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Having Fun! / Re: More Romanov Dreams?
« on: March 06, 2016, 07:13:59 AM »
If you are male you have probably dreamed of being a nobleman, Baron, Count or Prince. Being a Guards Cavalry officer or Okhrana super spy. You try and save the IF or at least tatania.

If you are a female you have probably dreamed of being  a noblewoman, Baroness, Countess, or Princess. You go to the Smolny. You are the lady in waiting or maid of honor to your favorite Romanov or you are the hostess of a fashionable salon. You also try and save the IF or at least Olga.

The problem is how to have a happy ending. I don't think any of us want to stay in lenin or Stalin's USSR. and fleeing into exile means if you are a man you get to be a taxi driver in Paris. If you are a woman you get to be the wife of a taxi driver. About the only way to do this is to be from Finnland. Men your military skills help win Finnlands independence and keep it during the Winter War of 1939-40 and WW II. Women you also get to help out. Well it sure beats going into exile.

Answering to an old post I know, but this totally made me laugh! I just had one dream a couple of days ago which, surprise surprise, ended with me fleeing to Finland with the IF. This seems to be the case though every time I have these dreams, but I think it's quite natural since I actually am from Finland...

The dream I had though: I don't remember much about it but somehow I was married to Nicholas (Alix had died from some kind of disease) and we had these 5 little kids together. Plus OTMAA of course. I believe we walked all the way from Siberia to Finland and lived on a nice little farm all happily together. I think it was june/august since the weather was very hot and all the girls were complaining about it :D

Btw, isn't it such an awkward feeling when you dream like this and then wake up next to your fiancee like nothing happened. Except the fact that you just had a sort of affair with someone else. I hate that feeling even though I'm fully aware of the fact that a dream affair isn't actually comparable to an IRL one...

I just watched today a document I had recorded a couple of weeks ago called Keisarinnan hovineito (The empress' lady in waiting). It's a Finnish-Russian document that tells about Anna Vyrubova's life based on the interrogation proceedings made when she had escaped to Finland and also on other studies of her life. They had even dramatized parts of her interrogation. I thought it was interesting to hear how she had really replied to all those questions they made instead of reading some book that doesn't actually tell much.

I just realized that I haven't been paying a lot of attention on this woman at all, not even her life in Finland though I'm Finnish myself. Of course I did know about her escape to Finland and that she's buried here but I didn't know that she was a nun or that she lived her last years in a typical 1950's-60's city flat. I think I have to read this whole thread through now to fill in this empty spot in my knowledge.

Having Fun! / Re: Just to put this out there...Romanov style!
« on: January 09, 2013, 07:17:02 AM »
I came across this site by accident while googleing around

It's a memory association of the "Holy imperial martyrs Nicholas II and his family and the empress' lady in waiting Anna Taneeva in Finland"
The site is mainly in Russian though there are some parts in Finnish too. I don't know much Russian so I can't understand almost anything but it seems that there is quite a lot videos and articles about the IF in Russian and also some information about the associations activity in Finland. Apparently they share the information and keep their memory alive and also organize pilgrimages to places where the IF spent their holidays and where Anna Vyrubova lived and was buried.

Funny that I didn't know anything about this association though I'm from Finland. Maybe they should be a bit more active on "keeping the flame"...

Nikolai II: Suomen suuriruhtinas[Nicholas II: Grand Duke of Finland] By: Jorma & Päivi Tuomi-Nikula
Jyväskylä: Atena, 2010. 283 p., ill.
ISBN 978-951-796-650-4
Swedish-language edition:Nikolaj II: Storfurste av Finland
Helsingfors: Schildts, 2010
ISBN 9789515018714
€ 41, hardback

This work is the first Finnish biography of the last Grand Duke of Finland, Tsar Nicholas II (1868–1918). It provides a new approach to historical writing in its treatment of the Tsar’s relationship with Finland in the face of increasing terror, the First World War and the 1917 revolutions. Terrorism as a form of resistance during the period of oppression in 1904–07 was more widespread in Finland than previously thought. Extracts from diaries, letters and other documents provide the background to events on the global political stage as well as the private lives of the figures. Finns initially responded favourably to Nicholas’ ascent to the throne in 1894, but this trust soon declined with Nicholas’ policy of Russification. Despite these increasingly strained relations, Nicholas enjoyed spending his holidays in Finland. This book contains a wealth of photographs, including some from the personal albums of Anna Vyrubova, a lady-in-waiting who fled to Finland. There are also never-before-published postcards dating from the era of oppression and revolution. The authors have previously written about the Tsars in Finland’s era as a Grand Duchy of Russia in their book Keisarit kesälomalla Suomessa (‘The emperors on summer holiday in Finland’, 2002).
Translated by Ruth Urbom

Review from here

I have this book in Finnish myself but I haven't read it yet. Based on the brief glance I've given to the book I believe it's very informative about the attitude of the ordinary Finnish people towards their ruler. It also tells about the life of Nicholas II but mostly in the Finnish point of view. Unfortunately this book is only available in Finnish and Swedish.

I read this book myself a few years ago in Finnish and I must agree with Svetabel about the fact that the text itself is quite boring and tiring to read and not so many pictures were actually new for me either.

But, if you are interested in the subject and can understand Russian or Finnish, then the book is very informative and has a lot of information about their holidays that I myself for example didn't know. It's a good view of the normal life the imperial family had when they had a chance to on a holiday.

Having Fun! / Re: More Romanov Dreams?
« on: August 22, 2011, 12:46:16 PM »
I’ve had only a few Romanov-dreams through years but last night I had one.

I was at the Peter and Paul’s cathedral in St.Petersburg. There were tourists in side the cathedral but I was alone placing a beautiful bouquet in front of the thom of Nicholas and his family. I don’t know why but I felt sad and worried and maybe stressed. Suddenly I noticed a bright light in front of me and looked up. And there was Nicholas standing and looking at me smiling. He was a ghost but not a scary one, more like a guardian angel one and he was shining this beautiful light. Naturally, I couldn’t believe my eyes and was very shocked. Then he put his hands to my shoulders and said to me: “Don’t be afraid, my child. You’ll never be alone in life because I will always be there walking beside you and taking care of you.” Then he faded away. I looked around and no-one seemed to noticed what just had happened. When I left the cathedral I had this weird but lovely warm feeling inside of me and felt much happier and less worried.

I think it was a very beautiful dream and I felt really good even when I woke up :)

Having Fun! / Re: Coloured pictures XXXV
« on: March 28, 2011, 02:36:45 AM »
Good work!

Here is something I made about six months ago but for some reason haven't put in here. I can't decide if I'm happy with this or not.
Olga, Tatiana and Maria

Having Fun! / Re: What's the weather like at your place?
« on: March 28, 2011, 02:19:27 AM »
Right now we have +1C and it's snowing! In the end of March! Gosh, I can't wait for spring.

Having Fun! / Re: Non royalty colored pictures!
« on: February 19, 2011, 07:09:54 AM »
Oops, there was a stupid typo in the first link so
here it is

This one should work :)

Having Fun! / Re: Non royalty colored pictures!
« on: February 16, 2011, 01:04:37 PM »
Gorgeus work!

Here's a colouring of Anne Francis that I've made like ages ago and found it now. For some reason I haven't put it here so I'll do it now then.

Having Fun! / Re: What's the weather like at your place?
« on: December 23, 2010, 04:31:41 AM »
A bit sunny, a lot of snow and -22 celsius.

Having Fun! / Re: Non royalty colored pictures!
« on: December 17, 2010, 09:50:48 AM »
Wonderful work Ally! I especially love the colours in Preity Zinta picture.

Tove Jansson, who wrote my all-time favourite stories, The Moomins.

Two characters from Moomins; Moomin and Little Myy

I just completely love these stories, even though they're mainly directed to children. But hey, how could you resist this kind of strips?

Having Fun! / Re: The Imperial Hygiene of the Romanovs
« on: December 17, 2010, 08:20:28 AM »
Day four of my bathing experiment and I love cold showers now, I don't think I can go back! :D

Well, if I lived in those temperatures I would propably love them too. But because of living in Finland, and it's winter now, I don't think I could do that every day. I'm not mentally strong enough :)

Having Fun! / Re: Coloured pictures XXXV
« on: November 14, 2010, 06:23:24 AM »
Great work everybody!

Princess Margaret

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