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Forum Announcements / Re: About forum members
« on: January 03, 2005, 09:10:28 PM »

Dear FA:

Okay, I just tried it one more time and I do see it now!  ;D

Thank so much!
Janet R.

Forum Announcements / Re: About forum members
« on: January 03, 2005, 09:08:30 PM »
Dear FA:

I too am logged in, but cannot access this area either.  :-/

I tried both thru the link that Helen_Azar posted here and on the main Forum menu.  I see no "General" section either.

Janet R.

The Imperial Family / Re: Unusual picture...
« on: January 03, 2005, 07:18:39 PM »
 :D :)

Hello everyone!

I just returned that book to the library - and it WAS very interesting - had some photos (including the one in this thread) that I had never seen before.

I too tend to date the pictures by what the girls are wearing - but I had never thought of the fact that they might  be wearing "old" clothes!  Of course during the war that would have been true.  But I also thought too that the knit hats the girls were wearing might indicate that it was after their heads were shaved for the measles.

Always learn something new here!  ;D
Janet R.

 :) ;)

Hooray for PBS!

I just hope that I can get that in my area in the not so so far off future!  

I am such a sucker for animals - the IF intrigues me so much, and part of that is their love for their pets.  It is a true test of a person's character for me as to how they treat their pets.  And theirs seem to have been loved and well cared for, even in the worst circumstances.

I am a little emotional about the issue because my best friend for 20 years, my cat Muffin, passed away 1 week ago.  I know I was lucky to have such a loving companion for all those years, but to lose an old friend is very hard.  

Anywho...the show sounds great, I'll have to research to see if I can get the book.  
Thanks for the info!
Janet R.

You can check out the "Assasin of the Tsar" by
accessing the "IMDb" webpage (Independent Movie Data Base) - it has all the specs on the film and reviews, etc.

I haven't tried to purchase it yet, but I'm definitely going to - Malcolm McDowell is such an excellent actor when he has the material to work with - and this certainly fits that criteria!  :)

Oh, and off-topic (somewhat) - I found "Russian Ark" at my library's DVD's for rent!  It is out, but it is only $1.00
for 7 days - I love my library!!  Can't wait to see it also.
Janet R.


I think Janet S. was superb in "N + A" - but I do love
Greta Sacci and think that if Alix had aged a little more gracefully, she could have looked just as beautiful!

I do think that Vanessa Redgrave would have been an inspired choice also.

Janet R.

 :) ;)

This book must be very popular - after reading everyone's comments, I tried to order it on,
but it is currently unavailable.  So I am on a waiting list and they apparently just send it when they get it.

I just know I am going to have to buy a bigger bookcase for all these Romanov tomes that I've been getting!  They are competing with my Hawaiian Monarchy books in size!  And are usually larger!  And far more numerous!
Janet R.   8)

The Imperial Family / Re: Names, Patronymics, Nicknames and Name Days
« on: December 24, 2004, 12:48:14 PM »
 ;D ;D

Dear Rskkiya:

Thank you for your posting - I do understand your
lightheartedness and I loved your reference to the
vicious garden gnomes!  I myself am afraid of clowns (lol)!   ;D :o

I just have thin skin - must be from living in the tropics - probably my blood is thin too!  I do have a sense of humor and if something in in way of a reprimand is given, I surely don't mind it, but appreciate it, as long as it is given in a lighthearted manner!   8)

Thank you again - I look forward to being part of your
Janet R.
:) ;) :D

The Imperial Family / Re: Names, Patronymics, Nicknames and Name Days
« on: December 23, 2004, 10:34:39 PM »

Okay, here I go - jumping in the water!  Yikes! :o

As I was the member earlier referred to as being intimidated by posting in fear of being "trashed and bashed" - I want to clarify myself.  
Once again going off-topic, which I assure you isn't my intention in posting on this board (altho' it seems like it today) :-[

What is wrong with being "polite and friendly"?  I thought those were positive attributes?  We can all still have disagreements and opinions that differ without sarcasm and rudeness to people who may have thinner skin than others, can't we?

I want to be a contributor to this site (not just a lurker, as I have been), so many people seem so very friendly and certainly so knowledgeable about the IF - however I have to confess that I always shy away from something that I know is going to cause me to feel shame for a question I ask or an opinion that I may have.  
I'll be the first to say that I wish I were more like others on the board and say "the h*** with them" if I was flamed, but we're all different, right?  ;)

I enjoy a discussion, and certainly respect everyone's opinion, even tho' it might not be my own...I just don't think it is necessary to hurt people in the process.

And thank you Sarai, Janet W. and Martyn for making me feel brave enough to post this!  I normally wouldn't
...but just lurk!  lol.

I look forward to posting and meeting you all - I feel as if I know some of you from reading and reading the board!  

Now - Mele Kalikimaka from Hawai'i Nei!  
(Merry Christmas from the isles of Hawai'i)
Janet R.
:D ;D ;)


I was not upset or offended by "The Lost Prince" (tho it probably seemed so), and I realize that the show is not about the Romanov Family (we could only wish for the BBC to do one) - and you are right - most of us are obviously somewhat biased in our wanting 100% accuracy in "Our Romanovs"

I did like the fact that they established that Nicholas was a very physical person - swimming in the ocean was certainly in character!  ;D  
And everything about the Grand Duchesses was wonderful - even though there really wasn't any dialogue that I can remember, they established that they were lovely innocent young girls and casting seemed to have tried to show some individuality in each of them (hair color, height).  I loved the way they were usually grouped according to height and age - just the way you always see in the pictures of them.

I have to say also that I "TIVO'd" the show and putting in on a frame by frame mode afterwards was great - the wardrobes of Alix and the girls was so spot on!  They looked right out of Anya's album pictures from summers in their white dresses and big picture hats.  What detail!

The show is absolute quality - I just wish they hadn't relied so much on negative stereotype on N + A.  I especially winced at the famous George and Nicholas photo session - was it really necessary to humiliate him so much?  

By the by - the actress playing Nurse Lalla?  Wasn't she in "The Forsythe Saga"?  Just a question for all you BBC types out there!
Regards Always,
Janet R.
;D :D

Aloha to all!

I just watched (and rewatched) the 1st installment of "The Lost Prince" - stupid me, I had no idea it was on and thankfully, stumbled upon it just before airing here in Hawai'i last nite on PBS.  What a treat to find it!!

Have to say that I agree with all previous postings on it (so far, remember next week is 2nd installment) - Miranda Richardson, outstanding as a young looking (for once) Princess/Queen Mary!  I thought it an excellent and sympathetic portrayal.
The very young Prince John I thought was extrodinary as well as his brother the somewhat older Prince George.  Once again, the BBC does what only it can do with regards to quality of production, etc.!  

On the portrayal of the Romanovs:  Ai yi yi!!  :-X :o

Nikki was shown to be a very tall?!?!  
wimp of a man who was horribly henpecked by his shrewish wife, who wouldn't  walk "another step" in her regular shoes on the grass and caused everyone to jump looking for overshoes!  Talk about your typical stereotypes!  The actress looked nothing like Alix in my opinion, nor sounded like I would have thought she would sound as far as accent - I'm not quite sure what accent she was going for, but I believe the actresses name is Ingeborg something?   Russian much?

Especially disappointed in portrayal of Alix...if she had been half as persnickety, cold and arrogant as acted I wouldn't have been in disagreement with most of the Russian public at the time!  

I was very disappointed in N + A, but very pleased with what little we have seen so far as far as OTMA - especially the young girl (who I believe has a Russian name) who I think is supposed to be GD Marie.  She and GD Olga I thought looked somewhat similar to the girls.  Couldn't quite figure out who was supposed to be GD Tatiana and GD Anastasia - and the small boy that played Alexei was not shown much at all.

It was wonderful to see them brought to life and especially in the film clips seen after the show in a special "King, Tsar, Kaiser" 15 min. documentary.  I LOVED the clip of them docking at a portside and Alexei literally leaping out of the boat, both arms above his head!  What a treat!

On the somber side, the previews for next week showed very prominently the massacre scene at Ipatiev House - looks to be very difficult to watch.

Sorry for the long post, but I was so thrilled to see this unexpected gem!  Looking forward to hearing others views on the portrayals.
Thanks for listening!
Janet R.

The Final Chapter / "Stuffed" bears at Ipatiev House?
« on: September 23, 2004, 03:46:24 PM »
Hello all!

I was just wondering if anyone else has read that there was a "female bear and 2 cubs" that were stuffed and on one of the landings at the Ipatiev House.

In the book "FOTR" by King/Wilson it stated that these bears were passed by the IF on their way to the murder room and that all of them for some unknown reason - crossed themselves as they passed these same bears.

Do any of you have any speculation as to why they would have done that?  I'm not familiar with anything tied to bears in their faith that would have made them give this gesture.  I hope this is the right place to put this question....I couldn't think of any other spot.  I just thought it was fascinating!

Thank you all!
Janet R.

A belated many thanks to all of you who responded to
my request for a picture of Princess
are great!!!

Janet R.

Hello all -
I cannot find a picture of Princess Dolgorukaya in any of the books I have on the Romanovs (and so many of you seem to have a library-full!).  

Would anybody on the board that might have a picture of this well-loved mistress/wife of Alexander II please post it?  I'd appreciate it very much.

Thank you so much!
Janet R.

The Imperial Family / Re: Health and Medical History of NAOTMAA
« on: August 12, 2004, 06:49:32 PM »
Sorry, I know I'm a bit late on this thread....but I had to remark on the resemblance in the pictures referenced above to Audrey Hepburn!  My gosh, with that hairstyle, Tatiana sure bore a striking resemblance (or the other way around!)

Janet R.

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