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Tsarskoe Selo Town / Nikolaevsky Cavalry School
« on: March 18, 2010, 11:10:46 AM »
So I looked around in the topics and did not find anything on the Nikolaevsky Cavalry School. I am at a loss as to where to look for more information, such as where it was, photos, etc.
I know that most of the Grand Dukes attended this school but I have never seen a photo or even know where it was located in Petersburg

If anyone knows of a site or has some info, share it here!

I know that she lived in both Pairs and Rome in the years after the revolution.

that woman in the portrait looks so old, too old to be Irina who was only 19 in 1914 right?

I didn't think Xenia and Olga were ever particularly close. but most siblings do not have the closeness that Maria and Dmitri have, being the only constant to rely on, as they are passed from family to family etc

I think Marie Paulovna had more going for her than Olga Alexandrovna. She was pretty, talented and had a husband and child. Married to one of the more secure European Royal Families, she managed to land herself in financial ruin and emotionally disatisfied. Olga Alexandrovna was tied to her mother's apron strings and landed herself into a friendship marriage. After her divorce, she was married to the love of her life. Although financially strapped for cash, she manage to have a simple but fulfilling life (family & her art). Both pf them were born grand duchesses and grown up in luxury. The routes they took in life was very different.

i very much admire the way Olga Alexandrovna handled herself after the Revolution. She was a vary talented artist and lived a private life

Anastasia Nicholaievna / Re: Anastasia's figure/A thick waist?
« on: March 01, 2010, 07:10:10 PM »
is this serious thread?? i cannot believe that anyone would care about the size of this poor girl. it does not seem respectful especially considering the etiquette of Anastasia's time. besides, the inches of a grand duchess's waist is in no way historically significant

Olga Nicholaievna / Re: Olga Photographs - part III
« on: March 01, 2010, 07:00:26 PM »
depends on the year, does anyone know? you could rule out maria if she was not wearing her hair up yet. . .

thank you so much for photos ashanti!!! i was hoping for any age between baby and grandpere, as i have never seen any before, so they are all lovely. if you have more, or where did you find them, would you please send me unmarked versions if it isn't too much trouble?

anybody have pictures of Paul where he is not a baby? I have only ever seen baby photos, like for his birth

for Maria i think she got a bit carried away, ever searching, perhaps more used to pursuit than anything else. . .and perhaps she passed by chances to be happy in favor of the thankless possibility of such things, which have their own benefit in validation of a past pain. . .but you cannot say, because she was not abused she had no right to be messed up. she had no steady paternal OR maternal figure (Ella's changing behavior towards her would have confused any child), and too much pity coupled with neglect can do much damage to a child in way of security, pursuit of happiness, and responsibility. I personally think it is absolutely inexcusable to leave your own child, but whether Wilhelm "needed" her is another question, which I cannot judge. I am not so educated on Wilhelm. In any case it is very sad Maria had no maternal instinct, or did not want one, for raising a child might have absolved more than a few of her own wounds

well Ludwig wasn't under as much pressure as Marie I think, he did after all propose to Sophie on his own, and he was the king, it was easy for him to take his time. But yes, there were examples from history if she had chose to look for them

SharonChicago: loads of people on the forum think she looks like Drew Barrymore! I definitely see the resemblance

Yes, she could have. There were lots of things she could have done, if you look at it in hindsight. Makes you wonder, if you were a historical figure, what information the public would have access to, what things they would have no idea of, what would they think you should have done. It's very interesting

I think we must not judge her by the times today. Do remember she lived during the time of arranged marriages and pure love matches were actually rare. Even Alicky when pressed by Queen Victoria to marry Eddie said "if made to do it she would." and added that "but both Eddie and her would be unhappy." Alicky was lucky that her grandmother did not forced the issue like what happened to Princesses Louise & Stepanie of Belgium. Those two were told that who they will marry and obligated to say yes. If even Alicky (who was so strong minded would consider marry Eddie (whom she had no love)), then why would we consider Ella should not make Marie a match with Wilhelm ? In the letters between the engaged couple, Marie sound happy. It was only when it was over than Marie considered being pushed into it by Ella. That is why I think (my opinion) that she was a loser. She do not know what she wanted, but when made a mistake blamed on other people. When does personal responsibility began ? She did made a mess of her life with all that she was given (despite without parents and the revolution). Feeling sorry for somebody and excusing irresponsible behanvior are two different things. I am actually sad for Marie Paulovna since she with her talents (design, languages and a taste for arts and writing) was unable to create a balanced life for herself. She should be pitied and my opinion of her as a loser is not a condemation but a fact. If using that word "loser" offend anybody I apologise for my use of words although not my opinion.

so because she sound happy to the person she is arranged to spend the rest of her life with, she has no right to be disillusioned by the marriage or to realize she is not happy? you think she is going to write to her future husband saying, "i am unhappy, i don't know if i like you?" no one, in those times, would ever have done that no matter how they felt inside. doesn't mean it was a rash decision to leave him

When Marie Pavlovna left Sweden, would she even have been able to take Lennart with her? He was, after all, a Swedish prince. And as Mandie says, it is entirely possible that Marie thought he would have a better life with his father, grandparents, uncles and aunts in Sweden than in Russia, where the immediate family was confined to Dimitri, Ella with whom Marie didn't get on, and Paul Alexandrovich who preferred his second family.

One of the things we have to remember is that in Marie's day a woman who wasn't maternal did  not have the choice of not having children, unless she remained unmarried. Contraception wasn't that reliable, and even if it had been the expectation was very much that a married woman would produce. Queen Victoria is often criticised for her dislike of childbirth and babies, but nowadays nobody in her position would have nine children! I am not maternal, and decided not to have children (this was one of the reasons my ex-husband and I split up). I have been told times without number, 'You'd feel different about your own,' but I've never wanted to take the risk that I wouldn't (apart from anything else, it wouldn't be fair to the child concerned). Maybe that was the situation with Marie and Lennart. If she just wasn't very interested in him, it was for the best that she left him with his father.   

exactly, they had laws in Sweden not allowing her to raise Lennart if she left Sweden. Lets not assume any decision she made was easy, she clearly had a very complex life

No shame. She should be ashamed for deserting her husband and child and went her wild ways. The point is that she had it all and lost it. She was very lucky that the Swedish Royal Family chose to bail her out, otherwise her situation would have been even worse. I agree that I could not keep silent when someone who was so irresponsible as Marie would blame her troubles on Ella. Her aunt who wanted to do her a favour and help her settled safely.

"wild ways"? what wild ways? lots of people get divorce, they are incompatible, you can hardly see someone through your own laws of what is right and wrong if they themselves did not feel that way. all of this is such a harsh and black-and-white way to see someone, when there are so many factors that go into any one decision in a person's life, factors that you will never know about. it is not our place to 'decide' how she was, just to discuss and share the information we have

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