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I have to add my sincere mahalo (thank you) to Robert as well for sharing those wonderful pictures from his recent trip - I too find it fascinating that there is a small church on her plot!

Thank you Robert!

Janet R.


Aloha all!

I couldn't be more thrilled - on my return portion from Paris this September - we are spending a day and night in London. 

I have to really pare things down and prioritize, so Buckingham Palace was at the forefront of my "must see" things - I accordingly purchased the "Royal Day Out" tickets and low and behold....not only
is the Duchess of Cambridge's wedding gown, shoes, and earrings on display - but this wonderful Faberge exhibit!!! 
 ;D ;D
Having never seen a piece of Faberge "in person" before and having the extreme good luck to be in London on a day when I can see this.......I am very much "over the moon" indeed!!!!

Can't is pretty overwhelming for this royalty buff!
 :) :-*
Malama Pono (take care),
Janet R.


Well I too miss that thread terribly - because I learned SO much from it - constantly!

I am very happy to know though that there is going to be a book and that makes it completely worthwhile - and even more eagerly anticipated!

"Griffth" - you've always been such a wonderful source of information, inspiration and just a wonderful person - I'm very happy to hear the news!

Wishing you the absolute best and I'll be among those putting in a "pre-order" when the time comes - that is for certain! :-*
Malama Pono (take care)
Janet R.



Mahalo "Sarushka" for those deleted scenes - wonderful little "extra" for all of us!

And yes, I'm on my 2nd read-thru as well!

Janet R.


Aloha all!

Wow, mahalo (thank you) for those links! 

Fanny Ardant (j'adore Fanny!) should make an interesting Empress Alexandra - fairly age appropriate as well. 

The pictures of some of the scenes are interesting - the Grand Duchesses (only one picture) are a little "hmmmm" looks wise except for one little actress that does remind me of GD Olga Nicolaevna.

I hope it is as well done as it appears in the video  - while a little corpulent for Grigory Rasputin - Gerard Depardieu manages to certainly give an impression of him - and I have high hopes for this film!

Who knows when I will be able to see it - but it looks an exciting project!!!

Janet R.


Aloha all!

Absolutely agree!

"Absolutely Fabulous".......just that!  It never gets old!

I have to admit to a weakness for my DVD collection of "Keeping Up Appearances" as well!  Hyacinth Bucket (that is "Bouquet" please!) is one of the classic characters in British sitcom I think!

Even "Are you Being Served" - campy but oh so fun!

Janet R.

Having Fun! / Re: Rare Pictures XI
« on: July 08, 2011, 08:29:35 PM »
 :) :-* ;D


I have to say a huge MAHALO (thank you) for providing those wonderful pictures - great work and I really appreciate the effort and time that it took for you all to do that!!

I saw these on the documentaries and was pretty much open mouthed with awe at yet......more unseen (by me at least) pictures of the Imperial Family - especially OTMAA!

Although I can't imagine that there are still pictures out there we haven't seen (those children must have had their every waking moment captured in film I think!) - I am so very grateful
that there are - because each new set of images brings some new insight or "feelings" about one or more of them.....just rounding things out even more for us all.

With much appreciation!!!!!!

Janet R.
 :-* :-*

Olga Nicholaievna / Re: Olga Photographs IV
« on: July 08, 2011, 05:34:38 PM »


Amazing documentary - about 98% of the pictures used I've never seen before!!

Wish that I understood one word of Russian, but it seems to be told from the viewpoint of OTMAA, given the pictures and the voices.

Mahalo (thank you) very much for the link - I just wish I knew how to do screen grabs - so many great unseen (by me at least) pictures!

Janet R.    :-*


Aloha from Kaua'i!

I'd definitely be interested in receiving an email about this new venture!  While I am not interested in selling, I'm always interested in Romanov related items.

Could you PM me and I'd be happy to send my email address to you when you are at a point to take that info!

Janet R.



Ilana - I have to say that I am deep into reading your book (due to the extreme kindness of a friend!!!) - and I am enjoying it so very much!

I am learning so many things about the sisters that I didn't know and your writing style is wonderful - I just had to tell you how much I am enjoying it!!

Boy, between "The Lost Crown" and "The Four Graces" - this has been a bonanza of wonderful books for me this month!

Wonderful book - really great!

Janet R.



I've been wondering about that film as well - I'm a big (no pun intended -have you seen his size lately???) Gerard Depardieu fan and I think he would do a good job actually - as
long as the script wasn't horrendous.

So I've been waiting, and waiting, and waiting as well!

If anyone hears anything concrete, please let us know.  I'll be in Paris in September (!!) - it would be wonderful if it were playing while I was there!!!

Janet R.


Aloha all!

Just a note to say that my pre-ordered Amazon copy arrived 2 days ago - and I'm enjoying every page.  I'm "rationing" it so that I don't just read it in one big gulp, since it is so very good!

Wonderful job Sarushka - even better than I'd imagined (and that's going some!).......

Janet R.

French Royals / Re: Emperor Napoleon III and his family
« on: June 15, 2011, 03:11:30 PM »

Aloha all!

Just "bumping" my question up - does no one know about the Countess de Castiglione?

I'm really interested in her and am only finding so much on the internet - the one incredibly expensive photo book is great, but I'd love to know about any others.

As well as more of her personal history and her son.

Thank you!

Janet R.

French Royals / Re: Emperor Napoleon III and his family
« on: June 09, 2011, 07:15:32 PM »

Aloha all!

I've become interested in one of the mistresses of Napoleon III - Virginie, Countess de Castiglione. 

The photographs of her are fascinating and amazing and I cannot find one book (in English at least) that talks about this very ambitious and narcissistic woman.  She seemed to have been completely obsessed with
her looks and buried herself away when they began to fade.

Can anyone recommend a good source for information or more photos on her?  I find her really amazing and would like to learn more about her life.
I know she had a son, but can't find out what happened to him other than he died young and apparently there was a series of photos done of him that made him look like the Countess?

Thank you to anyone who can help out!

Janet R.


Aloha all!

I purchased my 2 volumes of Noblesse Russe by Jacques Ferrand last year in Paris - I considered myself very lucky indeed to have found them!

I am going back again this fall and I'm hoping to find additional volumes possibly as well - keeping fingers crossed!

They are wonderful books and I enjoy them tremendously.

Janet R.

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