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...When you relate everything to them. My friend was telling me the other day how she bought a pair of earrings that she couldn't wear because they're too heavy, and I was like "You should wrap a wire around your ear to support the weight." Like Alix did at the coronation. lol.

Then later my mom was saying how her friend had a cancer scare, and felt like if it was malignant that she would've deserved it by being a smoker for so long. I answered with "Like Alix feeling that Alexei's hemophilia was her fault..."

Having Fun! / Re: Just to put this out there...Romanov style!
« on: June 06, 2010, 11:29:23 PM »
Just a random question for all of you geniuses out there... I was going through my home movies from a cruise I took a few years ago, and these portraits caught my eye. They were hanging above an unnamed bar on the cruise ship... I've taken a screencap with the hopes that you all may know who they are. The man looks like Nicholas, but the woman is definitely not Alexandra. Could they perhaps be King George and Queen Mary, seeing as George and Nicky looked so similar? Or is it just a random juxtaposition of formal-looking portraits and no one realizes that they have the likeness of the last Tsar on their ship? Thanks for your help!

Having Fun! / Re: IF Theme songs?
« on: June 06, 2010, 09:11:55 PM »
I won't torture all of you with it again, since I detailed this in length in the "songs about naotmaa" thread, but I connect almost every Tori Amos song to the Romanovs somehow, because I heard "Yes, Anastasia" when I was first learning about them, loved it, and decided to listen to all of her other songs. Since NAOTMAA was still fresh in my mind, lyrics that could be about them just jumped out at me so much. Especially in "Winter," which I view as from Olga's point-of-view about her bond with her father, "Bells For Her" about the impending revolution, "Ribbons Undone" about Anastasia's 'wildness'.... and many others!

This morning I saw two little girls dressed in the same striped outfits, and I instantly thought "It looks like OTMA's swimming costumes!" Yep, I'm obsessed...

Having Fun! / Re: More Romanov Dreams?
« on: June 05, 2010, 09:16:30 PM »
I had a rather nice one last night... it was about some of the IF's former servants reminiscing about them and the times they had with them while on their vacations... I think it was supposed to be the Crimea but it was called something else in the dream. Also for some reason it was in present day, but all of these people were young and still alive. Anyway, they'd gone back to the IF's favorite vacation spot and remembered how they loved to pick a certain kind of flower, and began searching for it on a hill next to an Orthodox church. They weren't having much luck though, and said it was because those flowers had grown very rare in the decades since Nicholas's reign. When they reached the top of the hill, they discovered that NAOTMAA had been there too, searching for the same flowers on the other side of the hill. One of them said something like "Why look, it's Their Majesties!" And Alexandra smiled and said "No one has called us 'Their Majesties' in quite a long time." I unfortunately don't remember anything else after that, but it made me happy.

I didn't know Alexandra had been to Italy! When exactly? I was just there a few months ago, now I wish I'd known that!

Having Fun! / Re: Romanov-look-alikes!
« on: May 16, 2010, 09:44:36 PM »
This is a post on a blog of just random old photographs, but I was shocked when I came across it because the girl on the left looks exactly like Tatiana and the girl on the right looks like Maria! (and of course then I looked at it way too long and the other two started to look like Olga and Anastasia... but I know the resemblance isn't nearly as great.)

Having Fun! / Re: Coloured pictures XXXIV
« on: May 05, 2010, 03:25:49 PM »
Wow I've never seen that picture of Tatiana before! Do you have the B&W?

Another... when your friend mentions how the tip of her nose sticks up, you go "You have a humble snub!" And then everyone looks at you strangely...

There is also a thread for songs about naotmaa somewhere in this forum that has a lot of other possibilities. ;)

Here's one... when you go to see the thesis presentations at your college to get ideas for yours, and all you can think about are possibilities for centering yours on the Romanovs!

Having Fun! / Re: OTMAX?
« on: April 25, 2010, 12:29:41 PM »
Probably a diminutive. I think the direct English equivalent of Ekaterina is Catherine though.

If it wasn't for the fact that Alexandra referred to Becker as a separate entity, I would almost say it was a name for a different "mood" of hers brought on by that time... Like, if she's feeling cranky she ceases to be Alix and instead becomes Madame Becker... but it's just a silly theory of mine.

Another... I'm sure I'm not the only one here who uses Alexandra's "Becker" phrase casually to refer to the very same thing...

It's the castle here on my university campus. It used to belong to a really rich entrepreneur who built it to show off. Him and his wife didn't get along and supposedly his wife found one of his mistresses and whipped her as a punishment, but she ended up bleeding to death, and supposedly every time they tried to paint over the walls in the room the blood would seep through, so they eventually just painted the room red. I dunno, seems kind of like a fishy story to me.

Oh here's a good one! So my campus has some pretty popular ghost stories about certain buildings, and we had a "ghost tour" tonight, so one guy was setting up this creepy story about some lady who was murdered, and he goes "They whipped her, but they didn't know she was a hemophiliac" and I go "WOMEN CAN'T HAVE HEMOPHILIA!" and ruin the whole thing. lol.

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