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Nicholas II / Re: Personal Attributes of Nicholas II
« on: August 12, 2004, 03:06:11 PM »
 :o :o
May I ask a foolish question please?  The infamous "bare bottom" it in the Yale
Library photo albums?  I know I have seen it in
the past ( :o ::)) but can't remember if it was in them or not.....reading your posts has made me wish to view it again!! ( :o :o)

Thank you in all are so great...I am so very grateful I have found this board of people who are interested in something that people have always thought I was foolishly interested in.  Now I know that I am not so alone!  Wonderful thing, the internet!

Janet R.     :-*

The Imperial Family / Re: What got you interested in the Romanovs?
« on: August 12, 2004, 02:59:25 PM »
 :) :)
Hello all!   New on the board, so bear with me please!

I guess when I first read the infamous
"Nicholas and Alexandra" book by Massie
and the movie afterwards....
having been a devotee of Queen Victoria
and all things thereabout....
it was natural that I became very interested in the Romanov family as well--easy transition!  And
of course, such tragedy and drama in their lives.

What has kept me interested all these
years is something hard to explain, but
that all of you seem to have also.....that
"somehow I feel I know them"
feeling you get when you read
about them or especially, see pictures.  
Something like the way I felt about the late
Princess Diana.....such warm, genuine
people in such elevated stations....but somehow you can just imagine them as friends!  

They all have that "certain something" that keep us all interested and loving them all this time later, don't they?
I'm sure the fact that they were so lovely looking didn't hurt either!
Janet R.     ;D ;) :)

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