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Nicholas II / Re: Nikolai's Letters to Family
« on: February 10, 2010, 10:52:31 PM »

Some more to Queen Victoria from 1895

10 May

Dearest Grandmama,

I thought so much of you, dearest Grandmama, when you sent us the sad news of the death of the poor Duchess of Roxburge! It must be too hard for words, to loose one's best friends, like that, one after another - Sir H. Ponsonby, Sir J. Cowell and poor little Lord Drumlanrig. I know well what your feelings must be, having recently gone through one of the most fearful trials in this life - the loss of my dearly beloved father!

In answer to your second letter mentioning the articles about England in the Russian papers, I must say that I cannot prevent people from putting their opinions openly in the newspapers. How often have I not been worried in English gazettes rather unjust statements in connexion with my country! Even books are being constantly sent to me from London, misinterpreting our actions in Asia, our interior politics, etc. I am sure there is as little hostility intended in these writings, as there is in the above mentioned ones.


12 November

Darling Grandmama,

I thank you deeply for your kind letter which your special messanger just brought - and for the kind things you say. Dearest Alicky, who is lying near me in bed, begs to thank you most tenderly for your letter and good wishes. Thank God everything went off happily and both she and the little child are progressing most satisfactorily. She finds such a pleasure in nursing our sweet baby herself. For my part I consider it the most natural thing a mother can do and I think that example an excellent one!

We are both so pleased that you accepted to be Godmother of our first child, because I am sure it will prove a happiness to her after your constant signs of kindness and of motherly affection towards us. The name of Olga we chose as it has already been several times in our family and is an ancient Russian name.

You don't know, dearest Grandmama, the state of utter happiness I am in. It seems so strange to be a father!

Baby is going to be christened so early, so as that event can take place on our wedding day and Mama's birthday. Dear Mama remained with us the whole time since the event and was such a comfort during the hours of expectation. We shall certainly send you some of baby's long hair; she is a wonderfully big child and promises to have large eyes. We both kiss you very tenderly and I remain ever your most loving and faithful grandson,


Nicholas II / Re: Nikolai's Letters to Family
« on: February 09, 2010, 09:18:23 PM »
Some from 1894, all to Queen Victoria

7 May

My dearest Grandmama,

Thank you deeply for your kind letter, that was a charming surprise and it gave me great pleasure. But I am so touched that you thought of me now, when I am seperated from my darling little bride, which was really very trying, as we had only spent 12 days together after our engagement. I thank you so much for all your kindness at Coburg which you showed me there: I shall never forget our breakfasts in your room and the music playing outside. It is very kind of you, dear Grandmama, to watch over her yourself and I am most pleased to hear it from you, that she shall remain quiet and not go about. I wrote her yesterday and told her exactly the same, only of course that was said in the form of a wish!

My parents felt so touched and grateful when I told them all the events of our stay in Coburg, that they wish me to express their feelings of joy and gratitude for your attention and kindness bestowed upon me. I am already looking forward with such a pleasure and impatience for the day when I will be able to see you and my darling Alix at Windsor. I hope the stay in Balmoral will do you the best possible good: that your precious help will make us happy when we meet again in Windsor. I really don't know how to thank you enough for having taken the trouble of writing to me such a charming letter.

With my very best love to you dearest Grandmama, believe me your most affectionate and devoted (future) grandson.


2 June

Dearest Grandmama,

Your third kind letter gave me such great pleasure which I thank you for most heartily. I leave tomorrow in the afternoon on board Papa's new yacht the Polar Star that he kindly lent me for coming to England.

You don't know, dearest Grandmama, how happy I am to come and spend some time with you and my beloved little bride. What a different impression for me this time - with my stay in London last year for Georgie's [King George V's] wedding. This seperation from Alix has made my love for her still far stronger and deeper than it was before! Now, dearest Grandmama, I must end; with fondest thanks for your kind letter and hoping to see you very soon again believe me your most loving and devoted (future) grandson.


30 October

My darling Grandmama,

I must write to you a few lines, as the messenger leaves tomorrow. I cannot tell you what awful and trying days we are living through now! Your dear kind telegrams touched us all, more than words can say!

Ten days have already passed since that terrible event happened - it seems to be a nightmare! - I cannot yet believe that my deeply passionately adored and beloved Father has been taken away from us! Though I knew how seriously ill he was, still the blow was a frightful one to poor dear Mama especially. Sweet darling Alicky's presence is such a comfort to me - I don't know how I would have stood it else! Dear Aunt Alix and Uncle Bertie being here - help also dearest Mama in her pain, which I'm afraid will be still worse when we reach Petersburg, where we have never been alone - without beloved Papa!

The sympathy shown to us from everywhere and even from abroad - is marvellous and is most touching! Dearest Grandmama I am deeply grieved, that it is impossible for Alicky to come and say goodbye, before our wedding, to you - but, as Mama is probably going south soon the marriage has to be hastened with! But be sure that as soon as we can find any possibility of crossing over to England to see you - we shall do it. God grant that day may come very soon.

Forgive this hurried letter but I have so much to do that all my time is taken up! The one great comfort I have got in my utter misery - is my darling Alicky's deep love, that I return her fully.

Now I must end.

With many kind messages from Mama and with my fondest love, believe me, dearest Grandmama, ever your most loving and devoted (future) grandson.


I have more if you'd like me to post them. ;)

Having Fun! / Re: Make Yourself a Romanov! [Photo]
« on: February 08, 2010, 03:38:21 PM »
That is a beautiful costume and you looked amazing in it!

Having Fun! / Re: Looking for pictures III.
« on: February 05, 2010, 09:29:18 PM »
Oh my!  :o That picture is new to me! Sadly, I don't have a larger/better quality version though.

It was written that Nicky walked out after Anastasia was born.
He actually walked out after Maria was born, not Anastasia. ;)

The two other ladies are not Ella either.

It didn't say they were Ella. If you zoom in you can read the captions.

Aya-Anya hasn't been online for nearly four years so I don't think she's still posting...also geocities closed all sites hosted on it.


Not only in Russian, in Fran├žais, German, English, (the languages that the IF have spoken & writen) !!

Well, right now I'm learning German and French, already speak English, and want to learn Russian so I think I can do that... 8)

You could also do some of the plays they did.

The Rasputin song mentions Nicholas, Alexandra and Alexei.

Olga Nicholaievna / Re: Question About/Need Help With Picture(s)
« on: February 01, 2010, 09:34:33 PM »
Don't you think the background is a little uncommonly undignified for an imperial photo? I've never seen a royal in those days photographed in front of such an industrial outbuilding, not even in photos from their private albums, only from photos taken in exile or captivity. (Though it could very well be from a courtyard at a home farm or an agricultural estate.) If it was an imperial photo, it sure wasn't intended for publication, but comes from a private album, and then it ending up on e-Bay is even less likely.

I'm no expert, will be interesting to hear if experts think that this odd-looking photo could be imperial.

I see what you mean. It looks like it was taken in a poorer part of town. I don't think this picture is of Olga, but it could be.

Having Fun! / Re: Historical/Imperial/Romanov Collections
« on: February 01, 2010, 09:15:49 PM »
It's called "To Be A Princess". I read it at my school library and it's about the lives of princesses around the world, and how things aren't always fairy-tale perfect. It is for children but is still quite good. The princesses shown are Mary & Elizabeth Tudor of England, Queen Marie Antoinette of France, Queen Victoria of England, Ka'iulani of Hawaii, OTMA, Gayatri Devi of India and Elizabeth & Margaret Windsor of England.

Having Fun! / Re: Just to put this out there...Romanov style!
« on: February 01, 2010, 08:46:57 PM »
Alexandra and OTMA all had gold bracelets they received as children for luck (i believe) if u do a search using "gold bracelets" u will be able to find some threads...   :)  ;)

From Anna V's Memories of the Russian Court - Each girl [OTMA] received on her twelfth birthday a slender gold bracelet which was afterwards always worn, day and night, "for good luck" So you're right about OTMA getting the necklaces for good luck.

Having Fun! / Re: You know you're obsessed with the Romanovs when... Part 2
« on: February 01, 2010, 08:21:15 PM »
If so, me and my two friends go by LLS / ^~^!

Sometimes me, my two friends and my sister go by JMJM. Jen & Monika are the Big Pair and Megan & I are the Little Pair. :D

Having Fun! / Re: Coloured Pictures XXXIII
« on: February 01, 2010, 07:29:52 PM »
Great but the last one isnt Grace Kelly. Is another actress and my most used and famous stock image xDDD
Thanks for telling me. Somebody else said it was Grace Kelly so I just stuck with that.  :)

Mandie - I can clearly see the improvement; the picture is less orangey now. Congratulations!

Having Fun! / Re: Coloured Pictures XXXIII
« on: February 01, 2010, 06:19:48 PM »
After a bit more than a month of neglecting my "royal duties" ( ;)) I am back with more colourings!

Lynn - Awesome work! The shade of blue is great.
Ally - I absolutely love the one of Alexandra and one of her daughters!! That picture is just too cute.
Katenka - Great!
Holly - I love the colour of the hats!

Maria of Romania and her daughter Ileana (I was lazy and didn't feel like colouring the framed paintings)

Grace Kelly

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