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Imperial Transportation / Re: Some car by the mark DUX?
« on: July 17, 2021, 07:56:06 AM »
Thanks a lot for your kind answer. This car by the mark DUX interests me very much as I have been told my grandfather had a car by that mark.

When the Bolsheviks came he digged a hollow outside their villa in Terijoki and put the tires of his car into the hollow. Probably he thought this was the way the Bolsheviks could not just come and take his car and start to drive and use it.   

I made a Google search about Mariinsky Theatre, Opera House. I was in fact interested about the interiors and boxes in this theatre before the Revolution in 1917. The reason to this is I know a family that claims their family used to have the box number 2. and this makes me wonder a lot. I understand it must have been so that some families had boxes of their own - but in Mariinsky Theatre and number 2.!!!??? I started naturally to think that in case this family had a box with that tiny number who might have had the box number 1.???

On Wikipedia page they tell there was an other theatre in the Winter Palace e g for some quest of the Tsar family. Then there is a picture of a box in Marijnsky Theatre with the following text: "Although this box was not officially referred to as the "Tsar's Box", this box is where the Emperor and his family always sat when attending performances at the theatre." Now I am still wondering had this box some number and in that case was its number 1. or what? And I am still wondering if this is the box number 1. where was the box number 2. situated - next to box 1. or maybe on the other side of the theatre??? And in case they were situated next to each others what family could sit next to the Tsar family??? To me this is something unbelievable and more unbelievable in case somebody says that the family having box number 2. was not even a noble family???!!!

What do I know about the family that is said to have been using the box number 2.? Their daughter was singing male roles in this opera already as young. She did have main roles in such operas as eg Faust, Tosca, Traviata, La Boheme, Butterfly her last part as Tatjana in Eugen Onegin before she left the county when all her relatives had been killed around 1918-20. The family was a Huguenot family and had its roots in France from where their ancestor had left the country before the French Revolution and he has been said to have been some Count in France. I have always thought this kind of a family from Russia is some emigrants but recently I heard their daughter say that we were no emigrants... And the reason to this might be - as I understood it - they had been escorted out of Russia by some embassy and not fled as some others. However, they were not allowed to take anything out of the country. Later Hitler's men asked this family who are you - are you Jews? Those times it was still possible to enter some registers and a direct male line to some Count in France was found and this saved the family from Hitler's actions. However, the family didn't have the money to take out any such documents those days and today it seems to be impossible to get any information anywhere. This daughter, the opera singer, had a husband that is said to have been a top name on the lists of the Bolsheviks to be killed and probably he left Russia via Sevastopol with some papers from the Consulate of Belgium. Those documents are still left and readable. This family never had any Nansen's passports. Somewhere I red that into the country where they ended came a heterogenous group of emigrants from Russia, but also some very few but most high noble people from Russia. In the country where they then lived nobody has ever mentioned there could be some 'most high Russian nobles' living there... So this is a mystery! 

This box number 2. makes me wonder a lot what family could this kind of a family be??? There are some hints somewhere that this could be some kind of a noble family by its roots but nothing official today.

If it could be possible I would naturally ask Marijnsky Theatre if they know something about the box number 2. in times before the Revolution!!! But maybe this matter is a more suitable case for this discussion forum.

Do you get some thoughts, ideas or opinions in this kind of a matter?

What information is there to get about these institutions? Something about who were their students?

The Technical Highschool or University in St. Petersburg around 1895-1917?

The Music Conservatorium (educating opera singers???) around 1895-1917?

The Academy of Art around 1895-1917?

Was there some University in St. Petersburg in those times?

Does somebody know anything about a house in Crimea, owned by some scientist, that might have been turned to some Music Conservatorium after the Revolution?

What information is there to know about old Russian noble surnames other than the most common ones appearing everywhere?

I red somewhere that if some noble man had some child outside marriage the child could get his father's name maybe altered with some letter. Do you know any other cases like this where some surname is altered somewhat - maybe with only one letter?

Somewhere I even red: there were other very old ruler families (and there were added than the Romanovs)... What old ruler families there are of this kind? Somewhere I even red that even Alexander Nevsky might have some descendants. If this is really true shouldn't such be mentioned somewhere on the history pages? As you understand I know very little about Russian history, but I understand that in case such persons might really exists they impossible could carry that old surname. Could a similar case be the Rurik-family - St. Vladimir?

I have a topic with photos I aimed to put here. However, I don't seem to know how to put the photos here and I don't find help anywhere here. Could somebody tell me how I can move my photos here??? My article seems to need the photos.

Thanks in case somebody helps me!

Imperial Transportation / Some car by the mark DUX?
« on: July 09, 2019, 03:08:40 PM »
Does anyone know what kind of a car was something by the mark DUX that existed at least in the time of the Russian Revolution?

I have not found anything in West except probably some bus by the mark DUX.

Nowadays there are at least here madrases for beds by the mark DUX - are seats the only thing left of Dux?

Is there something to say about the Technical University or Highschool for Engineers in St. Petersburg for youngsteers who were born around the year 1880?

Who could come a student there? Was it expensive? Could someone grown up in some monastery enter The Technical University in St.Petersburg?

What kind of education was given?

What kind of jobs and positions could such Engineers get after their examination?

Does someone but me have some mark in heavy metal of an Engineer that was then carried in black or white uniform jacket?

Yes, I would like to know something about the Rurik families. Has somebody something to tell me?

St. Petersburg Technical University... INQUIRY... Could you probably help me? I have a rather heavy “mark” that has belonged to an engineer who is said to have attended and examinated from your Technical University. This mark is called here as an mark of an engineer and given by your university. But is this so or could this be something else? There is no-one to ask here. He carried this “mark” on the right side of his uniform... (in one picture black and in an other white uniform). On this mark there are for example the Double-headed eagle with a crown, wreath going around the middle where there is the St. Georg fighting, eight very tiny seals (=simple coat of arms?) four of which in either side of the St. Georg, some hammer or the like etc. Its height is about 5 cm and width about 4,5 cm. He was born in 1883 so this is already ancient history. Did your university give this kind of marks to their educated students or do you have any idea what this could be? Do you have any register of the names of the students educated by your university so long ago? Any knowledge of their background? Parents? Connections to some monastery? I would be very grateful if you could help me in this matter somehow. I need finally to find some suitable place for this thing. I have no idea where in Russia send this inquiry of mine to start with and I found this mail-address of yours on you page. A problem is also that I don’t know any Russian. Thank you so much in advance for you possible co-operation and greetings...


Do you know anyone anywhere who is a painter / sculpture / drawing, but also some descendant of some Emigrants from Russia from the times of the Russian Revolution?

I don't know anyone. There might have been "many" in Paris soon for about a 100 years ago... persons like Marc Chagall who was even a Jew or Tamara Lempicka who traveled to America before the war broke out... The Fabergé family is known and they have even some Huguenot roots...

In case you know someone, please, let me know... and if you have some pictures... can we have some... it would also be nice to have some pictures of old houses, cars etc in the Russian area before the Revolution... they could maybe made to something...

Thanks a lot for your possible answers and greetings, Painter's Gallery,

To me it has started to seem, that it is important to think about the first names of anybody and the dates, places and languages used in those areas connected to the case and areas, where the name has been used. Try to think some other variations of the names you have and where does that lead... change some letters, take away or put some new ones... If the name is very clear and could be a name of some Somebody then it can be a stolen name that has been taken into use somewhere very far away... then the name might even include some horrible identity crime... What about if someone in the States used some name, that in fact belonged to the wife or daughter of some real decendant of some Russian Hero and Saint Alexander Nevsky... Be very carefull if your parents or grandparents have been using that kind of names... Think about the network they belong to worldwide... could it be real or is there some criminal network running there in the shadows of some real network... think about if it is telephones or what where the network has been runned... your part in that then??? Some servant or what??? What about the cars, dogs and trainwagons the family has used??? Anything to be found in some museums??? What about the adresses where the family has been living... To me it seems that this is the practical way how you have some chances to find out who you are... the travelling lists and naturalizations are only a tiny part in it all... Greetings, Attorneys FennoBears and FennoBruins... Worldwide... what about "People Finders" is it some proper business already, that could help you... Be very carefull in case it is turning out you belong to the network of some Somebodies or in case you belong to some criminals or are a victim of some horrible crimes... In case you need some Attorney stay in contact with the "Kaivarin kanuuna" house in Helsinki, Finland, that could be found in some travelbroschyres in the VikingLine ferry terminal, outside some Internet telephone... In fact you could be in contact with VikingLine in Finland that has some red-white ferries between Finland-Sweden-Estonia and has some Club too where you can be some member if you are a real person of flesh and blood... In fact if you have some old things that needed to be checked or put for sale you might try "Kaivarin kanuuna" outlet for some help - or not??? Decide by yourself - I don't know anything about them... I DON'T KNOW A SINGLE PERSON ANYWHERE WHOM I COULD RECOMMEND...OBSERVE THAT EVEN YOU MIGHT BE QUITE ON YOUR OWN...

== Following from Finland ==

2 / 2

- The article lets us even know that the Russian Orthodox Church (Easten Orthodox Church) abroad was grounded in 1924, after the Revolution. However, isn't it this church that now will again have the connection with the Russian Orthodox Church in Moscow? However, in Finland there is an other Orthodox Church (Eastern Orthodox Church), too. This Finnish Ortodox Church, however, belongs to the Orthodox Church in Greece. Might there be even some competition between these two churches as they are both now in Finland. However, the members of the Orthodox Church in Finland have also a lot of members with their family background in Karelia, an area next to St. Petersburg in Russia, and not only those who were Russian emigrants. But the Russian emigrants who fled the Russian Revolution entered this church here if they were not protestants. The emigrants who were protestants and fled Russia entered the German Church here. However, that church seems to have changed a lot during the decades and I suppose that its members today come from quite other groups. So the German Church here must be something quite else today compared with the times of the Russian Revolution 1917.

- The White Emigrants didn't speak the local language as their mother tongue, but most of their descendants speak mostly Finnish as their "mother tongue" - maybe even Swedish - today. But I have noticed that their temperament and body language etc are quite different from that of the more local people. Even their food culture is somewhat different, too.

- Their surnames might have been changed into some other names suitable for the Finnish language, but later a lot of Russian surnames have started to appear in Finland. I suppose these are not descendants of Russian emigrants, that however, were not so many here, but people moved from this country elsewhere abroad and stayed here just a short while.

- The Finnish company life knows many firms that are originally grounded by some Russian emigrants.

==Following from Finland==

1 / 2

- I am writing from Finland and I would like to contribute to the article with some things. I had never berfore heard here in Finland anybody talk about some "White Russians" until many years after the fall of Soviet union and yet I live only about 350 km from St.Petersburg. Here in Finland "reds" are communists and socialists and nobody talks any more about the "Whites". Somehow such seem to have disappeared even from this society. Finland had the civil war between the reds and the whites. The word "ryssä" seems always mean only red Russians, nobody knows anything about the White Russians here. And nobody seems to know much about the emigrants here, but new groups of immigrants are entering the country and some have wrongly used that word - or maybe there surely are some who have fled their country due to some political reasons.

- In our circles the group who fled the Russian Revolution was never called "emigrés", but always "emigrants" Everybody knew emigrants were from Russia so there was no use call such people Russian Emigrants. "Emigrants" do not mean any other group of people here and if somebody use that word to something else it sounds nothing but very wrong. I could find the word "emigrant" in my German dictionary together with, but on the first place, before the word "emigré". The emigrant means "politischer Flüchtling" - a political refugee and the word emigré doesn't meant that. And before the very modern times after the fall of the Soviet Union the word "emigré" was never used here and this country didn't either take in many political refugees, but now even that has changed. However, English has not been much in use here before the end of the II World War, but Swedish, German and many knew Russian. But, however, speaking some Russian or German become more or less abandoned among the descendants of the Russian Emigrants, who had those languages as their real mother tongue. They should know Finnish and become real Finns. And many such people don't know much - if anything - about their roots either, something that surely is a tragedy for this whole group of people as they have been deprived their roots. Somehow it is suicidal if not a genocide if they have been discriminated in the local society. It seems as if these families are dying out and disappearing completely from this society. This might be a prove that they never intergrated to the tiny Finnish population. They might have suited better the Swedish population even here.

- The article lets us know that the people who fled for political reasons and emigrated "spanned all classes". I don't quite believe in this. The people highest up in the scale had difficulties of their own in leaving the country, but however some seems to have left. Nobody was allowed to take any money with and all property and money were confiscated - or, however, were these not taken away from "everybody"? Who could flee in those conditions without money? The jewelry might have disappeared during a long journey as did the whole group of people who travelled with some "special" person! All were killed - or were they, however, not? I have never heard here in Finland of other emigrants than those who belonged to the more well off and higher (highest??) social classes. Among us the "social class" was, however, never talked about, not even mentioned. Maybe because these people owned nothing any more - had their roots and former life, but no poperty. However, I have asked a child that emigrated and fled with his parents from Russia, what class does he belong to and without any hesitation he says that to the highest excisting. And these people waited for their whole life that the situation in the Soviet Union might change and maybe that they could go back. Getting back some property was never mentioned - you don't quite even know what they had owned and where they had been living! To preserve some Russian culture abroad and to take it back to Russia was either never worked for in any way. The heritage I am now talking about is from people born around 1883-1893 and they were young people who had just got married and had babies when they had to fly for their lives. Their parents were killed on the spot in their homes. All the roots, family graves and memories were left in Russia. And the whole life was just of waiting to get back, but then started even the II World War. And not even their grandchildren will be leaving back to Russia as they are already too old!

- The article lets us even think that all these people where of "real Russians" by their origin. However, it is said that Russia (St. Petersburg ???) had a foreign "upper class" and well of people. However, if this was the case it must have been a rather strange situation - but what I have heard this was the case. But who were those people? Some of the people I know where people who had Huguenot roots and who had already fled the French Revolution and ended in St.Petersburg. These were protestants and not belonging to the Russian Orthodox Church. They seems to have ended in the city in the times when it was built. But these people felt themselves Russians and where could they flee if they had to leave the country? France might not have been the place this time - it had already gone through its Revolution and might not have wanted this kind of people back! There are no noble, French people after the French Revolution either! Maybe this dying out of some "Russian" people should also be regarded as dying out of some "French" people - even families - mixed even with other European nationalities!


4. Marriage and children...

Could there have been descendants / members of his family been placed into some monastries or have there been anybody living anywhere else? Does somebody know something?

I could imagine it might have been difficult for anybody living person to have that surname. Could the name have changed somehow?

I am aware of that my questions are completely crazy and I am a village idiot here!!!

In the world of today there are so much people now, that there is no space any more and living and getting food becomes still more difficult all the time. The people with real "upper class" qualifications are disappearing more and more all the time. So now the waging war is going on all over among the more "lower class" people. Those who are now waging war need just more oil and land for their people all the time. How has the American history been - tell that! However, somewhere someone is still waging war in order to defend some of their own people somewhere whose existence is threated somehow. Are maybe very poor people living somewhere where there are some riches, such as oil? Somebody surely wants to throw those poor people out! Everything in this world is based on the fact that there is oil available - as well as electricity. And people should consume all the time more and more of them and the economical growth of the modern states is grounded on this fact. But this is a lie and it cannot go on anymore. The food should not be transported from far away places, but produced in the same places where people live and the resources they have there on the spot. Maybe it doesn't take long and we have to start to form our societies to work in the way as they did already before the French Revolution.

Maybe the Amish people live much in that way without electricity and oil and such groups will one day serve as some examples as most of the people have already lost all the skills of living without oil and electrictiy. We had storms here and a lot of people where without electricity for days. They couldn't cook, wash anything or even use the telephone, internet or see TV, listen to radio or write letters! The modern infrastructure finished working and that is in fact a catastrophe in a modern society! Maybe you should even be able to write long letters by handwriting - something that not everybody does any more by good and quick handwriting! What about a modern media-centre that is working without any electricity? In an emergency situation I might start one.

The fact that people from all over the world are moving into the European area in order to get a better, modern (!!!!?????) living standard based on private and state consumption, is not functioning at all and it must be coming into end. It has to be stopped as soon as possible as complete false and missleading people. And we have to start building functioning, good "welfare" societies all over the world in those places  where there is a lot of land still. Those "welfare" societies have to be built on mutual caretaking of every individual in that society and not on some ideas given by marxism, socialism, feminism and other isms. But this may not be the right place to develop these ideas in details. The values such as honesty, love of your neighbour (love your neighbours as you love yourself), respect for other people, humanity, hardworking for real reasons and motives etc - those values you could maybe call "nobel values", should be appreciated!

In Russia the Christian religion is waking into life -  isn't it. Russia is a rich and wide country and there is a lot of space. However, some Russian people are still moving out and fleeing the living conditions they may thing are too bad instead of trying to build a better world there. But why not change the direction and start moving back to Russia and start building it a new and in a new way very modern and durable society there that is not build on the need of getting more and more oil and electricity all the time? Russia needs highly educated craftsmen and other people! Russia needs money, too! And somehow the fact that the decendants of Russian people abroad all over the world don't even speak Russish any more, must be arranged! Could somebody, please, start learning us Russish here somewhere!

Can you find more articles? Write into Wikipedia articles about Russian emigrants in your area if there are not any yet!

More about this in blog, adress:

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