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"One more thing: if the influence of PA was so important to Peter V, I wonder why outside of Portugal that matter isn't that much discussed..."

Maybe because, apart from the Discoveries period,not much of the portuguese history is discussed outside ...

Too bad. Our history is very interesting... besides, we helped alot during WWI... if it weren't for our soldiers, the war would have arrived to the Iberian Peninsula...

Do you know if I can find that book anywhere else?

Well, here it is, this news was in the Público newspaper, so I guess we can rely on it:

sorry people, only in portuguese.

So to where exactly should I call if I want a guided tour? Do I get access to most of the areas?

All that I already knew, but thank you anyway.  :)

Actually I'd really like to know where I can find that book in Portugal. Too bad that there aren't many publications about Peter V :( I've only read his biography by Maria Filomena Mónica...

One more thing: if the influence of PA was so important to Peter V, I wonder why outside of Portugal that matter isn't that much discussed...

Hello there. I'm Portuguese, and I am really interested on their relationship. I've read some books about dear Peter V where it mentions how important Prince Albert was for the formation of Peter V's character. The thing is, whenever history speaks of this couple, there isn't any mentions on Peter V. I've also read that Peter V was like a son to them, because his character was much better (or practically similar to Prince Albert) than Bertie's.

So if anyone can give me any more information about this relationship, please share.  :)

The Stuarts of Scotland / Re: Tea and Coffee
« on: June 08, 2009, 04:12:29 PM »
I'm sure I heard somewhere that Catherine brought tea to England anyway (Portugal had strong trade links with India). In fact, in the BBC produced 'Charles II' there is an amusing scene when Catherine asks for tea upon her arrival in England. Charles' courtiers giggle and Sir Edward Hyde says 'The English do not drink tea' or something of the kind. Amusing when you consider how popular tea is in England and Ireland now.

This is what I've learnt in college (I'm studying to be a Portuguese tour guide in Portugal):

-Catherine was transporting some tea leaves and queques (probably the origin of the word cake, because a queque is sort of a Portuguese muffin). When she arrived in England she was seasick and asked for someone to prepare her some tea. People just laughed and said that the only thing they had was beer. Back then, tea leaves in England were only used for trades and never to prepare a drink.

She picked up the tea leaves, prepared some tea and drank it with a queque. From them on the English would learn the habit of drinking tea, since she was the one who introduced this habit. She also introduced the fan in the court, something that she learnt from Luisa de Guzman, her mother, queen of Portugal and former princess of Spain.

Too bad that I've seen some authors and fonts saying that the costume of drinking tea started with another noble English woman in the 18th century, and not with our Catherine. It seems that history tends to forget about the Portuguese influence throughout the world- we're so little so everyone forgets about us!

The Windsors / Re: Books on British royalty (non-Tudor)
« on: June 08, 2009, 02:49:58 PM »
As anyone read Queen Victoria: A Personal History by Christopher Hibbert?

I just ordered it, but I'd like to get some opinions. Because in Portugal you can only find 2 biographies: this one and another one by a French writer, Alexandre Phillippe (Victoria, la dernière reine). Ofc I decided to buy the one written by an English author (even though it's in English, while the other one was translated to Portuguese).

Hi there, I'm new here.

I've always loved studying history, but I always had a thing for the 19th century, and I really love Peter V (blablabla I already know he wasn't constitutional enough). I'd like to get some help on some information related to him, mainly books. I've already read:

-Pedro V (biography by Maria Filomena Mónica)
-Paixões Reais (Eduardo Nobre)

I'd like to get the one about his letters to Prince Albert, but I'd like to buy it in a physical store, you know what I mean? I wish FNAC could sell it...

Anyway, could anyone tell me anything else?

BTW, is it true that the Necessidades Palace will open to the public next year? I'd love to go there  :)

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