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I am curious to know if there are any photographs of the Imperial Family in the Hermitage Museum.  I've seen on of them all in the Hermitage Theatre for the costume ball,  but not in any of ther other museum rooms.   Did they visit often? Thanks!!

The Imperial Family / Re: What got you interested in the Romanovs?
« on: December 17, 2009, 10:29:54 AM »
My interest in the Romanovs began in 1996 when my first daughter was just a baby. I remember holding her and feeding her while watching A&E's Nicholas and Alexandra.  Their story was absolutely heartbreaking to me. I just couldn't get over the fact that the children and Alix were so brutally murdered along with the Tsar. The next time I was in the bookstore I happened to find "A Lifelong Passion", and that was it. I was hooked. Since then I have read everything I can about them. I totally understand the depth of the feelings of other members in their posts.  The Romanovs' story is just so compelling, so tragic that you just can't get over it. It stays with you and becomes a part of your own life.  I remember having a dream once that I was on a bus trip and we were going to visit one of the palaces (apparently I was in Russia) and when we arrived they said the Tsar was busy that day and could only see us briefly.  I felt so amazed and excited "They're still alive!!" was my only thought.  We walked in the palace and there was Nicky standing beside a long table in a large room full of men in uniforms.  I was so thrilled to see him I started gushing, and he turned and looked at me very sternly and held up one hand as if to say, "You are NOT to speak to me unless I address you, which I have no intention of doing", and then he shook his head and turned away from me. I was crushed. I remember waking up and thinking "I may be obsessed with these people".  I swear if I win the lottery I would donate millions to have the Alexander Palace restored!

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