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Olga Nicholaievna / Re: The prophecy about Olga
« on: May 25, 2015, 10:01:23 AM »
Indeed! She must have seen MA clearly to say that. And that other story regarding an angel who came to fetch cousin Ella. Those mysteries are yes, as mysterious as Russia itself O_O
You're very welcome! Hahaha, actually I also was thinking you are a native English speaker until you apologised for your English.

Olga Nicholaievna / Re: The prophecy about Olga
« on: May 25, 2015, 09:27:19 AM »
Yeh, that story! I think that was when she was 3 years old (?)
Seeing her great-great grandmother at such a time may mean that.. perhaps, Maria Alexandrovna was like the angel who came to fetch her? Oh, I'm just assuming, though...
I agree with you that all things are hard to explain because they're just mysterious~
Oh, you are speaking English very well! I must be the one to say sorry for my English :S

Having Fun! / Re: Rare Pictures XIII
« on: May 25, 2015, 09:19:07 AM »
Wow, how I wish I could see that photo! If that really was Olga of Greece (later Queen of Yugoslavia), then I'd be happy! Btw, Alexei used to have a crush on Olga's younger sister Elisabeth.

Olga Nicholaievna / Re: Olga and Maria
« on: May 25, 2015, 09:13:33 AM »
This pair surely shared more secrets regarding their crushes on Shvedov (for Olga) and Demenkov (you already know for whom, haha). If I recall correctly, I haven't read from Tatiana's or Anastasia's letters a mention of Shvedov as Olga's apple of the eye. I only recall reading about that topic on Marie's letters to their Papa.
Also Olga seemed to talk about boys more to Maria after she got a leave from nursing work. Of course, we know the reason why ~ those two seem to be so boy-crazy at the same extent! xD

Olga Nicholaievna / Re: The prophecy about Olga
« on: May 25, 2015, 08:57:13 AM »
Oh really? For the third time, thank you so much for mentioning those instances! I don't try to remember when they particularly got sick. If Olga fell sick at 3, then the first predicted age had been proven true, and fortunately,Olga avoided drinking the same water as cousin Ella's! Oh my, reading all these makes me want to know more if P. Charles of Denmark ever made other prophecies for his other relatives.

Olga Nicholaievna / Re: The prophecy about Olga
« on: May 25, 2015, 08:35:57 AM »
Thanks again for the source! Lol, I have that book and I surely forgot about it or haven't paid attention to that story, yikes me~

I think there was a possibility that they knew it because Nicholas and Alexandra with baby Olga visited Denmark in 1896. However, I also think that could've been a concocted story... but if it had been, how accurate the last sentence had become :' (

Olga Nicholaievna / Re: The prophecy about Olga
« on: May 25, 2015, 08:26:52 AM »
Wow that's a very interesting prophecy Anna Livadia, and it's my first time reading about that so I'm glad you've shared it! Thank you soo much! Where have you read that one, by the way?
The last sentence especially is very haunting as we all know that it had come true!!

Having Fun! / Re: Your Personal Top Ten Favorite Royal List
« on: May 16, 2015, 12:32:59 AM »
About my #10 in other monarchs- It must be Grand Duke Henri.

Pryevyed, about the killing of NII's family, yes, I believe that conspiracy. I will never be anti-Semitic. Honestly  that family aren't real Jews. Their ancestors just converted into Jewish religion. They're not practicing Jewish religion, too.
I am sorry I can't comment to everything you said. It's hard to type replies with this mobile phone I have, and I'm outside in the sun. My eyes are squinting and head, aching.. I'm so sorry.

Having Fun! / Re: Your Personal Top Ten Favorite Royal List
« on: May 15, 2015, 01:32:35 PM »
I have too many specific reasons why I love each person on these lists but I have to make my post short.

Top 10 Romanovs:

1) Olga, Tatiana, Maria, Anastasia - I can't say how lovely and adorable they are - I'm tripping for words! Their sisterhood is exceptional. I won't separate them even in this ranking.
2) Tsaritsa Alexandra Feodorovna (Alix of Hesse) - she was a great Empress for me, a pity she didn't get credit she deserves; great wife, mother, friend, madame of the palace (she cared for the servants honestly!); her introvertedness is very much the same as mine that's why I totally understand her ; Devotion to God
3) Nicholas II- I wish to find a husband like him (better than he was!!); great Emperor if only he were allowed to prove himself
4)GD Elisabeth Feodorovna - for reasons reiterated in this thread; Devotion to God
5) GD Alexandra Nikolaevna - she's totally adorable and I'm looking much much forward for Dru's book about her!
6) Empress Elisabeth Alexeievna- fascinating life story
7) GD Olga Nikolaevna (Duchess of W├╝rttemberg) - wonderful life story, too, and she did lots for her duchy
8) Alexei - Such a sweet boy, very strong in face of the dangers he went through; matured most especially during the war and captivity - I see a great Tsar material in him had he been given a chance
9) Maria Feodorovna (Dagmar of Denmark) - I hate how she treated her DIL Alix but she's interesting because of her life story  
10) Alexander I - He opposed one decision in the Congress of Vienna and didn't allow the international bankers to create a branch of their sinister bank in the Russian soil ( a pity this step has been paid off by the "execution" of my most beloved family among all monarchs from past to present and future)

Top 10 other monarchs:
1) Astrid, Queen of the Belgians - Very interesting! Very good inside. Not a ravishing beauty but she's very beautiful in my eyes! Wonderful wife (I feel jealous of her love story and married life with her Leopold). The original People's Princess!
2) Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary - A complicated personality and tragical life she had! Very fascinating!!
3) Queen Alexandra of UKGB - Very amicable, beautiful; patience and understanding as a wife for an unfaithful husband deserves my applause.
4) Diana, Princess of Wales - tragic life story; I totally wished she was able to marry Hasnat Khan-their love story was so painful because she died before Hasnat could let her know how much he loved her :' (  
5) Grace of Monaco - Beautiful! I am jealous of her married life with her Rainier (but oh what rebellious children she had- result of over indulgence in love for them)
6) Baudouin and Fabiola - these lovebirds! When Fabiola died, I felt sad but I thought "She's reunited with her Baudouin again- that's lovely."
7) Albert I, King of the Belgians - one of the best monarchs to rule in the history, imo.
8) Queen Anne Marie of Greece - Beautiful and such a sweet person! Adorable married life with her Constantine!
9) Queen Mathilde of the Belgians - Classy and elegant! Beautiful and a great queen, imo.
10) Grand Duke Jean and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg - Their "you and me against the world" love story is wonderful! Great rulers of their country, too~

BeNeLux Royalty / Re: Queen Astrid of Belgium, Princess of Sweden
« on: May 07, 2015, 01:50:06 AM »
Imperial Grounds --
Magazines of the era or recent ones? And yes, she was stunning, it's not for nothing she is known as 'Lady Di of the 30's... It seems every generation needs a tragic widely loved, yet popular, figure. In the 30's it was Astrid, and then there were Princess Gracia and Diana... What a strange coincidence they all died in a car accident.

Must say that among these 3, Astrid is my most favorite - the original People's Princess (obviously ;) She even exceeded them - she became People's Queen ; ))  I think she is the only one who owns/will always own that title.
 I wonder if Grace and Diana knew her, or have heard of her. Unfortunately, I/we will never know. 

I badly want to know more about her, but it seems like so few do have an interest on her online. The book by her friend Anna Sparre has never been translated into English. I find it bitter on my part.
I know it isn't of use to get to know more about a dead person, but I'm very curious of some things about her. I hope to find those someday if God wills it. She is soo fascinating...She deserves to have another book written about her!

BeNeLux Royalty / Re: Queen Astrid of Belgium, Princess of Sweden
« on: May 07, 2015, 01:13:54 AM »
I know I might be having illusions but I see a resemblance between the Crown Princess Elisabeth of Belgium  (great-great grand daughter of Astrid) to Astrid when she was a young girl. I hope to make a comparison. Maybe I can when I'd have the opportunity to post photos again.
Elisabeth looks perfectly a combination of King Philippe and Queen Mathilde but still, I see a resemblance between her and Astrid. I am looking muh forward to the time Elisabeth reaches 18 and see if she looks much like Astrid. If she does, then I would be satisfied of not seeing a vintage colored photo of Astrid since I already have a clue of how she looked like by just looking at Crown Princess Elisabeth : )

Wow there Inok Nikolai! So much thanks for that translation! What a serendipitous event that is! God has made a way to make the search between them easier. Thank God for that miracle :' )  I hope someday her reminiscences in Gibbes' book will be translated someday. I wonder what other things she know about the family,especially OTMA, but I expect she'd said more about Olga.
Antonina, thanks soo much for those photos!! Such treasures!

Maria Nicholaievna / Re: Maria photos III
« on: May 06, 2015, 01:15:09 AM »
Moreover, some of Maria's solo photos and photos where she is in have "light exposures", scratches, etc. which appear exactly where she is/near her! It ruins the view of her very, very,very  beautiful face! I am Maria's fan girl, too, so I ha~te that! (T_T)

P.S. Sorry for my grammar. I can't say what I mean in a clearer way :S 

I am so unlucky right now. I can't see all new photos yet because I'm only having internet at phone where I can't load photos :' ((

Still, thank you very much Ilya!!


Finally the long wait is over! Congratulations to all who guessed it right! Beautiful name!!

Preved! Don't say 'bad words"! Hahahahaha!! xD

Until now no news about when they are going to meet. I'm excited for the announcement!

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