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Having Fun! / Re: Funny Photos II
« on: January 08, 2010, 07:07:12 AM »
Image by and hosted by !!
I think that this image have been posted before but I've posted this again with a story xD.

This is the story:
Alexei says:
And then he gives a smile.
Olga thinks:
- No !! You are'nt going to eat my brain !!! I will stop moving and I'll give a smile to the camera, because this reflect Brain Eaters. HA !
Tatiana thinks:
- Better I don't move like Olga. I can reflect Brain Eaters too.
Dimitri thinks:
- I want the photographer brain ...
Alix (looking at Olga) & NII think:

-Normal for their age.

Having Fun! / Re: How tall
« on: January 08, 2010, 05:57:06 AM »
I have seen a documentary with an old lady, who as a little girl was present in Moscow in 1914 and saw the Imperial family. I think she said something like: "It was very wierd, because it seemed the Tsarina was taller than the Tsar."
LOL !!!!!! It isn't weird, it's normal !!
AGRBear in the quote said that N II & his son Alexei were 5 feets 7 inches tall by July 1918,  if they were this tall, I'm as tall as them! How shocking. heeh

Having Fun! / Re: Romanov-look-alikes!
« on: January 07, 2010, 05:48:43 PM »
You know the book The Virgin Blue by Tracy Chevalir? Anyway, the illustration on the cover totally looks like a very young Alix 12/13, or maybe Ella I think.

I mean, it is her! I think so anyway.  :P

Yes she looks like a very young Alix and a Ella!
This book is shocking. Lol.

Having Fun! / Re: Strange thought about home videos and trees
« on: January 07, 2010, 05:08:05 PM »
Thanks Laura !!!!

The Final Chapter / Re: Recent Ekaterinburg newspaper article
« on: January 07, 2010, 10:30:11 AM »
Thanks for the article too, lpl !!

Olga Nicholaievna / Re: Olga Anecdotes
« on: January 07, 2010, 10:19:08 AM »
Speaking of Olga saying amusing things, I believe that was a trait thought out her life. I recently saw this photo of her disembarking from a boat on the Dnieper River in 1916. The little cadet, Zehnya Makarov, is looking after Olga  and is laughing his head off from something she just said and it looks like Countess Hendrykova is behind her, laughing as well. It has to be funny for a little guy like that to laugh,turn his head and look you after you have passed .Sorry for the small size. If you have it bigger, you'll see what I mean even more. I believe this photo, along with another was recently up for sale. It was on that site, I could see the photo bigger somehow .


That's cool blessOTMA & Douglas !! Maybe Olga did something funny that they were laughing and looking at her xxDD.

How interesting the languages, folks !!!
Cebi26, I'm glad to see another person that's from Brazil in the forum =-D !! (And special thanks to who created the topic =-)).

Tasia, good list. Especcialy the last one is very funny - Carnival;)
How you can imagine for example carnival in Finland or in Russia in a winter time?

Anyway here it is in Russian.

New Year - Новый год
Christmas - Рождество Христово
Birthday - День рожденья
Easter - Пасха
Children's Day - День ребенка
Father's Day - День отца
Mother's Day - День матери
Thanksgiving Day - ..............
Student's Day - День студента, Татьянин день
April Fool's Day - 1 апреля, День дураков
The Day of Dead - ................
Halloween - ...............
Independence Day - День независимости
Labour Day* - 1 мая, День международной солидарности трудящихся
Carnival - ...............

*I call it the day of the losers, idlers and old-fashioned proletariat.

THanks, Nicolá de Valerón !! Yeah, that's true, carnival in Russia or in Finland, lol !!

Well, about what you've said of the 1st of may, it's cool to share your opinion with people on the forum, but remember, there are very different kinds of people here, very different ways of living live and very different points of view, a thing that you call "Bjdjklsd" someone can call it *Amazing* !!
It's cool to defend the point of view like GD Ally, but remember you two, all of us,
Don't mess around, live your life trough Heaven's eyes (not only the Man's eye).

ANDDDDDDDD, Let's make another list! I've got one here but I will give a chance to another one do a list xD.

Anastasia Nicholaievna / Re: Older photos of Anastasia
« on: January 06, 2010, 02:17:41 PM »
Of course, this photo wasn't Anastasia's "last one" before the Ipatiev Murder. It was taken long earlier than that. Her offical "last photo" - at least by now - is the one in which she appears with short hair, in profile, reading a letter or something similar to it. Anastasia had not such long hair "few weeks before the excecution", since she had cutted them off when she was ill with measles while Revolution was starting on.

Well, actually, her last photograph was the one taken of her profile aboard the Rus to Ekaterinburg. The picture you're referring to was taken in Tobolsk.

Hmmh, the last one aboard on the Rus... I had my doubts hehe ^^'

Having Fun! / Re: Rare Pictures IX
« on: January 06, 2010, 01:46:57 PM »
Very Good photos, guys !!
I like the Maria one that Cebi26 posted ^^ and the OTMAA one that Keegan posted.

Let's start a new game !!

New Year:
Children's day:
Father's day:
Mother's day:
Thanksgiving day:
Student's day:
April Fool's day (the lie day):
The day of Dead:
Independece day:
Larbour day:

Enough haha !!!!!

In BR portuguese it will be:

New Year: Ano Novo
Christmas: Natal
Birthday: Aniversário
Easter: Páscoa
Children's day: Dia das Crianças
Father's day: Dia dos Pais
Mother's day: Dia das Mães
Thanksgiving day: Dia de Ação de Graças
Student's day: Dia do Estudante
April Fool's day (the lie day): Dia da Mentira
The day of Dead: Dia dos Mortos ou(or) Dia de Finados
Halloween: Halloween
Independece day: Dia da Indepêndencia
Larbour day: Dia do Trabalho
Carnival: Carnaval

Your Turn !!

Anastasia Nicholaievna / Re: Older photos of Anastasia
« on: January 05, 2010, 08:07:50 AM »
This is allegedly the last picture of Anastasia taken a few weeks before her death (from the book "The end of the Romanovs")

Beautiful PHOTO! She looks like 19 years old or something like that hehe!

Tsarevich Alexei Nicholaievich / Re: Alexei as a teenager
« on: January 05, 2010, 07:47:51 AM »
I was re-reading my copy of Tatiana’s letters from when I came upon her letter to Alexei dated October 7, 1915 which said: “I didn’t see your Irina, because she’s in Petrograd”.

Who’s that Irina? I’m sure it’s not Grand Duchess Irina Alexandrovna for I think they didn’t see much of her in war time. I think that Irina Tatiana spoke of was Alexei’s crush…I might be wrong, too. If ever she was really his crush, I admit it’s indeed new information for me!

When I read about yours comment, Shandroise, I thought about Princess Ileana of Romania (because her name reminds me Irina, weird names)... O-O
But her name's Ileana and not Irina, so I have my doubts too xD

A-HA! I found a Irina (idk if she's the Irina that Olga says, but) her name is Irina Pavlovna *daughter of Grand-duke Paul Alexandrovich* and born in December 1903 !!! how many Irinas there are e-e, u-ú.

Having Fun! / Re: Strange thought about home videos and trees
« on: January 02, 2010, 08:32:39 AM »
I have the same kind of thoughts all the time.

Did you know that trees that Nicholas and Alexandra had planted on the grounds of the Alexander Palace on the births of each of the girls are still there?
How coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool Holly!! I did'nt know that!!
It's a weird subject, Abbigail but it's cool! I like to see the videos because I like to see them moving (not only just in photos xD)e-e.

The Final Chapter / Re: Where were the Imperial Family's bodies found?
« on: January 02, 2010, 07:08:07 AM »
hEY, zACK!
I know that Alexei and Maria (they tought that was Anastasia, but the one with Alexei was taller) were found in a separete place, but I forgot the name of the places that the IF, Alexei, Maria and the servants were found !!(sorry, haha ^-^")

Having Fun! / Re: Your favorite Romanov movie?
« on: December 29, 2009, 08:22:14 AM »
I like the movie "Anastasia" of 1997 *____________*, I like it because I've watched IT when I was a child and began to like the Romanov and Russian history, it is so magical and cool xD

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