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I believe it IS only GD who wear the wedding regalia including the awfully heavy earrings and other dress passed down from Catherine the Great.  Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn't GD Marie Pavlovna the younger the Last GD to wear them?  I don't think it was protocol for Princesses to wear them so even if Irina had wanted to dress this way, the strict court etiquette would have prevented it.  Although IMO, the Tsar could have changed that.  After all, it WAS his sister's only daughter.

Nicholas II / Re: Photos of Nicholas II #2
« on: September 13, 2007, 10:54:00 PM »
David, Nicky, George, and Alexei

This is the photo shown in the A&E Documentary "Nicholas & Alexandra". It is introduced as Prince Michael of Kent who points out the remarkable resemblance between Nicky and George (and many have noticed that he too resembles them, especially the Tsar.)  He states that his walked past that picture quite often as a small child amazed by it.  I too find it remarkable, perhaps due to the Danish genes throug Queen Alexandra of England and Empress Marie Feodorovna in addition to his Romanov ancestry through his mother Princess Marina and her mother GD Helen Vladmiarovna of Russia.  What a double whammy.

It is also a favorite for me.

One of the things I just loved about Darmstadt was the feeling of history there.  There is a lovely memorial to Princess Elisabeth in a park next to one of the palaces (it's the one with the ceramics for those who know the place).  You have the feeling that the town is still grieving for her, just as you have the feeling that Ernie really left his imprint on the town with all the architecture and artistic additions he made.  They feel very close...

I know this may have been answered but I can no longer find it, Are there any memorials or such during the time when the Park is open to the Public.  Isn't it in May?  Is Elizabeth still memorialized along with her family?

Xenia was certainly liberated as Russian emigre'.  She lived in a grace and favor mansion in England provided and subsidised by King George V who seemed to take personal responsibility for his cousin.  But by all accounts, it seems Xenia lived as frugally as she could and when she died there was not much left to be divided, even though she was not somebody who squandered money.  I think in their own way Olga and Xenia were nonplussed by the title of Grand Duchess.  What meant more to them was not their loss of rank, but the loss of all of their family and their homeland. As well as everything familiar.  Olga was definitely the more adventurous one and would not shrink at any risk taking which included her escaping from Bolshevik Russia.  IMO she was more adjusted because she never expected it.  Xenia, linked to her mother's hip all her life, seemed more frail - though she lived to 85 and had no opportunity to even contemplate being anything than what she was. 

In the end, IMO, they both were thankful that the "trappings" of royalty were no longer expected of them, but each were very (and rightly so) concerned about mere survival.

Forum Announcements / Re: Formal Press Release from Ekaterinburg
« on: September 12, 2007, 03:22:39 PM »
Forgive my ignorance and sorry I didn't see it.  But thank you so much FA for kindly answering my question. I will be more vigilant in the future!

Not necessarily.  GD Xenia said the Bolsheviks took away everything, but in essence did her a favor by allowing her her privacy.

The Imperial Family / Re: Grand Duchess Ksenia and Grand Duke Alexander
« on: September 12, 2007, 02:37:24 PM »
Yes she really looked most unusual when she got older. She looked nothing like her mother or maternal grandmother.

Her features somewhat resembeld her paternal grandmother GDss Olga Fedorovna.

I agree and startlingly like her aunt GD Anastasia of Mecklenburg-Schwerin. She had many of her father's family's features.
But the combination of genes in Irina as she aged was much different than her Aunt and Grandmother and really did make for an unusual effect.

Does anyone think any of Xenia and Sandro's sons resemble Xenia's mother's side or Nicky?

Since Nicky and Xenia had the same mother, I am not sure what you are asking.

Sorry, I should have phrased it differently.  I guess I meant that does anyone think that any of Xenia sons resemble the Danish side more so than the Romanov side of the family.  Xenia and Nicky  favor each other a great deal.  So, I definitely should have said it in a more concise manner.  Queen Louise of Hesse-Cassel and her husband or AIII and his clan.  Nicky and Xenia look like the Dowager Empress so much, but in Charlotte Zeepvat's Camera and the Tsars there is a photo of AIII as a young boy and there are many traits that were passed down to his heir (unfortunately not his height).  But as they grew older, both siblings favored their mother, IMO. Any thoughts?

Forum Announcements / Re: Formal Press Release from Ekaterinburg
« on: September 12, 2007, 02:13:03 PM »
Speaking of burial, should DNA prove (and IMO it will) that these are the missing remains of the Imperial Children, Certainly they too would be buried in St. Petersburg?  Any speculation on whether Ekaterinburg will try to hold them as they did in 1991. Any thoughts?
And if they are the Imperial Children, would there be a different ceremony considering they are considered canonised?  Forgive my ignorance, but I did not know where else to post this question.  Any thoughts?

QV was definitely different then her high-strung granddaughter in regards to this, i believe.  But in her child bearing years, QV wasn't as "hands-on" with her children.  PA did this.   She didn't particularly like to be around children then.  I think when her grandchildren came it was different. 

Also, Alix and QV certainly were different in their personalities and physical/mental conditions before, during and after their child bearing years.

I agree.  I had never seen any actual photos of Sergei's murder scene right after or his carriage. I have seen photos of AII's carriage.  Thank you!

I agree. Especially since she wasn't mentally or physically in balance before the births of her children. IMO her previous state coupled with post-partum as well as the hemophilia of Alexei probably ended her child bearing days.  Whether by choice or by nature.

Yes, IMO, NII knew he wasn't worthy of Ruling Russia and he knew certainly wasn't ready. AIII knew he wasn't ready, describing him as "an absolute child" But that's another story.

Irene and Nicky certainly wouldn't have been a match so her prospects of being a Russian Empress were slim and none.

 However, haven't read very much on her, I would like to know more of how she is remembered?.  All of her siblings seem to remembered for something.  Which characteristic and traits desribe Irene? The siblings stayed close, often visiting at Irene's at least before the War.

Forum Announcements / Re: Formal Press Release from Ekaterinburg
« on: August 28, 2007, 01:11:23 AM »
Gosh, this is so exciting... it certainly puts an end to all the mysteries that have been surrounding the Romanov children!
And truly a miracle.  I never thought I would see it in my lifetime. I felt I was lucky enough to be in the generation that found the Tsar and his family and what truly happened to them and I truly despaired when I learned that their were two bodies missing.  Whomever they were out of the 11 massacred in that cellar, certainly deserved better than the burial these poor skeletal remain got.

I hope and pray that DNA confirms what I already know in my heart, that these are the two Romonav children that we thought were lost to us forever.

Praise be to God in all things!


Rulers Prior to Nicholas II / Re: Empress Catherine II
« on: August 25, 2007, 12:16:20 AM »
True enough.  But the Empress accepted the child as legitimate .  Knowing the truth or not she snatched little Anna just as she did Paul, both bearing Paul's patronym.  As has been stated with Paul's birth,This would have been seen as a legitmate heir and had Peter denied either, he could have gotten rid of Catherine quite easily.   They detested each other and he was looking for a reason to either send her to a convent or prison so he could be with his mistress.  Was it fear of the Empress' wrath and his loss of the throne that made him not deny his children?  Obviously, he KNEW Orlov's child was not his, but by that time the Empress had passed and Catherine hid the child in secret.

Yes, Irene could be as firm an unyielding as Alix.  But IMO not as intractable.  Alix seemed to have an iron will on EVERY issue and wanted to be in control of every situation.  Luckily the man she loved was not the same.

But as far as being obstinate at the risk of the lives of her family (and an Empire), Irene at least was not in that position.

Quite possible she could have as hard as Alix had she been Empress of Russia instead.  But, IMO, Irene always seems in what little I have read of her to fall somewhere in the middle with traits of all of her sisters (both good and bad). 

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