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She has. I have the book "Die große Parade" (The big Parade) by J+ürg Stuker,. It describes the life of his relative Robert Stuker who was first teacher of the Princes Amdrew and Christophor and later Chamberlain at the greek royal Court and there a Visit of Grand Duchess Alexandra is described.

I don't know, the archduchesses around 1800-40s, but the painted was titled "Archduchess Maria Theresia of Austria" found two without the "i" in it :

Archduchess Maria Theresia Henriette Dorothee of Austria-Este (July 2, 1849 - February 3, 1919) later become Queen of Bavaria. (possily it the child in the painting).

Archduchess Maria Theresa Anna of Austria-Teschen (15 July 1845, Vienna - 8 October 1927, Tübingen) unmarried.

Archduchess Maria Theresa (Isabella) of Austria-Teschen (31 July 1816, Vienna – 8 August 1867, Albano) later Queen of Two Sicilies.

The second you mention wasn't unmarried. She married in 1865 Duke Philipp of Württemberg, great-grandfather of the present Head of the Royal House, Duke Carl

Actually He is also descended from Louis XIV who married his bastard daughter to d"Orleans. The King of Spain is regarded as the head of the Bourbons (although some mad people think that the descendant of the Duke of Segovia bears that right )

Of course. I meant in the male line. he is also descending from Louis XIV. through Queen Marie Amélie, née Princess of Naples and Sicily and probably a lot of other Princesses who are descendants of Louix XIV.

French Royals / Re: NAPOLEON II, Duke of Reichstadt
« on: July 14, 2008, 12:14:12 PM »
Hi Stefan,
Thank you for the info. I have already read about the exposition, but have not been there until now because Konstanz is quite far for me. But is it not rather an exposition on Napoleon III instead of Napoleon II (Reichstadt)? As far as I got it's about emperor N III.
How was the exposition, if you have been there? Is there much to see and also worth to travel longer for?
By the way I have just been in the exposition on "König Lustik" (Jerome Bonaparte, king of Westphalia) in Kassel two weeks ago and it was WONDERFUL. Have you also been there?

Hi brit

yes of course about Napoleon III. I typed to fast. The exhibition is really interesting especially the part at Arenenberg Castle. Ther is mouch to see ther, but i don't kn ow what of it is the permanent exhibition there and what belongs to the special one. If you come to the area  i would recommed a Visit as it is in a very beautiful setting.

No i wasn't at the exhibition at Kassel as this is to far from here. I would have loved to visit the exhibition about Queen Emma at Bad Arolsen but it is to bad to reach from you have to travel over 4 hours with the train and i would have to stay over night.

French Royals / Re: NAPOLEON II, Duke of Reichstadt
« on: July 13, 2008, 09:48:23 AM »
At the moment therre is a special exhibition commemorating the 200 anniversary of his birth at the Culut Center at Konstanz and Arenenberg Castle. I visited it yesterday. Some picutres and a report on my blog.

Hi! Can I ask a question? WAs this Count a direct descendant of the Royaly of France? I am trying find out if there is any living male descendant of the Bourban line of Kings. I would like to know if there is someone out there who actually descends from any of the male Kings of the Bourban Line.
Thanks for you answer.

The Count of Paris is a dececendant of King Louis XIII. through his younger son Philippe, Duke of Orléans. And also of King Louis Philippe I.

Hello, I am not specialist on succession of the French throne, and that is why I have probably two very unimportant questions:
What about marriages of Luis-Alphonse father (Alfonso 1936-1989; married Maria del Carmen Martínez-Bordiu y Franco) and grandfather (Jaime, Duque de Segovia, 1908-1975; married and divorced to Emanuela de Dampierre)? Are they considered morganatic or not? (I mean for supposed French succession)
Second: Philippe V. had to renounce the rights to the French throne, had not he? Or it is not valid?
(sorry for bad english...)

There was nver a requierment fior an french dynast to marry a woman from a reigning or former reigning Royal/Princely/Grand Duxcal House like it was in Spain or in Austria. So the marriage is dynastic.

There is also "Die Württembergischen Königinnen" by Sabine Thompson published in autmn 2006. and there was a very big book published in the 1980's "900 Jahre Haus Württemberg".

The Hohenzollern / Re: Queens of Wuerttemberg
« on: July 05, 2008, 03:13:01 PM »
Catherine Pavlovna of Russia    Ekaterina had a happy childhood and her education was carefully supervised by her mother. She received the best education and constantly furthered her education through reading new literary publications and personal contacts with various outstanding persons. She was very close to her siblings particularly with her eldest brother Tsarevich Alexander Pavlovich (later Tsar Alexander I). Throughout her life she would maintain a close relationship with him. It was said that she was Alexander's favorite sister and one of the few persons he loved unconditionally. His letters to her are expressed in phrases like "I am yours, heart and soul, for life", "I think that I love you more with each day that passes", and "to love you more than I do is impossible". Ekaterina was reportedly also her mother's favorite daughter.

After Napoleon's divorce from Empress Josephine during the course of the Napoleonic Wars, the French Emperor hinted to Alexander I his wish to marry Ekaterina - a desire mainly to draw the Russians to his side. Ekaterina's family was horrified, and so the Dowager Empress immediately arranged a marriage for her daughter to Duke George of Oldenburg.

Beautiful and vivacious, Ekaterina was married to Duke George of Oldenburg on 3 August 1809. Although their marriage was arranged, Ekaterina was devoted to her husband. George was the second son of Peter, Duke of Oldenburg and it was said that he was not handsome but Ekaterina cared for him deeply and his death in 1812 due to typhoid fever saddened her greatly. The widowed Ekaterina travelled to England with her brother Tsar Alexander I to meet the Prince Regent and again during the Vienna Congress. It was in England where she met the Crown Prince William of Württemberg. It was love at first sight for the couple. However, William was then married to the gentle Princess Charlotte of Bavaria and took the drastic step by divorcing her. William then married Ekaterina in 1816 in Saint Petersburg. Upon her husband's accession as king, Ekaterina, now Queen Katharina of Württemberg, became active in charity works in her adopted homeland. She established numerous institutions for the benefit of the common people.

Did Crown Prince William of Wurttemberg divorce Princess Charlotte of Bavaria solely to marry Catherine Pavlovna? and for no other reason?

The marriage was unhappy from the beginning, Wilhelm married Charlotte only so that Napoleon could not marry him with one of his relatives.

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