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Christie's Paris is going to auction off the original chandelier from Maria Feodorovna's Boudoir at Pavlovsk.  Here is the link via Royal Russia:

Palaces in St. Petersburg / Re: Winter Palace
« on: September 09, 2010, 08:30:05 AM »
Does anyone have any pictures of what St. George's Hall looked like before the fire?  According to wikipedia, it was by Quarenghi, had colored marble columns, and a painted ceiling.

Tsarskoe Selo Palaces / Re: Oranienbaum, Palace and Pavillions
« on: August 06, 2010, 07:29:25 PM »
Does anyone know what happened to the Tiepolo painting in the ceiling of the Great Hall of the Chinese Palace?  It was, I believe, the only Tiepolo in any of the imperial palaces and it is a great loss.  I have read that the Russians removed it during World War II (the only ceiling panel to be evacuated), it was intercepted by the Germans and probably perished shortly thereafter when Peterhof was burned.  Another version has it taken to Pavlovsk where it was captured and 'was sold to a wealthy man in a neutral country, who refuses to restore it to the position for which it was created.'  I hope the second is true and that someday it may be returned.  Until then, I thought everyone might enjoy a prewar photo.

Mars in Repose by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo

Tsarskoe Selo Palaces / Re: Oranienbaum, Palace and Pavillions
« on: August 06, 2010, 07:07:00 PM »
It looks like the restoration of the exterior is already complete.  I found these photos on a pdf download that Vladimir V linked to on the Restorations and Renovations in St. Petersburg thread.  I'm glad they restored it and that it isn't crumbling anymore, but I kind of liked the bolder old colors better than the new ones.  Maybe it's just the shot, but I find them rather bland.



Anyone happen to have pictures of the restored Arabesque Hall?  Sorry to be impatient, but I've been looking forward to this room reopening for years.

Does anyone have pictures of the restored Concert Hall? 

Thanks for the extra picture Vladimir!  Personally, I don't think the bridges look that bad.  They are in keeping with the color scheme of the Chinese Village, and do reflect a more Asian color aesthetic.  If you look at traditional architecture in China, and even India, you find color schemes that would be considered garish in the west.

I'm very excited to hear the figures on Cameron's bridge will be restored soon!  They were very unique.  Here are some pictures.


Vladimir, do you have any more pictures of the bridges?  I'd be curious to see a few pics that are close up.  Also, has Cameron's Chinese bridge been restored?  I know the railings with the vases filled with 'coral' are still there, but did they ever restore the missing seated figures?  Thanks!

Palaces in Moscow / Re: Petrovski Palace
« on: April 21, 2010, 12:01:07 PM »
Does anyone have any photos of the interior?  This palace was briefly discussed on the AP restoration thread, and until recently it had all its original furniture.  I'd love to know more if anyone has any info.

Here is the wikipedia page for the Petrovski's architect:

The Alexander Palace / Re: Alexander Palace Restoration
« on: April 17, 2010, 10:37:06 AM »
That's the Petrovsky Castle.  Here is a link to some info on the architect and it includes a picture of the building.  Richard, you say it still has most of its furniture?


Here are some Fabergé pieces in the Cleveland Museum.  I took the pictures myself, so I apologize for some of the quality.

Overall shot of one display:

Picture frame (sorry, I can't remember who the picture is of, but I'm sure some of the Romanov buffs know).

Two shots of the Kremlin Clock.  I believe this used to be in Nicholas II's bathroom in the Alexander Palace.

Overall of the other display case:

Some Romanov portraits:

Some Fabergé puppies

The 1915 Red Cross Egg

Tsarskoe Selo Palaces / Re: The Lower Dacha (New Palace), at Peterhof
« on: December 17, 2009, 07:20:07 AM »
I was under the opinion that there is practically nothing left of the lower dacha.  Aren't the ruins shown here substantially more complete than exists today?  What happened?  Did the Soviets demolish the remains?

Palaces in Moscow / Re: Kolomenskoye
« on: November 29, 2009, 01:22:29 PM »

Thanks for the reply!  I'm glad to hear it will be just as it was in the XVII century, but I do wish they hadn't used nails.  How neat would that be?  Can't wait to see more picutres, especially of the inside.

Palaces in Moscow / Re: Kolomenskoye
« on: November 25, 2009, 07:29:01 AM »
Thank you for the links Richard!  What an amazing looking building. 

Can anyone tell me if they have reconstructed the entire palace as it is shown in the model?  The only pictures I've seen have been of the one facade.  I had heard that the original was made without any nails-is the reconstruction made the same way?  What is going to be done with the interior?  What will it be used for? 

Sorry for all the questions, but I am very curious!

I agree with Vassia about the campus.  Too bad the new buildings won't be historically sensitive, but a least they are restoring the palace and outbuildings.  It's a gorgeous complex and it's nice to know that it will at least be used instead of being allowed to crumble.

I am not a fan of the Okta tower at all, and the Alla Pugacheva Theatre looks terrible, but I have to admit I kind of like the Palace of Dance.  Our modern architecture of today is radically different from most historic styles, but at some level we need to let our cities evolve.  Saint Petersburg started out as a baroque city and ended up having lots of neoclassical architecture in it.   And then in the 20th century you saw art nouveau as well.  It gives the city character and makes you appreciate the different styles and the passage of time.  Wouldn't it be a shame if there were no 19th century buildings of note in Saint Petersburg?  And wouldn't it be a shame if, 200 years from now, there were no 21st century buildings of note there?

Here is some more on the palace of dance.

Personally, I think the interior is very dynamic and even has a somewhat baroque sensibility to it (in form only, of course).  I admit that the exterior is jarring, but perhaps that could be modified.

As an aside, I don't think any city ever did it better than Paris.  The area of La Defense is brilliant-make almost a whole other modern city next to the historic one.  They are far enough apart to compliment each other without competing.  I wish other cities would follow their example.

I'm being a bit of a devil's advocate here, because I'd like nothing better than to have Saint Petersburg be nothing more than a beautifully restored historic city that never changes.  But we need to look to the future as well.

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