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I agree but then I can only look at this from my eyes, and how perhaps my wife and I would handle being in the same shoes. Outwardly I’m sure we would try to put on that brave face around our girls. Inwardly I think we would be a total cluster mess of worries and stress., foremost with the guards around us I wouldn’t trust anyone of them. In my mind I would be constantly looking and thinking about ways on how I could get my girls out of that situation. Even if I knew that it would remotely be imposable to do so, those thought would be constant within my own mind. Which knowing me and just human nature in general the stress factor had to be overwhelming at times.In reading much of what has been said within the forums on the last days and weeks I give them credit because they both put on the bravest faces.

The Feodorovski Cathedral & Gorodok / Re: Feodorovsky Cathedral
« on: April 09, 2006, 09:02:06 PM »
It’s rather nice to see that Russia is trying to restore much of her past that was so lost between the destructiveness of the soviet era and the second world war. Imperial Russia is very much a part of Russian history and her future.  
I think as Russia moves along her current role, with the influx of new wealth from oil we may start to see a lot more of Russia restoring her past.

 it’s becoming clear that her history and the architecture that was Imperial Russia is a vital link to what Russia can become in the coming years, after so many years of neglect  and 90 years after a revolution Russia is starting to come of age.

My god, I don’t think that anyone of us could ever possibly imagine what it was like for them during there last few months and weeks. More so the last few weeks. Unruly guards the worries as parents for there children with men like that around. Because lets face it there wasn’t a whole that they themselves could actually do if some of them men tried to do anything to the girls. As a parent I think that worry would be the most stress of all. My feelings is that both lived in absolute fear and stress, not so much for them or there own safety but those of there children.

I think it's a tough question to ask, could he have done more. i would have to say of course he could have. if he is to fault it would be his lack of good advise, or his lack in taking good advice.

We do know that he wasn't an evil man in the lines of a stalin he more or less wanted to keep the status quo. in that erra of change much like today coming into a new centry, he lacked the forsite to behond the past.

was he guilty of crimes? did he purge his nation? did he comit mass murder for the sake of keeping his power. history says no.was he guilty of being nump at the helm yes he was.

if we look at western leaders of this past centery, churchill, fdr, trumen, ect,, they all did things that didn't go well.i'm not sure there has been a leader that hasnt always done what was right. for whatever reason. then we have leaders like satlin,hitler, ect men in this company were simply evil and guilty of all sort of crimes against there own people. if he is guilty of anything it in being a weak leader in a time when his nation needed a strong leader who would have been willing to make strong changes that would have been a benafit to the masses rather than to the people of uper class.

Romanov and Imperial Russia Links / Re: Pictures Of ST. Pertsburg
« on: March 30, 2006, 11:12:22 PM »
Your both very welcome  :)

I t is pretty cool though, when you look at the amount of photos and the borad range of them. gald you enjoyed.

Romanov and Imperial Russia Links / Pictures Of ST. Pertsburg
« on: March 30, 2006, 05:41:33 AM »
I don't know if the link to website is anywhere within this forum but it shows a great amount of photo's

Q&A and Interviews / Re: Travel to Russia  - Exeter International
« on: March 30, 2006, 05:31:05 AM »
I hope to see Russia sometime in the next 12 months, i'm of Russian decent. My great grandparents came here from St Petersburg in 1911 my greatgrand dad took a job with the Ford Motor co.Under instructions from the imperal court to learn the assembly line functions. he was due back in russia after the outbreak of the first world war. and was unable to come back home. when red october came he stayed in US. he had always wanted to go back home. I do have have the name of the street and where his home was within the city. hopefully my wife and I will be there intime for spring 07

The Myth and Legends of Survivors / Re: Anna Anderson's Story 2
« on: March 28, 2006, 06:08:06 AM »
There is now way that AA was anywhere near or as close to AN in any way that I’ve seen She was a fraud. I don’t even think it was proven that she had Romanov DNA or has it?
I may be wrong I just think that she was a fraud. Although I did remember reading about a man in Canada who clamed to be the son of the last czar. I’ll have to look that for the fact though.

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