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Servants, Friends and Retainers / Re: Terentii Chemodurov and Alexei Trupp
« on: November 17, 2015, 02:38:35 PM »
Thank-you for posting a list of his medals.Why did he receive the silver and gold  French medals? Was he at one time in service of French Military? Just curious.
Are there photographs of Alexei Trupp at Tsar Nicholas II Coronation?


Servants, Friends and Retainers / Re: Terentii Chemodurov and Alexei Trupp
« on: November 14, 2015, 09:25:09 PM »
You would think there would be many photographs of Alexei Trupp ,especially since he was later canonized along with the Imperial Romanov family by the Russian Orthodo church.
I have only been able to see 3 photo's.If anyone has additional photographs of him and also WITH the Romanov family it might have be of interest regarding the topic.

I did notice regarding his commemorative medals,that some of them matched those worn by Grand Nikolay Nikolayevich Romanov who was the Supreme commander of the Russian Army
as I was reading so I hope that is correct. the one that looks like a jagged star matches the one Alexei Trupp is seen in one of his photo's.Does anyone on the forum understand what the
different medals represent? This may create some new insight regarding the Romanov footman.


Servants, Friends and Retainers / Re: Terentii Chemodurov and Alexei Trupp
« on: November 14, 2015, 05:37:40 PM »
I am sorry I was not able to understand the link as it was all in Russian. I wonder if you can find it English and repost regarding
the link regarding Alexey Yegorovich Trupp. If possible.


Servants, Friends and Retainers / Re: Terentii Chemodurov and Alexei Trupp
« on: November 14, 2015, 10:03:38 AM »
In looking at the State History Book site posted by Sunny,you can see that Alexei Egorovich Trupp aka A.E.Tpynn (I think it is spelled in the photo) has so many decorated medals
they must all mean something.Something of importance don't you think Sanochka? If anyone on the forum has additional photographs and information on the medals with their
known associations it may be of additional interest to this topic for discussion. It seems like military medals?I would imagine anyone that was closest and surrounding the Romanov
family would have had to have top protective maybe military clearance for security purposes.At the time Tsar Nicholas II was the wealthiest man on earth. Also I believe that the
Royal families had other members of the royal families as part of their kingdom like the ladies in waiting that were often family related.(I think this is right according to things I remember
regarding GB royals on accounts I once read).
It would stand to reason perhaps Alexei Trupp was top military personell and perhaps somehow family related? Anyone on the forum with additional information it might be interesting.

Thank you Sanochka for your response


I want to thank you Katmaxoz for the amazing links regarding "Costume Ball at the Winter Palace" by Russky Antiquariat. What an amazing endeavor and undertaking!!!!The thought of it
is breathtaking.The history with-in its pages filled with the magnificent beauty of another time.Beautiful jeweled dresses,traditions laced with fairytale like dreams that were once lived.
I believe that THIS, THIS would be the book that could be come a part of us today if it were brought to life. I hope that at this very moment as we speak of it,someone will see this,and
and seriously consider turning the Costume Ball into a T.V.series. Restage the beautiful ball and fill it with the intrigue of the royal relationships,woven into a beautiful tale....of another time.

Thank you again for your reply.I wonder if a library would be be able to obtain it so it could be seen?Do you know if copys are available at any specific library in the United States? Sometimes
they bring in rare books . They cannot leave the library.They can only be viewed there.I would love to see volume two.


Servants, Friends and Retainers / Re: Terentii Chemodurov and Alexei Trupp
« on: November 13, 2015, 12:57:14 AM »
I would like to know if anyone has more information and more photographs about Alexei Egorovich (Yegorovich) Trupp,Tsar Nicholas II family footman.
Also he is wearing many medals.Does anyone understand what each medal represented regarding his status.There must be more photographs of him
with the family as one photo shows him with one of the Romanov girls at a very young age. Alexei Trupp was there with the Tsarvich and family in 1918.

What role exactly would a footman play in the royal household during the time of Tsar Nicholas II reign? Just curious.


I would also love to see a full book of photos.A beautifully done picture book,of the Royal Romanov Balls during the time of Tsar Nicholas II's reign. Each picture identified so we understand who is in the picture from time to time.
I would be curious to know more about the royal ball's social etiquette the guests traveling arrangements,did they go on the a specific train?Did they go on Tsar Nicholas's private train to the royal ball? The costume dress,and georgeous dresses, the royal tailors designing costumes for the  balls and the history.preperation,decorations,music, for the ball. So many spin offs you can only imagine what could be done book form or movie ot T.V.series.
on this topic.
 I would specifically like to see the ball of 1903 (I believe....that is correct). I also think it would make a beautiful and glamourous tv series sensation if it were done as well as Downton Abbey was. Would't it be
exciting if it could be done on location in exchange for cultural ,historic, exchange...It could actually be magnificent!!! Perhaps the government of Russia would see thisi with vision for what it could be to the historic
realm of Romanov fascination.
Bob Atichion.....promise if I have inspired you to dream as I am right now...I shall be invited to join the casting crew in some fashion.Photography,Costume design....or just dreamer.I am sure you have many people on the Alexander Palace Time Machine with extraordinary talents that would love to be apart of such an endeavor.


I am wondering if the last works of David C.Clarke who wrote : The Lost Fortune of the Tsars"....was his unfinished book published?If not I believe that would be a very good book to have for historys sake.
Even if he didn't finish it. I am sure it would be worthy of print. Mr. Clarke dedicated his entire life to the mystery's that surrounded the royal Romanov family. I for one loved reading his books and how well he
investigated ,researched,studied,and reached out to follow any and all leads where ever that would take him. I believe what he did was a masterpiece and should not be taken lightly.

I was very saddened when I learned of his death.I was just a newbie at reading and learning about the royal history of the Romanovs and felt quite inadequate to attempt to offer any type of opinion. I am still yet
a newbie regarding a complete understanding of the beautiful Romanov's and the beautiful Palaces,and a world  and era that would unexpectedly vanish.

I am currently trying to obtain a copy of his book: hidden Treasures of the Romanovs "Saving the Royal jewels". I hope sometime in the future  there might be a book discussion on it on the Alexander palace Time Machine.

Best Regards,

Can someone post the very last years photograph's of Tsar Nicholas II's children ?
They were so much older than so many of the photographs always show. I would
also really like to see as many photographs anyone has of Alexei age 14,15 . I don't
know why they always show them very young when in fact...they weren't all that little.


Has anyone researched old newpaper articles regarding the survival of Tsar Nicholas II and family.I believe there was one out of France I found it once.
If anyone has access to historic newpapers could you reprint for everyone to review ?

Donald,I am just wondering if you till post here.I just want you to know that on your recommendation of Shay Mcneals
k "The Secret Plot to Rescue the Tsar" I can't wait to read it,and just ordered it from my local library.  I hope that you are
still around to discuss this topic. I believe that there is so much mystery and intrigue regarding the Romanov's that needs to
come to light and that NOW is the time that the real truth ,be revealed.

I believe that the truth will be revealed.First the right questions need asked. I have a list of questions that if it were up to me,
I would expect answered in resolving the great Romanov mystery. So if your around,I hope you return to this forum.


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