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Here's one I forgot: When everyone else chooses your university because the Victorian-era castle on campus makes them feel like they're in Harry Potter, but you chose it because you pretend NAOTMAA could've lived there!

YES! My hair is long and annoying to take care of... so i want to go it you can all probably guess get it bobbed though I'm not quite sure about putting a ribbon or whatever in it though! In fact i was even thinking of (when i can go) bringing a photo of Tatiana and say probably like "bobbed kinda like this please?" i just have 2 go through for a good "1914 bobbed" photo! I'm trying to learn Russian through the Google translator because it has the "romanization" of the "symbols" though i highly doubt I'm doing very well hmm oh well at least it's a try right?  ;D
lol, I just learned most of the Russian characters through Wikipedia! They list what each one is supposed to sound like, so from there I just sounded out a lot of Russian words until I could recognize a lot of ones attached to the Imperial Family without doing so. But that's just about the extent of my knowledge. :P
As for the hair, mine is naturally wavy, so I just got it cut short without specifying a style, and most days it curves somewhat like Tatiana's on it's own. (Not nearly as nicely as hers though!)

You know you're obsessed when...
- You've attempted to get your hairstyle like Tatiana's in the 1914 formal pics (I had some success with this one, but I think it's impossible to duplicate that effect with the headband. If I try it I just look silly!)
- You've learned a small amount of Russian simply because of your interest in them, and want to take classes to learn more, even though you are already deep into learning a completely different language!

Having Fun! / Re: NAOTMAA's Celebrity Look-Alikes!
« on: January 25, 2010, 02:53:14 PM »
Oh, sorry! I did browse around for one but I must have missed that. *headdesk* This is somewhat different though because it's just about that website, but if there's some way to merge them together then I guess that would make things more consolidated...

Having Fun! / NAOTMAA's Celebrity Look-Alikes!
« on: January 25, 2010, 02:38:34 PM »
Hello everyone! I'm new. (Although I'll admit I've been looking around here for a little while- you guys are a wealth of knowledge!) Anyway, I thought I'd start out with something fun. My friend sent me the link to this site where you can upload a photo of yourself and see which celebrities you most resemble. I figured, since so many of us wonder who the perfect actors/actresses would be for portraying NAOTMAA in films, we could upload their photos to find out! I did one for each, and the answers may surprise you (especially since the site doesn't differentiate gender)! Feel free to try different pictures, because I doubt this site is totally accurate and a different photo of exactly the same person will probably yield a completely different set of lookalikes. For example, just because Nicky has a mustache it seems the site has picked a random batch of mustachioed men that "look like" him (and, oddly, Rebecca Romijn). Anyway, here they are...


(tell me if the pictures don't show up for some reason. I'm trying, but every website is different!)

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