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I saw them before in a French magazine.

Yes, like me... "Point de Vue", I suppose?...

hmmmmmmmm my first post......and immediately WRONG!!!!!  :D

well, this is def. her..... with her husband and daughter

A colour pic of Princess Eugenie wearing the sapphire festoon necklace and brooch to be auctioned in Awitzerland next month on behalf of her younger son.

Does someone have some larger picture of this series of photographs? They are amazing. I love so much George and Marie on these pictures! I had an old magazine where these pics were very large and I've lost it...! I was really upset!

Never seen this...thank you!Could you tell me if this is Duke Christian with his wife Lovisa?If so,one of the children must be Prince Christian,husband of Princess Helena?

Even in exile their castle/palace of Primkenau looked quite lavish if we take a note that they were the exiled family of a relatively small Dukedom...

Look, this picture was made partly after Kmerov's beautiful painting.

You can see Christian-August II and his wife Louise-Sophie Danneskjold-Samsoe, with the children (left to right) Christian, Friedrich, Henriette, Caroline and Louise...

So Christian on the painting is the youg boy, in the left.

Thanks. They looked lovely in beach wear. He was very handsome. There is another photo of him in swim trunks in the Spanish book on Baby Bee.

Yes, King Umberto was very hansome.

Especially when he was young (around 1930). Margherita Sarfati, Mussolini's jewish mistress, who knew the prince very well at this time (when she was made lady-in-waiting of Queen Helena), wrote in her Mémoires that "the prince of Piemont had the beauty of a young god from Hollywood"!

who is that Lady?

Actually this is the most honorable daguerrotype of occidental history.

It is Marie Louise archiduchesse d'Autriche et Grande duchesse de Parme at the end of her life.

Yes, the first time I've seen this daguerréotype, I was breathless!

Think of it, we have here Napoléon's wife!



Great pictures of Vera, but... please, does someone know a picture of her husband, duke Eugen of Wurtemberg?

from Wikipedia.

But of course... Wikipedia, quite simply! Sorry, I should have checked this before asking it here...

Thank you in any case Kmerov!

French Royals / Re: Bourbon-Condé and Bourbon-Conti
« on: April 09, 2010, 05:22:03 PM »

Love it!! Who was the painter do we know!?

Yes, the picture is attributed to François-Joseph Desvernois, but there are very few informations about him. It was a french miniaturist who essentially worked in 1799 in Strasbourg (Charlotte's portrait was certainly made at this time),  and later in Switzerland... That's all what we know...


Here’s a portrait of Eugen with one of his wives. I am not sure is this Mathilde of Helena: the hair-do is more closer to the 1830s though so could have been Helena

Yes, it can only be Helena, because Mathilde died in 1825, and then she couldn't definitively have such a hair-style...

But now, here is the point : does someone know a picture of Mathilde? I know, it must be difficult, she died so young...


Great pictures of Vera, but... please, does someone know a picture of her husband, duke Eugen of Wurtemberg?

Hmm,tough to say who is right and who is not from this point of view,but still thanks for sharing this...even if it's like that he still descends from Kings of is other line to Azzo VII d'Este who is ancestor of Napoleon and Marie:

Emperor Charles "the Bald" of Holy Roman Empire,lived from 823-877
Princess Rothilde of France,died in 927
Count Hugues I de Maine,lived from 890-955
Count Hugues II de Maine,died in 977
Count Hugues III de Maine,died in 1015
Count Herbert I Eveille-Chien de Maine,died in 1036
Countess Garsende de Maine
Margrave Folco I d'Este,died in 1128

and so on...until Bonapartes...

Ah yes! For this line, nothing to say, it's all right... Great job!!!

And here is her line(and also Napoleon's) from the CAPET dynasty:

Hugues CAPET, King of France 987-996,lived from 940-996
Robert II 'le Pieux', King of France 996-1031,lived from 972-1031
Henri I, King of France 1031-1060,lived from 1008-1060
Philippe I, King of France 1060-1108,lived from 1052-1108
Princess Constance of France,lived from 1078-1125
Boemund II, Prince of Antioch 1110-1131,lived from 1107-1131
Constance, Princess of Antioch,lived from 1127-1153
Alicia de Chatillon,Princess of Antioch,died in 1235
Margrave Azzo VII d'Este,lived from 1205-1264
                   Cubitosa d'Este
Gabriele Malaspina, Marchese di Verrucola,died in 1289
Isnardo Malaspina, Marchese di Verrucola
Niccolò Malaspina, Marchese di Verrucola,died in 1416
                 Apollonia Malaspina
Giovanni Buonaparte,Nobile di Sarzana,died in 1501
Francesco "il Mauro" Buonaparte, Nobile di Sarzana,died around 1540
Nobile Gabriele Buonaparte,lived from 1485-1582
Nobile Geronimo Buonaparte,lived from 1520-1594
Nobile Francesco Buonaparte,lived from 1570-1633
Nobile Sebastiano Buonaparte,lived from 1603-1643
Nobile Carlo Maria Buonaparte,lived from 1637-1692
Nobile Giuseppe Maria Buonaparte,lived from 1663-1703
Nobile Sebastiano Nicola Buonaparte,lived from 1683-1720
Nobile Giuseppe Maria Buonaparte,lived from 1713-1763
Carlo Maria Buonaparte,Nobile di Toscana,lived from 1746-1785
Lucien Bonaparte,Prince di Canino and Musignano,lived from 1775-1840
Prince Pierre Napoleon Bonaparte,lived from 1815-1881
Roland,6th Prince di Canino e Musignano,lived from 1858-1924

I'm sorry but there is a little problem...

"Constance, Princess of Antioch,lived from 1127-1153" was the first wife of Renaud de Châtillon, and they had a daughter, Agnès, who was married with Bela III, king of Hungary.

But Renaud de Châtillon had a second wife, Etiennette de Milly (ca 1145-1197), and she was the mother of Alicia (or Alix) de Châtillon, who was mother of Azzo VII d'Este...

That means that the Bonapartes are not descendant of Constance, but of Etiennette... And then unfortunately, they don't are descendant of Hugues Capet...

I know that some genealogists (like Chaix d'Est-Ange) said in the past that Alicia de Châtillon was, like Agnès, Constance's daughter... But that is deeply unlikely, and even impossible : Constance died in 1153, and Alicia married Azzo VI d'Este in 1204... Then Alicia would be (at least) a 51 years old bride...

Really, I was disappointed when I saw that... Bonaparte's capetian lineage was so much appealing... But it was too good to be true...  

And by the way, it's also a catastrophe for the "Kings of Jerusalem's lineage", since it would be by Constance too... :-(

French Royals / Re: Impératrice Eugénie
« on: April 02, 2010, 04:46:43 AM »

Poor Eugenie!!! Why was she compared to a bird??
Lovely photos KarlandZita ;-)

It's a pun... In french "la grue" means the bird "the crane", but also "the hooker, the whore"...

It's one of the despicable caricatures published after 1870... There was all a collection about all the imperial family. Even the little Prince Imperial was caricatured, as "le serin" (other pun in french  = "the canary" / "the silly billy")... The Princess Mathilde : "la truie" (easy to understand, "the sow"...). And so on...

The Emperor (the vulture) :

The Prince Impérial :

Princess Mathilde :

Stupid and scurvy, isn' it?

Having Fun! / Re: Your favorite French Royals
« on: November 15, 2009, 11:00:47 AM »
I'm sorry, but no, madame de Maintenon is not vile at all...

People who say that are only people who don't know the true story of her life, and who don't know how much she was endearing.

By the way her love story with Louis XIV is one of the most moving of the french history. And the end of her life was that of a saint.

Having Fun! / Re: Your favorite French Royals
« on: November 14, 2009, 10:11:46 AM »
Impress Eugénie and the Prince Impérial

Louis XIV and Madame de Maintenon

Monsieur, Louis XIV's brother, and Liselotte his second wife

The duke of Penthièvre and his daughter-in-law the princess of Lamballe

Madame Royale, duchess of Angoulême

(I wonder why we are many people to love Impress Eugénie, it's a surprise for me!)

French Royals / Re: Impératrice Eugénie
« on: November 14, 2009, 10:00:40 AM »

I wonder what this allegory means exactly...

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